Sunset @ the beach


Beaming as always even stronger

Even as time departs faster

saying tomorrow not so far

hoping we all may be at par

hold your fist of sand so tight

not letting memories to lose out In sight

knowing that nothing last forever

what has come our way will leave now or never

for who are we to know

but by faith we ought to go with the flow

we are what we are by what our heart desire

for it only knows , the soul within , what to conspire

you wait there, take a moment and close your eyes

I’m sure not to let go even if I have to , because I see the sun is ready to rise…


The Propaganda

Good Information is  elusive. It is precious but what is available doesn’t appear to be appropriate. What we need is what we feel we are deprived of ? The right to the right type of information. Open your eyes. We are surrounded by it through various sources. But , rarest of the rarest times are we told what is right or wrong ? News is what makes media driving. What sort of news makes it headlines is the challenge  & makes it win. Who owns a bite of news , gains the popularity graph. Today , as in the present day scenario , what is relevant or irrelevant ? What makes news – then headlines – where it reaches are prime concerns ? Any tom,dick & harry (includes me as well ) can make or write up statement , if it sounds as bizarre as anything that or more at par with any major ITEM – you are the star – your news is talked about , thanks to the social media intervention which makes everything easier.


News in today’s time means sensationalizing stuff. What is sensationalizing ? What they think is best, what is being fed to us because they assume that is what we are striving for or thirsty for.Its not just me who is blindfolded. We all are. We know it. We speak of it. Do we want to go for it,is our choice. But do we really have a choice. Looking more deep , we will be able to analyze that most of us pretty much actually live to read the unwanted piece of shit which may be unauthentic but still suffices. Does it do good ? Aren’t our reading abilities being taunted ? But how fair is it ? Just to get a million or a zillion readers , is it all worth ?

Indian media had a culture of its own in the PAST. Yes. We again had a culture or responsibility to talk of , to be proud of , which was to deliver information which was not created, but had substance. Today media is all about to splash couple of headlines of scams , bribes, rapes, divorce, spicy masala affairs & scandals of elite to make it more worth that could run may be until a new one comes in picture. Any scarcity of the aforementioned ? Nah. Immersed in the bad politicized culture its all a propaganda to project only what’s worth it. Again they offer it and we pounce on it and spread it. No value , No ethics. Ok, now if I am being very narrow-minded , just to consider the counter-effect, would parents encourage your kids, to inculcate the reading habit, handover the newspapers.  Have to state, there’s nothing to beat the touch or feel of a newspaper. Yeah , yeah you can argue, kids of today are way ahead, which shouldn’t stop us from them getting to know, if they will get to know anyhow. Again ,like I said earlier , do we have a choice ?

Opening a daily early morning newspaper used to be a thing in the past, pretty much a ritual . A routine after a early morning sprint or stroll with a cup of chai , just before hitting it off for office for a long day , a quick flipping of pages of newspapers, had a lot of relevance, especially the editorial sections, was a strictly must-do thing for me . Reading a newspaper in the morning means like grabbing a bite of biscuit dipped in chai of knowledge, means we earn something. This was a case of the past , where it held a meaning. Now, you open the front page of a newspaper, your eyes would be engaged in the cryptic sleazy language we are forced to read, and I bet it could be about a Minister and his second Lady who currently rules the kingdom, that once used to be a peaceful land where Mahabali used to come once in a blue moon, which I don’t think is happening anymore.( he would prefer to stay underground, where its much safer to reside) . Again this sort of news, is the kind of promotion for these wealthy aided under-minded bigwigs who might turn overnight from a very unknown face to a much known global face. Time says it all & can sure play magic.

Like any passing by news, that definitely goes registered in the cloud system, people tend to forget conveniently but what we project to the outer world is all a duty entitled to all of us. What we do becomes news and what we do is definitely our choice and for it to be a matter of news ,should mean that it has validity in all sense. Words are powerful, It should not be used to manipulate the unwanted but to be used rightfully. You , me & all of us can send a message to the entire world, if you are newsmaker, be it for what is right, stand for what is right & give what is right. We do not have to succumb or mock or adapt to the norms to stick the heads high. One just has to be true to oneself.  Choose your words right, the right people will follow. Let not anyone fall prey to the massive propaganda. I pray.

