Journey to treasure

Waking up after a long tiring ( but fun journey ) not so air-conditioned pathetic creeky qweeky first floor room that we managed to rent for a day’s stay at Rameshwaram . My trip not just a simple trip, a pilgrimage trip with couple of elder folks that was a schedule for 3 days…..

Peeking through the shattered windows of the hotel , to capture the most beautiful serene view of an early morning…its 4 am….It had been a long while since I had witnessed a 4’o’ clock morning

But looking at the peak of that temple standing high against background of slowly brightening dawn surrounded by the sky up-above shaded light bluish and pigeons hovering in the air and temple’s music playing in the background, offers you …I mean, your mind is filled with some kind of extraordinary feeling, that is beyond words.

Staying at a hotel behind the Rameshwaram temple, standing across the window ….listening to sounds on the streets, the early chanters and banters up the street, as the small tea-stalls begin their day…

I stood watching the ladies carrying their pots aiming at the nearby tanker supplier with water and a bunch of kids, damn lil ones clinging on every possible side of their mother running swiftly before the tanker ticks its time for the water offer for that day. I wondered what it would be like for these people who live a life there. Would be it all that special like it is for me , for them too? You never know. Like always, everyone of us have a story carved for us in our life and its not all that peaceful always. If it was it would have been damn simple with nothing so extraordinary.

An early morning cold shower just for the name sake to stay pure&fresh to enter the temple, dressed up in my favorite dhoti style, walking those unknown streets empty stomach with my aunts & uncles to visit the temple and as I walk I feel the gush of the morning breeze that fills your lungs and that perhaps is enough to compensate for an early hot-served tea. Its amazing . And because I have always enjoyed elder’s company, I didn’t find myself lost except for some astounding sort of things that happened in the later course of the day. Witnessing certain things you didn’t know existed, and learning things that you are unaware of and seeking things about facts you have been curious all your life and seeing it right in front of you….life couldn’t be better for me in those cherished moments.

Back to hotel….

With the religious music chants making the rounds in the air, that made  the entire atmosphere so special that made me feel where was I all this while…..Did I ever experience this kind of peace at all before in my life…..

is this what you call inner peace….?

promisingly I do not have a promising answer to it. but for me I think I was granted that so called peace when I was out there on my earliest pilgrimage trip.

For me, when I was asked by my aunts, whether I wanted to join their trip, it didn’t occur to me as a boring thing at all, but truly, instead it excited me. Having heard so much about this place I always wished and longed to go there. And when god dropped the chance in my lap, I grabbed it. And its been one of the exquisite journeys I have ever had  in my life…

sometimes there are pretty a lot of things you would learn on such journeys…

There is so much to the Rameshwaram temple, that would be written about in the internet, but my experience was all the more amusing, interesting and captivating for all vivid reasons.

But I truly believe that journey gave me a start not just spiritually…but a different take on life…such journey can offer you an insight,something which i probably didn’t have…or i lacked …. and its not about “A” particular lesson I learnt while the journey…..and I am not sure if you know what I mean….

But to know….to experience ….to feel such things……one has to be fortunate….I believe I have been…..

God bless all.



A song that’s embellished with simple acting performances by Ranbir Kapoor and the audacious Konkana Sen with some beautiful meaningful lyrics. The song is from Wake-Up Sid that’s one of my favorite movies.

One of the most romantic old time songs that still can capture anyone’s heart from the movie Dil Hain Ki Manta Hain starring Aamir Khan & Pooja Bhatt. The song is composed by Nadeem Shravan and lyrics essayed by Sameer. The song was a top hit on the chartbusters lsit in the late 90’s.

Desi Girl is the hip-hop desi track that labelled Priyanka Chopra as the Desi-girl of B-town. The movie is Dostana that has Abhishek Bachchan & John Abraham fighting each other for Piggy Chopps as she is famously known. Its a song that will definitely make you wanna groove with the desi beatz…

It Happens Only In India

Recent incident, Guwahati girl…made the headlines…for facing molestation.Who the hell ever made up this word, “molest” must be molested to the core first. Bloody hell. The fact that it was making the headlines for entire day was sure a receipe for the media channels for the coming one week or may be even registered for a decade perhaps, revising and establishing the same points which totally would go invain.

Does anyone even bother about the girl really? The trauma it might have to go thru apart from going entire episode all over again by splashing it all over the channels repeatedly on TV. We humans just like to prey on others and like to sit and enjoy and pin-point and what not.

The actual THAMASHA that happens right in front of one’s eye, would only attract someone’s senses to first capture the scene on mobile or camera in order to entice one’s sexual appetite. We as public or the society have just decide to shut eyes against such outrageous activities that questions one’s dignity but we love to keep our eyes  it open atleast for the sake of the full-on entertainment that happens live in front.

