Love or Arranged : Its all arranged by Him

Gone are the ages where love was at its purest ever……

Gone are the ages where love marriages were a taboo

Gone are the ages where expression of love PDA is a big no no

Gone are the ages where marriage itself would happen for all…ever & ever….

Talking about love marriages in our present day lives,in our country India, is something so far out of realization and a  reckoning issue, atleast for people living in the metropolitan cities. Many of them, have the courage may be for the sake of love or may be not, they have that urge to climb up the hill. Youth of today, bravo, they are conscious and very much alert of their own life and are quite capable of themselves to take decisions on their own.

Sometimes, as parents it would be best for them to fulfill their wishes and stand-by them or else, as I said, youth of today are very well equipped with ideas which might be wild and are rebellious too. Be it a girl or boy, they are brilliantly bright enough to know when and how to find their life partners. But its always best to have your parents blessing ( not just because its the Indian tradition and culture), but because it counts a lot more for someone who has learnt the value of a family. And today the sources to find one, are plenty like the fish in the sea….Stretch your fishing rod, expose a tint of the bait and that’s all, may be a matter of few great trials, but one (be it boy or girl) is sure to fetch a fish with all your wanted priorities if you have done your homework right. And mind us all, the truth of the century is that, guys and girls are prone to frivolous laid down business for pleasure sake. And amidst all this marriages that happen which are love or arranged have a fate of their own.

The tricky thing amidst all these affairs that blooms up is the word that lingers in everyone’s mind -LOVE. Love, a beautifully inexplicable word with a million different expressions and meanings that are  vast like an ocean and the way it acts on people makes each one of us do things we are totally unaware of…but the beauty is that there is a pleasant bliss to the word Love .May not be the case for everyone, because now-a-days love , to be honest, only god knows, how far have all of us have come , to know whether really love exists in all its purity even today.Life is fast, so are the changing shades of love….

So be it arranged or love, marriage is an institution that is build in the world of love. And its upto the two companions who join the institution who should be able take the decision of how to carry a life that’s so much hectic in one-way for all of us. Love that happens is purely based on the understanding between the two partners.

In love marriages, from what’s seen so far,  couples who were madly in love until they got married,  might not make it really that far once married, because of the load of expectations, the baggage of overload of emotions they carried without all the proper understanding that may have led them to take a decision to settle down with each other in such haste might not actually turn positive all the time for all of them. But its eventually not the case for all the lovey-dowey couples.And when a split happens, either of them are so hesitant or you may say they are so literally vulnerable, because they end up thinking they took a wrong decision, such a  major thing in their life and they thought it would go on for years, but all that sparkles weren’t actually all that glittery because the basic foundation of understanding between the two may not have been upto the mark which is why they ended up where they were. And that’s where the parents play the role, to provide them the shelter, to bond with them , to support them and to provide them warmth, the friendship that they missed having all those years when their kid failed to understand the preciousness of their love. Well again, this may not be the case for all the love cases, because at the end of the day the emotions that love carries in a relation goes through all the small pickle-head fights, cute love show gestures, undeniable & uncontrollable PDA expressions and if you possess that proper mentally matured handling ability of any situation you are a winner in your game of love, and as a result of which your marriage also will be a success.Its literally associated with managing a management in pretty much ways . As writing it was so simple to say these , but to put it in action isn’t so easy as it seems.

Speaking of arranged marriages, one has to be fortunate to end up with the right choice. Not to deny there are still  plenty of folks out there who are willing to go the Indian tradition way of settling for arranged marriages. Its not an easy game, it depends on luck. Sometimes that also may work or may not. The one good part in this case is that, it goes as per the parents wish and speaking from their point of view, its their right as parents who have literally seen their kids grow up and seen them as a child and it would be their dream to get their children married . And when something unfortunate happens, the parents would be more obliged to rescue and  support their children.

So speaking on an expansive note, be it love marriage or arranged marriage, coin can flip both sides and turn out to be success or failure and ultimately it all depends on luck that favours you. If you are lucky, love can teach you some of the most beautiful things in life and make you do as well apart from all the fantasy filled world it generates beyond your limitations but the criteria for that to happen to you  depends upon the Luck factor, which decides whether it is to shine bright on you or just suck the entire light off from like a black-hole.