My First Lady Ever …

She is the Best Cook (All Moms Are)
She is the warmth I need. I miss. I know she’ll always be there for me. The unbounded love nest I know I can go to and cuddle back onto anytime I want. Today she may be a  grandmother to two daughters. But at the end of the day, she knows how to balance it all …
She makes the best Chocolate Muffins !!!
About me, as a toddler, I used to be a nightmare compared to most kids my age at that time. Not for the notorious activities I would be indulged in, nah, I was just a handful lil boy. But the reason for me being a nightmare was for the sleepless nights I used to give my mom, due to all kinds of illness I was prone to, owing to the strangest allergies. I was undeniably pretty handful because I was nagged for being the Strange Lil Chubby Boy having thick patches of Rooche on both cheeks. And My mom was way ahead of the Ideal type. She did have her own style to look after me. When at parties, where other toddlers would be gulping any easily available brands of milk, I was introduced to or rather say , restricted to just one type – Soya Milk. And unlike most kids I wasn’t so very fond of chocolate either. But at present, in reality, I am unable to resist Chocolates, probably this is why they say never say never !!!
She makes the best Homemade Apple Juice !!!
I was a strict and utmost favorite case of study for my Pediatrician , who’s only vivid image I have of him is akin to Uncle Bun donning white wig holding a Syringe instead of Bun & holding a wicked grin ( may be the upper layer that did have a missed tooth) . Although the image was vivid, I still remember his words of wisdom. He used to tell me, all these differences will vanish as you grow old, rubbing those fingers to show as if it were a magic and you can eat anything under the sun , you want. You don’t fear. When he spoke those words, I would think of what mom used to say..” An Apple A Day Keeps the Doctor Away”.
She makes the best Homemade Chicken Cutlets !!!
For parties, mom always ensured I could try out what other kids tried, so I didn’t have to feel like the odd one out. Parties at our place had 3 rounds of  delicious food taking turns on the table and it meant it was a chance to have Bon appetite. First round called for snacks. Where if there was meat I would opt for mummy’s own masterpiece chicken cutlet. Second round  was the time for the feast – the main course , which I don’t think I would have to run out of option. Third round would be the Dessert part where in most of the time I would feel myself deserted .Who would have tasted warm melted Ice-cream? I am not even sure, if its even right to call it ice-cream if its in semi-liquid state. Its her love that makes her do wild things for her son to be made felt normal. The thing is she always did what she felt right. Might have been the motherly instincts.
She makes the best Chinese Food !!!
Though after a certain age, the tendency to over protect may have surpassed because I don’t give her chance to (you know how it gets as kids turn teens ), but mummy’s talent to secure me stayed intact , like any mother would , today my wife what she does for our daughter, my sister for her kid, my mummy had always sharpened her skills and nothing was  put to rest. She was passionate about cooking & she was all game when she had to go cooking class. And at the receiving end, it would be me & my sister opened to the Chinese culinary not just a day or two. It was for every other single day. She loves to just feed us again and again , if we praise her…
She makes the best Chocolate Cakes !!!
We all see our parents change. She used to walk miles with both me & my sister clinging onto her both sides ,for miles. She used to wait patiently, impatiently to pick us from school. She used to save money from the rational money that daddy used to send us on a monthly basis and from the pocket money she saved, she got us those veg puffs, or cupcakes or those undeniable savoring cutlets ….. aahhh…. I miss those good old days. Mummy was  like any mediocre Indian housewife who had always hoped for having a job of her own(an earnest wish), not that she was in dearth of anything. And oh boy, mummy can be a kid too. She did run a playschool of her own for a while. Amidst all these she has always wanted things going perfect for us.
She makes the best Kerala Sadya !!!
Today every any inch of well-being I own myself, is due to her. And if anything to go by, to prove if she has been right, her own mother-in-law had applauded her or certified her for the sacrifices she had to have for the sake of her kids, in our upbringing. And today if I don’t even realize it, when will I ? Today I am a father. And what do I want to give my daughter ?Will I be ? I am not sure how far I would or I can, to be even close to what I have been fortunate for.
Intention of this write up, was not entitled to boredom and not an acknowledgement or acceptance speech, but a fair sort of lay on of my own memories …

I only have prayers for her to be the way she is , stay strong and always be there for me….