Pity would be a word that would be so immune to such a sect of people that makes me feel so sick. How can we really be so pathetic? Have we really lost the thing to actually atleast raise our voice or atleast stand up to what is wrong? No we haven’t. Its just a preference for negligence that we weigh more for. It’s the approval that comes from within that swings as a  sword right in front of us, reminding us, we are not bothered about what happens to our brothers or sisters, its not our bloody business. ALL-INDIANS-ARE- MY-BROTHERS & SISTERS thing goes to hell. Who the hell ever came up with that kind of thing, must have been a fool or may be it wasn’t actually ever meant to be, and may be the founder , thought that by releasing such a thing it might instill the good thought in us to keep the feeling of oneness prevailing.

What will it take for one to react? What will it take for one to stay silent? What will it take for one to be HUMANE? Seriously……

I  solely believe there will come a time, when we will all pay for all of this…..Hope it doesn’t heap up unbelievably, that we wont be able to stand for what it is to come…..

Children of Tomorrow

Kids of today are way ahead of many of us adults
They tend to think a step ahead and that too on an avid scale.
Kids of today surprise me with their intel power
They are more prone to the upcoming technologies that go up the rail..
Kids of today are undoubtedly the future of tomorrow
Mould them into good human beings & guide them down the trail..
Kids of today are to lead the way for us tomorrow
so tells hope they will sail and we’d be there at the end of their brail…..

My wife recently was taken aback when she got to know that students whom she had to teach were not as expected because the students in her class were way beyond their standard. With all apprehensions of facing a new class with new lil head ones , the teacher in her for the first time was all applauded and bombarded with doubts that were way beyond her expertise which might have been fun to answer more than a case of embarrassment for her, because these kids whom she had to handle with just nanna munna bachchas ( cute adorable kids ).

The curiosity in their eyes, to learn things, they might belong to a generation with much tech-savy  attitude but at the end of the day, the spark in the eyes is so inspiring for each one of us, that makes us wonder where and how were we in our olden days. Life for kids are so promising with the expansive amount of exposure that they earn at such an early stage, makes me only think that we may have a lot to learn from them.

     Provide them with the best feasible resources, and guidelines, your kids are sure to touch the sky. Let them choose what they want to be. If you realize what they are capable of you would be amazed, because as a parent you would not even have the answer to their queries , the brain waves don’t really correspond with the frequency that of our outdated systems.  As technology takes us forward, children take a huge leap leaving us behind inspite of our relentless efforts of matching their’s. Its their world obviously without a doubt. We have no option but to bow our heads for good…..

                            Children will always remain to be a piece of wonder, never neglect or forget to capture that particular phase, because its all worth it…you will continue to be amazed……

Usthad Hotel :Delicious receipe of the season

An impeccable story with all the rightful ingredients delivering a message that’s hidden throughout the movie, coming from some astounding actors whose performances have just surpassed and truly created for us to feel and enjoy and learn. Story is of the movie Usthad Hotel, movie that stars Dulque Salmaan,Nithya Menon & Thilakan, three prominent characters.

Story etched by Anjali Menon speaks about a teenager guy (Dulquer)born in a Muslim family, surrounded by elder sisters from childhood as he missed his mother as a child and as he realizes what his passion is, he aims for joining a university in switzerland where he actually gets trained to be a chef and wishes to explore his life as a chef, where he feels he would be the mogambo of his world of delicious delicacies. He bags a job and a stint of an affair with a foreign girl spice up things for him but as he is made to travel back to India by his dear sisters, he meets this girl(Nithya Menon) as part of a marriage fixation but when the girl belonging to an orthodox family gets to know that the guy is just a chef, a mere cook in the eyes of the traditional muslim family of the girl, a turn of events just totally stumble upon the guy who gets rejected by the family with proposal and decides to leave his father and opts to stay with his grandpa which becomes the turning point in his life…and the story takes a twist in the entire plot….

Whether he makes it to his hard-earned job back in London, whether he wil marry his longtime foreign girlfriend or will he settle for anyone else, will he stick to his routes or will he actually give up on fate… for you to watch …

Songs composed by Gopi Sunder are totally mad and crazy and some carry delighted piece of music which balances and supports the story very promisingly.

(I only have a small concern throughout this one song…wished if the lyrics had been something better..but may be itsuited the entire story-telling of this particular scene that had to show the other shade of the heroine…but still….but what the hell…the song was rocking number!!!!)

Performances from Dulquer , Nithya Menon and the legend Thilakan portray some solid characters with not so edgy but heart touching dialogues which are not so out-of-the-bound. The story picks on all the certain nuances which as humans or basically strictly speaking Keralites would react in certain situations that so typical of us. The performances are just raw and natural to the core supported by well-written dialogues.