For my point of view, on a personal perspective, why not a guy or girl have the right to choose a partner of their own and have a marriage with the consent of the parents( which may not be approval of the same all the time) but arranged marriages have the sanctity that happens in front of the parents and lets not forget them in one of the most important event in one’s life. Having love-cum-arranged marriages is actually a fabulous idea where an entire family stays happy .And that is also a trend now-a-days. Oh yes, there is a trend for the marriages that happen in India.

Be it love marriage or arranged marriage, the intricacies and the repercussions that follow like mental, physical traumas, dowry factor harassments ( particularly in cases of arranged marriages), loss of independency of one’s life, constant triggering of troubles with  in-law departments can all lead to divorce and the era of discovery of the most illicit, horrifying, ridiculous scandalous extra-affairs that happens in the current society are some great hazards that can cripple the major pillars of a marriage institution. These are things that still are prevailing in our Indian society , sadly and not so unbelievably. Then about the cheating policies by some great decently innocent looking fanatics & lunatics who marry of girls and extract the maximum that’s possible after all what they have been able to, is something that happens to one’s in love or arranged affairs.

Speaking about attitude of the youth of present,there’s another lot of majority that favour the fondness of friendship that evolves into something that’s sometimes merely labelled as love and in the name of love that they feel it is, sometimes there’s a preference , an eagerness to explore stuffs , which exists for a certain lot and for that particular sector of youth marriage is something that they don’t mind going for a well-profiled proposal that comes their way if it is to compromise something that the friendship may have plucked a flower or not,who cares. And lets not close our eyes on the growing generation who prefer the taste of live-in relationships before trying out the idea of marriage and some of whom, among the present youth would like to adopt the idea of not marrying at all. Live life independently, is the policy. There is no harm in that and its totally one’s own priority and as the season changes, we might be able to witness some unbelievable but sinkable notions and twisting tales of love. Save it guys…save it….and hope lets not have the chance to embrace it. Because honestly, that’s not how many of us, atleast people who think like me, who think of Indian marriage as sacred, as a tradition that’s part of our culture, who believes that marriage is truly an institution that holds its holiness to all its extent if love holds the companionship together in the matrimony.

Finally, before winding up, as I kept recurring be it love marriage or arranged marriage , both have all the advantages and disadvantages but can be met and fought with all the challenges if the word -love happens to both people in a relation which happens only if there is a complete understanding. At the end of the day, life is a compromise. Be open to love and be honest to love and understand the beauty of love. One is sure to take the right decision.

       But on a personal note, I will always favour arranged marriage, probably because I got what I wanted and I have what I have always wished and wanted….and hope the coming generation will find the same in the true Indian way because we all have it in us, to be unique. 


Children of Tomorrow

Kids of today are way ahead of many of us adults
They tend to think a step ahead and that too on an avid scale.
Kids of today surprise me with their intel power
They are more prone to the upcoming technologies that go up the rail..
Kids of today are undoubtedly the future of tomorrow
Mould them into good human beings & guide them down the trail..
Kids of today are to lead the way for us tomorrow
so tells hope they will sail and we’d be there at the end of their brail…..

My wife recently was taken aback when she got to know that students whom she had to teach were not as expected because the students in her class were way beyond their standard. With all apprehensions of facing a new class with new lil head ones , the teacher in her for the first time was all applauded and bombarded with doubts that were way beyond her expertise which might have been fun to answer more than a case of embarrassment for her, because these kids whom she had to handle with just nanna munna bachchas ( cute adorable kids ).

The curiosity in their eyes, to learn things, they might belong to a generation with much tech-savy  attitude but at the end of the day, the spark in the eyes is so inspiring for each one of us, that makes us wonder where and how were we in our olden days. Life for kids are so promising with the expansive amount of exposure that they earn at such an early stage, makes me only think that we may have a lot to learn from them.

     Provide them with the best feasible resources, and guidelines, your kids are sure to touch the sky. Let them choose what they want to be. If you realize what they are capable of you would be amazed, because as a parent you would not even have the answer to their queries , the brain waves don’t really correspond with the frequency that of our outdated systems.  As technology takes us forward, children take a huge leap leaving us behind inspite of our relentless efforts of matching their’s. Its their world obviously without a doubt. We have no option but to bow our heads for good…..