When’s my Day ???

mydaymywayHeard of a slap day?Relying on my reliable source, it comes right after the VALENTINE’S Day and for anything to have it called so, there’s got to be a reason right. Its held as an acknowledgement for those who deserve a slap by a clap very much on their face for the adequate reasons by their partner who may have failed to realize their love, their affection or for those who may have not been remotely closer to that.Ultimately the fact is “such a day does exist”. And to my curiosity, the reason i came to know about this so called SLAP-DAY, was because a school-going girl with an ever vivacious sweet-smiling face i have ever known her for, was slapped (tuck-tuck), two faces, and ended up  losing her hearing power. For some unknown reason she gets slapped and there the next moment she is in hospital with doctors around checking for her hearing aid,analyzing if she has lost it completely and if there’s any chance of gaining what she lost. I am not sure if you can call it cynical… its completely foolishness. Do we have anyone to be blamed for all this primarily.The underlying facts behind these special lame days are that the other days that follow surrounding the Valentine’s day are more weirder and absurd, which makes one think how or who on earth does anyone really approve of these.What is the point? Don’t we have better things to focus on than just concentrate on such preposterous things which some random retarded would have called it on at some bar counter during a lame pub night. Like everything , we also really need to introspect with senses whether we really need to have this at all.

Out of curiosity , my survey got to kindle my senses and that’s when I was enlightened to know that there exists a rose day( that’s on the 7th February) followed by a propose day,then comes the chocolate day & teddy bear day, and not to stop does come the promise day & hug day and which will end up with the finale of a kiss day to seal it for the next day – Valentines day”. For a moment I wondered which era did I belong to ? To sound it more wiser and not safer , I am not trying to implicate something like a moral guardian, but seriously guys & gurls, do we really need something like this ….. ? Love is not just to be celebrated for these 1 week as one demands. Preferences vary, so do priorities and so does the expression of it from region to region.

We really have to think and act and neglect something that’s unwanted.

Rather than craving for such dubious obnoxious stunts, let’s hope to have the hope that someone does realize the fact that such things are eventually just a waste of time , even though you might earn some gig amongst all the fun, but still you might want to think, is this what life is all about ? Really… ?

Blended in Colors – Be it Young & Old , Men & Women !!! No discrimination


I seriously doubt when it comes to Holi, is anyone really bothered about how old you are ? What sex are you ??? Despite the current issues questioning equality , did Holi this season bring down the spirits in India?Colors… a palette of them is always enough to unite anyone and everyone under the spell of any dashing dance item number….. one among the many I could recollect from yesterday’s holi massacre was just one song ….

Balam pichkaarii. jo tune mujhe maari                                                                                                                            Toh seedhi saadi chhori sharaabi ho gayi….

Grooving to the number amidst all the color shower, throwing color powder bangs me with the thought that, at least for a day , where festivals are all a matter of celebration irrespective of what and where we come from, is an intriguing & happy thing to remember we  all unite wherever.. no matter where on earth, the spirit of not just holi, be it any other festival, Indians gracefully don’t miss a chance and always top it to enjoy their own way. No matter even if one is oblivious to the facts behind Holi, the young generation especially believes in having a blast , who wouldn’t , if you have a smashing music and downpour of color from water guns and many that even don’t have names.

As for Holi, the myth goes like , Holika (lady resembling the bewitched Suparnaka in the Ramayan)got burnt in a play of fire which was setup as a trick to take her nephew , great Lord Vishnu devotee Prahlad’s life( son of the arrogant King Hiranyakashipu, who was far more than insane to think he was God, just because he got a boon from Lord Brahma).Holika thought he could bear the fire due to some invisible cloak she wore, but instead Prahlad came out fire-free as he chanted his Lord’s name throughout that seemed to have protected him from the prank-setup by his wicked aunt.