And that makes it a truly definite watch…and you surely must know what happens in that guys life which might inspire you…..

P:S : glad that our cinema is heading for a better dawn….with such impelling stories to narrate…

Mindset : Mind is Set

Sometimes I really wonder, if my mind belongs to upper section of the body.

Logical thinking process which analyses and decides during circumstances that demand some amount

of  maturity differs from person to person. And one’s approach to certain situations in life forces one to think from the head, which I assume people have the impression that people who think from the heart are foolish where one that thinks on basis of calculations processed in the head are practical human beings which are indeed regarded as the most sought people than the other breed of people.

And so the mind is set, and its been on for long now….though may be its not so easy to let go of the heart when decisions are to be majored in life, especially when it comes to relationships.

You can be practical…it might help you to break that emancipation of something that you had a link with something but other than that, does it do any good really? For me or according to me, when people ask me to be practical, its like they are demanding me to be insensitive. Insensitivity to the core is something I am just so bothered. Why be insensitive if you are human, because if you are human you are bound to stumble upon emotions…and if you don’t, you are as much as being an animal by yourself. Don’t restraint your self from living a human. In my eyes it doesn’t do you any favor.

It’s a typical dialogue in most Hindi Movies you get to listen, where some character or the other will have a dialogue that goes like ” Hamesha apni dil ki baat suno ” ( ALWAYS LISTEN TO YOUR HEART -Translated into English from Hindi ) and I would indeed translate OR may be I will just fill in the rest of the space that statement has left a void for as in that entire sentence or statement should be like : ALWAYS LISTEN TO YOUR HEART, BECAUSE GOD LIVES IN ALL OF US, AND IN MOMENTS OF DISTRESS OR CONFUSIONS, HE IS ALWAYS THERE MURMURRING THINGS OUT TO YOU.

But we pretend we don’t hear that, or atleast we really have become so immune and deaf plus dumb to hear or listen to that and sometimes even if we have a clue , we would be so puzzled whether that would be the best idea by not trusting because you don’t realize the voice in you is the voice of God.

For me sometimes, its all about taking those risks…that one extra step….that one extra mile which might cost a fortune but it may really be worth it all at the end…but unless and until you don’t follow your so called instincts, walking down the path wont make sense. So a word of wisdom- the keyword : TRUST , is that envelops it all.

I am not sure how many of you would be able to relate to what I am saying…..but its actually just worth giving it a thought if you haven’t been able to digest it all.



Song thats melancholic & touching….from the movie Masoom(1983) starring  Nasseruddin Shah & Shabana Azmi directed by Shekhar Kapur. Its beautifully rendered by Lata Mangeshkar & Anup Ghushal while R.D Burman did the music direction without any guesses.

This one is another sad song which is from the movie Papa Kehte Hain starring Jugal Hansraj & Mayuri . Though the movie wasnt so much of a success, the songs were just par excellence. Truly superb collection

Not so latest but still fresh , Kal ho naa ho song title song from the movie same as the song starring Shah rukh Khan, Saif Ali Khan & Preity Zinta has the great Sonu Nigam singing delivering one of his bestest songs ever tuned by Shankar Ehsaan Loy.Its a piece of music you would want to add to your collection if you havent.Just listen to the lyrics.

Hope i served a rather sober collection of songs this time around wishing you a pleasantly beautiful weekend…..As usual, enjoy…kya pata Kal Ho Naa Ho!!!

“Minutest Chance” : GOD

so all these years, they were just presuming something is it?

how on earth can people even think, they have found it? the really big IT ?

in addition to all the media frenzy that’s created, people all over the world are claiming their bit of contribution over the big D (as in D for discovery)

Its definitely the discovery of the century, but the way the discovery came about calling it as a God particle,which absolutely was a rip off done by some editor when Higgs the scientist blurted GODDAMN Particle, with due respect to the boson particle and now the world knows it as a God particle. But I guess only a few might know it actually, that this discovery though has laid the foundation for the atomic structure in the physics field, which exists by the presence of mass contributed by this very same boson particle has very little to do it with as calling it as God particle in reality and as we all know it, its because of this very factor that the entire universe or as we may say the human exists on this earth.With the discovery of the Higgs Boson particle, it will open new doors in the enormous space of existence of the infinite species. It’s a revelation.

But my question is,has it got something to do with God? My response is an absolute NO.