                            Children will always remain to be a piece of wonder, never neglect or forget to capture that particular phase, because its all worth it…you will continue to be amazed……

“Minutest Chance” : GOD

so all these years, they were just presuming something is it?

how on earth can people even think, they have found it? the really big IT ?

in addition to all the media frenzy that’s created, people all over the world are claiming their bit of contribution over the big D (as in D for discovery)

Its definitely the discovery of the century, but the way the discovery came about calling it as a God particle,which absolutely was a rip off done by some editor when Higgs the scientist blurted GODDAMN Particle, with due respect to the boson particle and now the world knows it as a God particle. But I guess only a few might know it actually, that this discovery though has laid the foundation for the atomic structure in the physics field, which exists by the presence of mass contributed by this very same boson particle has very little to do it with as calling it as God particle in reality and as we all know it, its because of this very factor that the entire universe or as we may say the human exists on this earth.With the discovery of the Higgs Boson particle, it will open new doors in the enormous space of existence of the infinite species. It’s a revelation.

But my question is,has it got something to do with God? My response is an absolute NO.

While going through all the materials available on the net, it was only mentioned about how it has nothing to do God, which even Higgs , the great British scientist who was moved into tears with the announcement and he himself has ridiculed over the fact that it’s a God particle. But the reason that  it may be considered as equal to God particle is because, the fact that with the discovery of this very entity, we (by which I mean the scientists) will be able to study about the development of the entire universe, strictly speaking may even lead to know how Adam & Eve would have landed up.Yeah, that may be the next big D thing to happen probably in another decade or so.

Speaking on the philosophical level, considering my expertise, which I don’t really think so high about, but yes  I am have a feeling that God may be wants us(us as in the Humans) to keep up the curiosity and to keep discovering until destination, if that’s Him that we want to know. But I really don’t think with the scientific discoveries we have  even the minutest probability to get closer to him if it was by finding him through  the not so scientific procedure.

Regardless of whatever, even though it is the greatest discovery, and with all due respect to the immense amount of efforts that gone into the creation of the large hadron collider , a 27km equipment tunnel was created and recreating the entire phenomenon of the Big Bang that made up the universe with assistance of over 8000 scientist all over the world, for over 2 decades, just goes to prove how much of ability we as humans possess and if wanted we can do more for the better of mankind. And that very thing is my concern. Is it for the better of mankind?  What is their next step after they have found out this? Lets not ridicule the infinite possibilities of whatever, but really what next is the ultimate question that rings in my mind. Conquer something and prove that GOD doesn’t exists …. that would be indeed something I would not want to find out. Beware that truth is better to be hidden, if its not worth it at all.

And as I wind up let me leave you with this…

‘ My argument against God was that the universe seemed so cruel and unjust. But how had I got this idea of just and unjust? A man does not call a line crooked unless he has some idea of a straight line. What was I comparing this universe with when I called it unjust? If the whole show was bad and senseless from A to Z, so to speak, why did I, who was supposed to be part of the show, find myself in such a violent reaction against it?… Of course I could have given up my idea of justice by saying it was nothing but a private idea of my own. But if i did that, then my argument against God collapsed too–for the argument depended on saying the world was really unjust, not simply that it did not happen to please my fancies. Thus, in the very act of trying to prove that God did not exist – in other words, that the whole of reality was senseless – I found I was forced to assume that one part of reality – namely my idea of justice – was full of sense. If the whole universe has no meaning, we should never have found out that it has no meaning: just as, if there were no light in the universe and therefore no creatures with eyes, we should never have known it was dark. Dark would be without meaning.   –  C.S. Lewis

Shining Abode

Sree Padmanabha….Lord Padmanabha…that’s how I have always learnt to call him. Growing up as a child paying visits to that famous temple, just brings back some nostalgia. Fond memories of a temple which is famously known as “Sree Padmanabha Temple ”   that was famous for all the right reasons and being situated right at the centre of the Kerala’s capital city , and because it offered a spectacular view for the entire city it defined the epitome of beauty of that city in every sense. For me ,when as a child,  the enormous garden to play around on the pure white sand in the temple premises, which used to be fully occupied with all elderly devotees who would sit and pray during the temple festivals which were hosted in so much of grandeur and as a child sitting and lying on the sand facing the ground counting the stars, thinking its God up there to whom we are talking still fills  some great memories.

