Life isnt all that easy…but it can be

Life is not all about just having the right things happening always the way we want.Sometimes we get it or sometimes we just lose it.We just lose it.and that’s the style life has rolled out and unfolded into…the way it is.Uncontrollable and unbelievable,the unexpected and the only thing we can do is,just move on and on and on.Believe it or not,truly if one starts thinking,you could find it very interesting and even amusing.One may even want to believe it because that one superior power named GOD,whom we all believe in our heart is to be controlling everything down here from up there,it does give us a feeling that,he must be really trying hard to control the entire stuffs that keeps on going on in everyones life.just imagine,he has to listen to everyone’s prayers…he has to fulfill them,he has to be there at many places whenever there’s a person calling out to him for help and he has to solve many issues.gosh,do you think it’s an easy job?Not for me.Here we wonder and ponder over small small issues which we think are havoc things happening in our lives and don’t even bother to see whats happening in the guy next door’s life.Why don’t we?You know what,if one starts looking into other’s matters and starts realizing what others are going through,half of our problems are solved which would inturn eradicate our small small sorrows and would eventually give us a reason to smile.and do you know why and how that could ease us out,that’s because we would find that the problems that we have are just minor things.Sometimes issues that we may have consciously blown out of proportion for no reason. but the problem lies where,no one is ready to understand or know others problems.What is the reason?Many and numerous reasons infact.if you would start analyzing patiently….yup that’s the MANTRA-PATIENCE.But people are so fast,because they want things fast,because others are running fast.Where are we actually,are we trying to catch hold a bus or train that’s never going to come our way or if you don’t get things the right time,does it mean “END OF THE WORLD”?Does it ,does it?patience is a it goes,”slow and steady wins the race”.but no,in this time of life,people hardly wait for anything.they want things at their fingertips and if they don’t,it drives them restless.and the problem in this kind of lifestyle,is that we forget to see whats going on with others,may be we knowingly and unknowingly leave our loved ones behind and that’s how things go….and these things do eventually end up in another string of we have a solution to all this?does anyone even think,from where all this has stemmed?would anyone even take the pain to think?where are we exactly heading for?

Well one big point,that gives the reason to all this is that we as humans who are part of a society are basically responsible for the kind of issues or say the kind of repercussions that we are involved in.there is a part of the society who would agree to my statement and there would be the kind of people who are not ready to understand and able to ignore it just over the top of the head and the reason for the ignorance can be may be because ,if at all they start thinking about the way there life is going and try to conduct an analysis that might drive them nuts and would land themselves into pain which is not possible.why doesn’t one realize that solving problems will only help one know how to deal problems and which would make one mentally stable and bold in life giving one the strength to face more because solving problems helps you come up with is not really all about the easy mathematics that you went through in school.its all about the complicated algebra and the differentiations and integrations in a very complex way and there lies a mystery and fun in solving it,if you try to think of it in one way,which is difficult,I agree.Getting back to the sections of people that makes our society, there would be another section of the society who would agree to what I have dictated.and there would be another section of society that would not stand either side.completely neutral.and they would comprise of the people who are totally confused and perplexed as in not knowing and would be wondering “hey,have I really lost it?”…completely clueless.


Friendship’s day

Friends not so many,bt few special ones close to my heart

no matter what,inspite of all the maintenance issues ,tat has kept us apart

been lucky to hv met all of them,few among them

who hv stayed n few hv just passed by

but no matter what,what stayed special remains special forever

n i hv no one else bt GOD to thank for, who’s been kind as ever

to drop in people,whom i nvr thought n expectd to b friends with

n tats when i know, u nvr knw wat destiny holds in there

but i knw i hv been lucky couple of times nw n then

n today nt jst becoz its sm friendships day as many of them say it is

grab onto tat moment,enjoy tat moment, treasure tat moment

becoz friends u never knw, wher on earth u wil end up tomorrow