Man, not sure if those type of aunts still exists, which would have altered the scene on the whole as the women’s day coins down on the current scenario in India currently and where we have retarded mind-sets shouting “there is no place for women even in today’s world”.  And because, we belong to a land of contradictions, Holi has diversified stories or say interpretations where it is and was a celebration of love of Krishna & Radha. Well, the pleasing fact that comes from all this is the ‘celebration of love‘, we spread love one moment and next boom, its all over…. sadly … but we should focus on the message of love. Saintly & importantly.

The essential thread is “Good always wins over Bad.”                                                                                                 And we have to heed to that one simple line with faith.

India is always fascinating compared to any country when it comes to festivals, we are colorful and we are religious and inspite of all variations we do strike a harmony, that needs to see more in-sync , because things on the bigger picture may be vibrant but as we zoom in, it may turn blurred which we all have to care for not to happen. For that, we all have to know what we are, where we come from, what we hold as a culture, the tradition and give the people the right to live knowing what’s best for India to be the aspiring India it is meant to be… the colorful India…. it can.. we all can make it happen… And for it to happen, we should pass the knowledge from the literate to the illiterate. We all have a duty. Happy Holi !!!

Nir-bhay….( The fearless – WHO IS ? )

Forgotten are the days where we respected ladies…. in every sense… (Pity)

A land of hypocrism…. cynicism …… idiotism…. and to top it all we are governed by people who own these literally and the ones in power live with the aim to erase the tainted what-so-ever the consequences, because they rely on the feelings compounded by in-humanity the currently existing predominant factor. I wouldn’t wonder even for a moment with surprise because we Indians, unlike our ancestors , we including me have in the inane art to ignore, powerfully ignore … close our eyes against all unfair, even if it happens right in front of us.

The Nirbhaya case, that shook India, the waves that engulfed and hit globally, and years after when the fearless immersed in brutality, hits out at the media blaming it on the girl, for him to be provoked to conduct the rape activity and the point to focus is, “ its all because of that girl “…

And I’m pretty sure we have a generation all over the nation, who would exactly back the poor rapist’s word. Yes its all just that girl’s fault for having boarded that dreaded bus that late night to go back home and whatever followed was all just her fault, may be it must have been her wish to make it on news despite she had to leave this wonderful earth, who the hell cares. We live in an age, where we worship the poised pornstars, Sunny Leone, we gorge upon the nudity prevailing advertisements when it shoots through television and we enjoy picking upon all sleazy private family external affairs that drive to make a masala filled,scandalous whatsapping & face-booking trend. And, we as Indians are never hypocritical about anything and we always love when its sugar-coated with the rusty dirty truth that’s actually the picture of a pity India on the forefront when others mock at us knowing who we actually are. So, all this frenzy surrounding a documentary that’s banned only in India, when it actually happened in India , all this doesn’t come as a surprise at all.

So if the primetime news, focuses on the girl empowerment, who the hell cares. We don’t actually bother if any of our daughters, wives or sisters aren’t allowed to live the life they actually deserve .So what if they are deprived, truth behold, it happens only in India and yet we shout out loud BHARAT MATA KI JAI !!! ( when we actually disrespect & ill-treat and de-value every single woman in our country )

Change is mandatory, it is to unfold. Well, it may have started. It has to start  to hit the right spots.We have to think for the betterment for each and every individual without gender bias. It may not be practical to heed all, but no sector is to be entertained partially. To encourage and not let down,to wish for others good, and to protect and save the truth, by finding the culprit & the harsh punishment will only give the righteous the hope … the hope to win their right to win.

Truth will always prevail and the sinner has to face it , what we call God’s eternal punishment or he gets the ticket to HELL someway…

The good morning sensation…

The amount of blissfulness that  enthralls me every morning seeing my lil one’s shining beaming eyes staring at me , blinking …. laying on me , she looks at me giving her toothless smile, as she  rises from sleep rubbing her eyes, touching her face, lying on my chest … sometimes I feel she does talk to me without even saying a lot.. she thinks and feels a lot like even I do… and that for me, for now is the source of my energy in my early mornings. The source to my positivimagesity in life.