Now, the temple which is just hardly 10 minutes walk from home had just shot to fame being the talk of the town recently and now its for years to come, it will have stories of the great precious hidden treasure that were discovered after years and years, that were protected from the preying eyes of all, by the kings who guarded a secret worth to die for and saved it for the generations to come, hopefully in all right senses. The same  temple now which is on everyone’s lips was and had a history of its own back then.  Stories of the only idol , which being the only sleeping idol of Lord Vishnu, The Holy Abode, in the entire world, had made the temple famous even on the tourist spot list in the Thiruvananthapuram capital city of Kerala. It was also famous for having some gigantic stupendous architecture and stone carvings that were done thousands of years back approximately. Hidden secrets concerning the secret passages in inside the temple have always been of amusing interests for people who have known of the temple.

Presently the temple, is not like in the olden days. Its under strict surveillance. Devotees have lost the freedom or may be the peace of mind to sit in the temple premises and chant holy hymns. And entrance into the temple to get a darshan has made it difficult for the devotees for whom, visiting the temple was a daily ritual, a part of their daily routine. But being fortunate to receive a darshan a glimpse of God in that holy place is always very gratifying and satisfying experience.

Debates and judgement regarding, where and to whom and how much of quantity of treasure exists is still under analysis and to be decided who solely will have the power to govern it , which is sometimes a terrifying question mark or some kind of threat. Well, all throughout, I believed why did this all even had to happen. Sometimes I wonder what do we want more that has made us to enter the temple and capture the temple wealth that once belonged and was saved for the state of Kerala by our late Kings. Why not think certain things are better to be kept secret and scared and respect and guard the secret rather than exploiting in the name of human benefit.

Like I said sometimes facts sealed should remain sealed. Try not to revolt and conquer what may not be ours. Praise the Lord for what we have and be grateful for what we have , is all that we as humans should keep in mind ( this goes for all religion and caste, without any difference).

Another year that goes by….Birthday Jinx!!!

it was while having some random conversations lately, amongst friends, when one of them pointed out that I was not that old as I thought I was. to make it more clear, I thought I was 28 all that one year when I was actually running 27 only. so it was like knowing that Lord Yamadevan had granted me one more year extra in order to enjoy and rock life. But honestly speaking, it hardly matters to me when I think about hitting the 30 age bar pretty soon. Its close enough. I am not fool enough to presume and think myself to remain this ever young handsome guy as some may say so(yeah yeah, I believe I am handsome atleast for my wife and parents :P), for life long. Those white and grayish strings of hair here and there on my huge massive head of mine ,have never let my confidence down, instead I enjoy assuming I growing matured atleast physically. Mentally , I am a complete wreck, as its not for me to sit and scream out loud that I am mature. I guess my writing would say for that, some reflection somewhere would be visible right?.. Anyways, for one major reason that I feel blessed is that, normally any person who meets me for the first time, take it for granted that I must have just hardly been a graduate from college. Even for people who have known me all along still find it hard to believe that I am even married, though it comes as a shocking news to most of them, who even might settle down by themselves that it may surely have been love-affair, so which makes us the accused without really having the reason to be accused…how real is that? Hope I don’t sound like I blowing my own trumpet.

Honestly ,NO.                                                                                                                                                                   

So as I was saying, its so very important to know and feel how blessed we all are and when we grow we should be able to enjoy life and embrace each moment and the so called birth date which tells us we are growing old year after year is something that is to be considered what-the-hell.. and enjoy rather than brooding and dying and striving for ways to show and live young as you can even when you know its just does not happen that way.

