Acting : Not my cup of tea

Acting …….its simply so simple sit and release judgments, watching one’s  performance as a n audience and the critics releasing their verdict with ratings on the number scale, would be the handiest job that would be available and isn’t it the coolest business that goes with that permission that’s granted as per the rights of the Indian constitution to the citizens of right to speak whatever one feels like. How convenient is that? Seriously, if it wasnt for the critics whom I used to listen to eagerly sometimes relying on their verdict to decide whether watching one particular movie at all, I would have watched hell lot more than I have already watched. But at the end of the day, I realized, after all they are also being paid and it all depends on certain factor which might make them release a favorable comment considering the beneficial perks that comes one’s way. Who the hell knows? For me atleast now I have put an end to going the critics way, because they have completely turned out to be unreliable.

The reason why I chose to write about this, is because its lately that I realized acting is not my cup of tea at all. I recently joined a theatre class at a club out here . When I say club, it’s an association or gathering of all Indians residing in this country I live. And when the latest club season began I didn’t want to loose the chance and I plunged and decided to go for it because I wanted to get on that stage that had been very much mine for a longtime. As a child, I had acted as a child artist and that I thought I had the skills and getting back with all that, after a gap of more than 15 years, its an amazing feeling.

The theatre class comprises of a great batch that’s been trained by a great Theatre maestro from India who’s down here to train us people and make a drama out of us. As Sir claims , life is a drama and we are the characters in this drama, so called journey , and we are trained to be what we aren’t and to makes us feel what it is to be like when we are someone else and a lot of that takes and depends upon one’s experience in life which makes it easier to relate and act things out more effectively. And the kind of people I met there, ranging from kids aged 7-8 yrs to elderly working men & women who are so engaged with all kinds of duties in life and we all join during a daily two-hour schedule after work. We are all taught with the basics of acting, to start with walking in different body languages, how to adopt your partners mannerisms and imitate the same, how to act & react to instantaneous situations that are thrown against you , how to deal with the sound-modulations in dialogue deliveries and all the minute subtle things that should be taken care of before we enter the main frame of developing the drama based on an actual script.  And to me the most amusing thing is that, the kind of people I met there, who have immense superb talent hidden in them that made me wonder watching their astounding performance, how fools are we , to just sit and lay back and say what is good and what is not bad without realizing how much of effort it would take for a layman who blurts out things as they wish. How much of courage it takes for one( people who criticize ) to just get onto that stage and deliver atleast a dialogue is something that would be worth watching as it would be never-wrecking for that one individual for sure . Even the kids who are so skilled, their innocent acting makes you proud to actually see such performances. Myself being an audience and actually being part of a camp like this, made me understand a lot of things , though we are only half way through the entire process, I am just so overwhelmed and without any hesitation I can just say, its more than a privilege to be associated and get to know people who have such great talent in them and to know and see they can act , I can say without any hesitation that they are all just so better than me, even the kids. I have a long way to go before I get on with my performance which will have to wait until next month hopefully.

According to me the greatest hallmark of being a good actor is the intensity with which one can enact a situation by means of just facial gestures without a dialogue delivery and that too honestly. That would be one great challenge indeed.

So as I wanted to say, its always so damn easy to damn or ridicule on one’s creativity talent , and its so damn difficult to say the right encouraging word. You may say something that is healthy enough that wouldn’t shatter a person’s confidence but help it boost but if that’s not possible, better well zip your mouth, because if you don’t have the talent to admire and if you don’t own the talent yourself why judge someone on something which is totally out of your reach. But still, everyone has a say, everyone of us has the freedom to say things, so let it be and lets not hurt anyone with our rude judgments instead encourage the other.

But nevertheless , its undoubtedly been an enthralling experience and I would be more happier to enjoy provided a day had more hours. Time has always been precious and I just cant seem to get enough of it. No matter how miserable I may be at it, I will not give up. I will keep trying. I trust my instincts. Hope it will favor me some day. That’s the best hope I have at the moment.