A gleaming smile  can bring you a sunny day, & when that smile comes from your children,you are all the more blessed. We all are in some way or the other, as I always believe . The so -called source of positivity that I hold may not the one that another may own. But to stay positive, reflects upon the attitude to be satiable to endure through situations that God may have paved for us to know and realize that we all have a purpose. So find that thing and cling on that thing,that engulfs you in the field of positivity, and let that show you what we are really made of, to be able to achieve what we are all capable of , because we all , each one of us, has a purpose. Find it,if you don’t know it…

 P:S : This one’s for all those cribbing, feeling crappy, feeling soul-less life leading people who think ,                            the world is not all that good enough… wake up souls….. WAKE UP !!!

Acting : Not my cup of tea

Acting …….its simply so simple sit and release judgments, watching one’s  performance as a n audience and the critics releasing their verdict with ratings on the number scale, would be the handiest job that would be available and isn’t it the coolest business that goes with that permission that’s granted as per the rights of the Indian constitution to the citizens of right to speak whatever one feels like. How convenient is that? Seriously, if it wasnt for the critics whom I used to listen to eagerly sometimes relying on their verdict to decide whether watching one particular movie at all, I would have watched hell lot more than I have already watched. But at the end of the day, I realized, after all they are also being paid and it all depends on certain factor which might make them release a favorable comment considering the beneficial perks that comes one’s way. Who the hell knows? For me atleast now I have put an end to going the critics way, because they have completely turned out to be unreliable.

The reason why I chose to write about this, is because its lately that I realized acting is not my cup of tea at all. I recently joined a theatre class at a club out here . When I say club, it’s an association or gathering of all Indians residing in this country I live. And when the latest club season began I didn’t want to loose the chance and I plunged and decided to go for it because I wanted to get on that stage that had been very much mine for a longtime. As a child, I had acted as a child artist and that I thought I had the skills and getting back with all that, after a gap of more than 15 years, its an amazing feeling.

The theatre class comprises of a great batch that’s been trained by a great Theatre maestro from India who’s down here to train us people and make a drama out of us. As Sir claims , life is a drama and we are the characters in this drama, so called journey , and we are trained to be what we aren’t and to makes us feel what it is to be like when we are someone else and a lot of that takes and depends upon one’s experience in life which makes it easier to relate and act things out more effectively. And the kind of people I met there, ranging from kids aged 7-8 yrs to elderly working men & women who are so engaged with all kinds of duties in life and we all join during a daily two-hour schedule after work. We are all taught with the basics of acting, to start with walking in different body languages, how to adopt your partners mannerisms and imitate the same, how to act & react to instantaneous situations that are thrown against you , how to deal with the sound-modulations in dialogue deliveries and all the minute subtle things that should be taken care of before we enter the main frame of developing the drama based on an actual script.  And to me the most amusing thing is that, the kind of people I met there, who have immense superb talent hidden in them that made me wonder watching their astounding performance, how fools are we , to just sit and lay back and say what is good and what is not bad without realizing how much of effort it would take for a layman who blurts out things as they wish. How much of courage it takes for one( people who criticize ) to just get onto that stage and deliver atleast a dialogue is something that would be worth watching as it would be never-wrecking for that one individual for sure . Even the kids who are so skilled, their innocent acting makes you proud to actually see such performances. Myself being an audience and actually being part of a camp like this, made me understand a lot of things , though we are only half way through the entire process, I am just so overwhelmed and without any hesitation I can just say, its more than a privilege to be associated and get to know people who have such great talent in them and to know and see they can act , I can say without any hesitation that they are all just so better than me, even the kids. I have a long way to go before I get on with my performance which will have to wait until next month hopefully.

According to me the greatest hallmark of being a good actor is the intensity with which one can enact a situation by means of just facial gestures without a dialogue delivery and that too honestly. That would be one great challenge indeed.

