This segment represents solid information in a capsule form…..

Entailed from fragments of news that might have grabbed my eyes in some form 

and any source and  that made me want to share it with you in the same form 

And it is my pleasure to provide you with the TITBIT SESSION …..

Image representing iPad as depicted in CrunchBaseSeems like it has been discovered by a group of researchers in the University of Michigan that usage of iPad at a proximity of less than 5cm can create brain swelling because of the presence of magnets within the device that can  be hazardous to children suffering from hydrocephalus ( accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid in the brain leading to brain damage or enlarging of head, that happens in young children ) . For further news kindly visit Study identifies iPad danger for brain shunt devices (thehindu.com)        Dated 26.06.2012

  As its familiar to us that the Queen of London, Elizabeth Queen celebrated her 60th year on her throne,     as a dedication , the London Landmark Big Ben Clock Tower is being renamed as Elizabeth Tower which will be implemented pretty soon.The huge tower built in 1859,houses the giant bell and chimes the famous bongs heard around London’s Whitehall government district.   Dated 27.06.2012

Malayalam Movie star Bharat Mohanlal’s latest flick  ” SPIRIT” a movie that’s about one’s take on drinking alchohol, and the changes that happen and the impact that it creates on one’s life, which is focused mainly on Mohanlal’ s character,is a movie that has got a strong social message and for the very the reason it carries a message for the various consumers, the movie has been exempted from tax informed the Minister of Social Welfare,Mr M K Muneer.                         Dated 27.06.2012



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