My ways of celebrating birthday are completely weird as I am as a person. But whatever may be, my birthday is always special when my loved ones are nearby…which makes the moment all the more special…

After all, life for me is all about loving your loved ones, as some mahaan as said 😀

Life isnt all that easy…but it can be

Life is not all about just having the right things happening always the way we want.Sometimes we get it or sometimes we just lose it.We just lose it.and that’s the style life has rolled out and unfolded into…the way it is.Uncontrollable and unbelievable,the unexpected and the only thing we can do is,just move on and on and on.Believe it or not,truly if one starts thinking,you could find it very interesting and even amusing.One may even want to believe it because that one superior power named GOD,whom we all believe in our heart is to be controlling everything down here from up there,it does give us a feeling that,he must be really trying hard to control the entire stuffs that keeps on going on in everyones life.just imagine,he has to listen to everyone’s prayers…he has to fulfill them,he has to be there at many places whenever there’s a person calling out to him for help and he has to solve many issues.gosh,do you think it’s an easy job?Not for me.Here we wonder and ponder over small small issues which we think are havoc things happening in our lives and don’t even bother to see whats happening in the guy next door’s life.Why don’t we?You know what,if one starts looking into other’s matters and starts realizing what others are going through,half of our problems are solved which would inturn eradicate our small small sorrows and would eventually give us a reason to smile.and do you know why and how that could ease us out,that’s because we would find that the problems that we have are just minor things.Sometimes issues that we may have consciously blown out of proportion for no reason. but the problem lies where,no one is ready to understand or know others problems.What is the reason?Many and numerous reasons infact.if you would start analyzing patiently….yup that’s the MANTRA-PATIENCE.But people are so fast,because they want things fast,because others are running fast.Where are we actually,are we trying to catch hold a bus or train that’s never going to come our way or if you don’t get things the right time,does it mean “END OF THE WORLD”?Does it ,does it?patience is a it goes,”slow and steady wins the race”.but no,in this time of life,people hardly wait for anything.they want things at their fingertips and if they don’t,it drives them restless.and the problem in this kind of lifestyle,is that we forget to see whats going on with others,may be we knowingly and unknowingly leave our loved ones behind and that’s how things go….and these things do eventually end up in another string of we have a solution to all this?does anyone even think,from where all this has stemmed?would anyone even take the pain to think?where are we exactly heading for?

Well one big point,that gives the reason to all this is that we as humans who are part of a society are basically responsible for the kind of issues or say the kind of repercussions that we are involved in.there is a part of the society who would agree to my statement and there would be the kind of people who are not ready to understand and able to ignore it just over the top of the head and the reason for the ignorance can be may be because ,if at all they start thinking about the way there life is going and try to conduct an analysis that might drive them nuts and would land themselves into pain which is not possible.why doesn’t one realize that solving problems will only help one know how to deal problems and which would make one mentally stable and bold in life giving one the strength to face more because solving problems helps you come up with is not really all about the easy mathematics that you went through in school.its all about the complicated algebra and the differentiations and integrations in a very complex way and there lies a mystery and fun in solving it,if you try to think of it in one way,which is difficult,I agree.Getting back to the sections of people that makes our society, there would be another section of the society who would agree to what I have dictated.and there would be another section of society that would not stand either side.completely neutral.and they would comprise of the people who are totally confused and perplexed as in not knowing and would be wondering “hey,have I really lost it?”…completely clueless.

Friendship’s day

Friends not so many,bt few special ones close to my heart

no matter what,inspite of all the maintenance issues ,tat has kept us apart

been lucky to hv met all of them,few among them

who hv stayed n few hv just passed by

but no matter what,what stayed special remains special forever

n i hv no one else bt GOD to thank for, who’s been kind as ever

to drop in people,whom i nvr thought n expectd to b friends with

n tats when i know, u nvr knw wat destiny holds in there

but i knw i hv been lucky couple of times nw n then

n today nt jst becoz its sm friendships day as many of them say it is

grab onto tat moment,enjoy tat moment, treasure tat moment

becoz friends u never knw, wher on earth u wil end up tomorrow


Token of Prayer

Year that saw a lot happening

reasons far from anything saddening

Baggage of promises and solutions ,

year offers,part of the resolutions

with which we enter a new phase

hoping to have the courage to face

things tat are all ready to unfold

not a moment that’s in our hands tat can we hold

so praising and thanking god for the life we lead

lets offer prayers for everyone’s betterment in the year tats ahead