So as I wanted to say, its always so damn easy to damn or ridicule on one’s creativity talent , and its so damn difficult to say the right encouraging word. You may say something that is healthy enough that wouldn’t shatter a person’s confidence but help it boost but if that’s not possible, better well zip your mouth, because if you don’t have the talent to admire and if you don’t own the talent yourself why judge someone on something which is totally out of your reach. But still, everyone has a say, everyone of us has the freedom to say things, so let it be and lets not hurt anyone with our rude judgments instead encourage the other.

But nevertheless , its undoubtedly been an enthralling experience and I would be more happier to enjoy provided a day had more hours. Time has always been precious and I just cant seem to get enough of it. No matter how miserable I may be at it, I will not give up. I will keep trying. I trust my instincts. Hope it will favor me some day. That’s the best hope I have at the moment.

Love or Arranged : Its all arranged by Him

Gone are the ages where love was at its purest ever……

Gone are the ages where love marriages were a taboo

Gone are the ages where expression of love PDA is a big no no

Gone are the ages where marriage itself would happen for all…ever & ever….

Talking about love marriages in our present day lives,in our country India, is something so far out of realization and a  reckoning issue, atleast for people living in the metropolitan cities. Many of them, have the courage may be for the sake of love or may be not, they have that urge to climb up the hill. Youth of today, bravo, they are conscious and very much alert of their own life and are quite capable of themselves to take decisions on their own.

Sometimes, as parents it would be best for them to fulfill their wishes and stand-by them or else, as I said, youth of today are very well equipped with ideas which might be wild and are rebellious too. Be it a girl or boy, they are brilliantly bright enough to know when and how to find their life partners. But its always best to have your parents blessing ( not just because its the Indian tradition and culture), but because it counts a lot more for someone who has learnt the value of a family. And today the sources to find one, are plenty like the fish in the sea….Stretch your fishing rod, expose a tint of the bait and that’s all, may be a matter of few great trials, but one (be it boy or girl) is sure to fetch a fish with all your wanted priorities if you have done your homework right. And mind us all, the truth of the century is that, guys and girls are prone to frivolous laid down business for pleasure sake. And amidst all this marriages that happen which are love or arranged have a fate of their own.

The tricky thing amidst all these affairs that blooms up is the word that lingers in everyone’s mind -LOVE. Love, a beautifully inexplicable word with a million different expressions and meanings that are  vast like an ocean and the way it acts on people makes each one of us do things we are totally unaware of…but the beauty is that there is a pleasant bliss to the word Love .May not be the case for everyone, because now-a-days love , to be honest, only god knows, how far have all of us have come , to know whether really love exists in all its purity even today.Life is fast, so are the changing shades of love….

So be it arranged or love, marriage is an institution that is build in the world of love. And its upto the two companions who join the institution who should be able take the decision of how to carry a life that’s so much hectic in one-way for all of us. Love that happens is purely based on the understanding between the two partners.

In love marriages, from what’s seen so far,  couples who were madly in love until they got married,  might not make it really that far once married, because of the load of expectations, the baggage of overload of emotions they carried without all the proper understanding that may have led them to take a decision to settle down with each other in such haste might not actually turn positive all the time for all of them. But its eventually not the case for all the lovey-dowey couples.And when a split happens, either of them are so hesitant or you may say they are so literally vulnerable, because they end up thinking they took a wrong decision, such a  major thing in their life and they thought it would go on for years, but all that sparkles weren’t actually all that glittery because the basic foundation of understanding between the two may not have been upto the mark which is why they ended up where they were. And that’s where the parents play the role, to provide them the shelter, to bond with them , to support them and to provide them warmth, the friendship that they missed having all those years when their kid failed to understand the preciousness of their love. Well again, this may not be the case for all the love cases, because at the end of the day the emotions that love carries in a relation goes through all the small pickle-head fights, cute love show gestures, undeniable & uncontrollable PDA expressions and if you possess that proper mentally matured handling ability of any situation you are a winner in your game of love, and as a result of which your marriage also will be a success.Its literally associated with managing a management in pretty much ways . As writing it was so simple to say these , but to put it in action isn’t so easy as it seems.

Speaking of arranged marriages, one has to be fortunate to end up with the right choice. Not to deny there are still  plenty of folks out there who are willing to go the Indian tradition way of settling for arranged marriages. Its not an easy game, it depends on luck. Sometimes that also may work or may not. The one good part in this case is that, it goes as per the parents wish and speaking from their point of view, its their right as parents who have literally seen their kids grow up and seen them as a child and it would be their dream to get their children married . And when something unfortunate happens, the parents would be more obliged to rescue and  support their children.

So speaking on an expansive note, be it love marriage or arranged marriage, coin can flip both sides and turn out to be success or failure and ultimately it all depends on luck that favours you. If you are lucky, love can teach you some of the most beautiful things in life and make you do as well apart from all the fantasy filled world it generates beyond your limitations but the criteria for that to happen to you  depends upon the Luck factor, which decides whether it is to shine bright on you or just suck the entire light off from like a black-hole.

For my point of view, on a personal perspective, why not a guy or girl have the right to choose a partner of their own and have a marriage with the consent of the parents( which may not be approval of the same all the time) but arranged marriages have the sanctity that happens in front of the parents and lets not forget them in one of the most important event in one’s life. Having love-cum-arranged marriages is actually a fabulous idea where an entire family stays happy .And that is also a trend now-a-days. Oh yes, there is a trend for the marriages that happen in India.

Be it love marriage or arranged marriage, the intricacies and the repercussions that follow like mental, physical traumas, dowry factor harassments ( particularly in cases of arranged marriages), loss of independency of one’s life, constant triggering of troubles with  in-law departments can all lead to divorce and the era of discovery of the most illicit, horrifying, ridiculous scandalous extra-affairs that happens in the current society are some great hazards that can cripple the major pillars of a marriage institution. These are things that still are prevailing in our Indian society , sadly and not so unbelievably. Then about the cheating policies by some great decently innocent looking fanatics & lunatics who marry of girls and extract the maximum that’s possible after all what they have been able to, is something that happens to one’s in love or arranged affairs.

Speaking about attitude of the youth of present,there’s another lot of majority that favour the fondness of friendship that evolves into something that’s sometimes merely labelled as love and in the name of love that they feel it is, sometimes there’s a preference , an eagerness to explore stuffs , which exists for a certain lot and for that particular sector of youth marriage is something that they don’t mind going for a well-profiled proposal that comes their way if it is to compromise something that the friendship may have plucked a flower or not,who cares. And lets not close our eyes on the growing generation who prefer the taste of live-in relationships before trying out the idea of marriage and some of whom, among the present youth would like to adopt the idea of not marrying at all. Live life independently, is the policy. There is no harm in that and its totally one’s own priority and as the season changes, we might be able to witness some unbelievable but sinkable notions and twisting tales of love. Save it guys…save it….and hope lets not have the chance to embrace it. Because honestly, that’s not how many of us, atleast people who think like me, who think of Indian marriage as sacred, as a tradition that’s part of our culture, who believes that marriage is truly an institution that holds its holiness to all its extent if love holds the companionship together in the matrimony.

Finally, before winding up, as I kept recurring be it love marriage or arranged marriage , both have all the advantages and disadvantages but can be met and fought with all the challenges if the word -love happens to both people in a relation which happens only if there is a complete understanding. At the end of the day, life is a compromise. Be open to love and be honest to love and understand the beauty of love. One is sure to take the right decision.

       But on a personal note, I will always favour arranged marriage, probably because I got what I wanted and I have what I have always wished and wanted….and hope the coming generation will find the same in the true Indian way because we all have it in us, to be unique. 

Don the tradition & dont let it wither

“A tradition is a ritual, belief or object passed down within a society, still maintained in the present, with origins in the past” – that’s an extract from the wikipedia received on searching the word – tradition

Standing from my point where its totally a blissful combination of everything that subsides as the night falls in , things are moving so swiftly and disappear towards the verge of a dead-point where one’s forced to think if there was any tradition that we ever followed. We prefer to play out things the most simplest way pretending we are so edgy and we cater and we end up literally copying something that’s not ours and we tend to enact things which make us stand out as fools may be. Sometimes you guys might be wondering about what I am getting at….

The word ” tradition” cracked in my head , when I went through an article in the news making headlines-Actor -Producer – Businessman, Dino Morea just mentioned something that goes as ” it is high time we stop thinking sex as a taboo “…. As a reader I haven’t the slightest bit of NOTHING in response to what he said. Its his freedom of speech that made him say that and his broadened perspective to things in life and relation or whatever….really WHATEVER…..

I am not a hypocrite to say I don’t enjoy the three-letter word but they way some people release statements so causally, so irresponsibly…its not like I am asking to shut-the-eyes against whats not happening around and neglecting it , but why do we have to promote it and encourage it as it is not what we as a country we are known for. We have a tradition…we have a culture of our own.

Well what I am going to say is about the frivolous attitude of carrying and imitating everything else but not Indian. There is a soul in every country’s tradition and culture. It holds sacred, its pure that comes and is transferred on from ages and instead of being ourselves, we believe its orthodox or its stupidity to cling onto something so old and expired and instead its worth to move on as time develops, not that its bad. There is growth everywhere, needless to mention which field. But we have been prone to let the past remain past tense, where we actually come from. Its always healthier to know where our roots lie and not forget and leave them. The tradition that we should be proud of and what we have to hold on to is something that is fading at the moment. In my context, since me being an Indian I would like to voice on maintaining the soul of an Indian.

Why do we have to pretend and feel the west is the best. Its not out of disrespect or some hatred that I hold against the western community that prohibits my approval or my interest in copying the west. Its just my inner mind saying there isn’t any harm in knowing what’s best and learning what’s good but why imitate or why try to attract or why try to do it their way rather than staying the way we are and mould things our way. For us,be it fashion or gadgets or entertainment business or for now its even attitude towards relationships, things have evolved into an area where the barriers set are far above than we had ever thought or imagined we would hit. But now as we all believe that its all gone with the wind, why not change when the entire world’s changing. When there’s a 75% majority of the country that depends and like to depend the way things change them rather than making things change the way we want, there would be a minor 15% who would reluctantly and conveniently think why should we bother when there’s no one to back us if we stand out from the majority club and there would be another small 10% group who would protest whole-heartedly with all there efforts seeing themselves going down the drain with lighter hopes within them,as they march against the wind. We always prefer to rely on the greener patches on the other side of the globe. And we don’t mind polluting our nature to whatever extent it may cause harm to our country ,but its always better to have a greener-natural-heavenly-place even if its not in our own land.

Let me mention, and clearly mention, its not any hatred factor that I hold against anyone in particular. We live in a world in an era where its all about globalization. We live in a place where the boundaries beyond countries don’t exist virtually and its all about collaboration from east to west . Its all for good and let that happen and continue. But all I meant to say is,lets not forget out roots because we hold something that’s rich and sacred and lets not allow it to flow down the drain, instead preserve and maintain and stick onto it. Be it whatever field, which ever means or wherever we come from, our tradition is a reflection of our identity. And one’s identity is unique. Let that not be manipulated by any means. Open your eyes. Listen to your mind. Trust your soul. the words from your soul should be heeded and not be misled. Lets all brace it after-all its not like

I am preaching ALL INDIAN ARE MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS, but atleast why not treat or try treating something that’s not absurd as the relationships that occur and suffer around us in our society that is leading us to be living in bits and pieces.  We are all far behind were our fore-fathers have left from and we have all come a long way witnessing a long journey, and we surely know its not for the best but there’s that little ray of hope that’s there in our fellow people, that gives us the right to hope for something good to happen for our kids who come into this world. Lets teach them about our culture and tradition. Lets make them feel and ask them to be proud and not stupid. Lets not forget the basics.FULL-STOP, but actually this is just a comma punctuation , as I will continue to pen down couple of things more that I need to throw light on….Till then its dot…dot….dot….