While going through all the materials available on the net, it was only mentioned about how it has nothing to do God, which even Higgs , the great British scientist who was moved into tears with the announcement and he himself has ridiculed over the fact that it’s a God particle. But the reason that  it may be considered as equal to God particle is because, the fact that with the discovery of this very entity, we (by which I mean the scientists) will be able to study about the development of the entire universe, strictly speaking may even lead to know how Adam & Eve would have landed up.Yeah, that may be the next big D thing to happen probably in another decade or so.

Speaking on the philosophical level, considering my expertise, which I don’t really think so high about, but yes  I am have a feeling that God may be wants us(us as in the Humans) to keep up the curiosity and to keep discovering until destination, if that’s Him that we want to know. But I really don’t think with the scientific discoveries we have  even the minutest probability to get closer to him if it was by finding him through  the not so scientific procedure.

Regardless of whatever, even though it is the greatest discovery, and with all due respect to the immense amount of efforts that gone into the creation of the large hadron collider , a 27km equipment tunnel was created and recreating the entire phenomenon of the Big Bang that made up the universe with assistance of over 8000 scientist all over the world, for over 2 decades, just goes to prove how much of ability we as humans possess and if wanted we can do more for the better of mankind. And that very thing is my concern. Is it for the better of mankind?  What is their next step after they have found out this? Lets not ridicule the infinite possibilities of whatever, but really what next is the ultimate question that rings in my mind. Conquer something and prove that GOD doesn’t exists …. that would be indeed something I would not want to find out. Beware that truth is better to be hidden, if its not worth it at all.

And as I wind up let me leave you with this…

‘ My argument against God was that the universe seemed so cruel and unjust. But how had I got this idea of just and unjust? A man does not call a line crooked unless he has some idea of a straight line. What was I comparing this universe with when I called it unjust? If the whole show was bad and senseless from A to Z, so to speak, why did I, who was supposed to be part of the show, find myself in such a violent reaction against it?… Of course I could have given up my idea of justice by saying it was nothing but a private idea of my own. But if i did that, then my argument against God collapsed too–for the argument depended on saying the world was really unjust, not simply that it did not happen to please my fancies. Thus, in the very act of trying to prove that God did not exist – in other words, that the whole of reality was senseless – I found I was forced to assume that one part of reality – namely my idea of justice – was full of sense. If the whole universe has no meaning, we should never have found out that it has no meaning: just as, if there were no light in the universe and therefore no creatures with eyes, we should never have known it was dark. Dark would be without meaning.   –  C.S. Lewis

College Life

Backdrop of a college campus

Imagine a bunch of college kids – both guys & gals strolling around in the surroundings..

if you take a glance into the classrooms, majority of the students would be outside the classroom if it was a subject of no interest but if the boring subject was being taught by any cute young lecturer, you are bound to attend classes atleast for her.:) The technicalities of some situations that happen around in a college campus might not be very difficult to comprehend because it’s a college life after all, one hell of a time which every teenager would cherish for the life that is to unfold ahead of them. College life offers you a gamut of relations, probably some of which you wouldn’t carry forward or some which might sink in as time moves on, but for anyone who comes out of college will always treasure their memories. It’s a significant phase in one’s life depending on the developments he/she has to face. For me, college life was a period when I truly understood the meaning of the word F-R-I-E-N-D-S-H-I-P

First year of college life : He had joined college pretty late, as per the weird admission process according to the University norms that one had to go through. Still remember, that one morning, he enters class ,stands at the door step, and deep thorough checking out with his bigger-than-eye spectacles, scanning for  empty seats in the classroom and he chose to sit near me & my friend. He occupied the remaining one seat which would make it full and complete as the bench could handle only a capacity of three students. From then onwards, till college ended, I don’t remember any a time, he preferred to sit anywhere else. He introduced himself as Rahul. Time passed, he claimed to be my BIG BROTHER, the adorable hugely muscle man with the broadest heart that’s what he was known for and was always there at rescue when I was in trouble, and as a finale, as all good things have to come to an end, our friendship also …..but I don’t believe it’s the end….because as I learned recently, where there is an end, there obviously has to be a beginning…and that will begin soon……

Today if someone asked me, if I was given a remote with the R-E-W-I-N-D button on it, I would grab the moment and want to change a few things, because a void created during that phase of your time, is sometimes sealed for life. You never know, what life holds in store. Sometimes, some things are beyond repair, but the efforts to mend those things should always be on. But if only I knew there be any sustainable solution…..

And that’s the reason, I would advice my junior folks, enjoy life in college campus. It’s a time you are exposed to a lot of things…you learn a lot of things….you learn to yield relationships….keep up with the study matters. Some things don’t happen a second time in life, unless it happens on its own, regardless of all the odds….So you should make the most of it all when its offered to you and no matter you slip off the edge, but you” learn to balance it out, you will have companions to support you. You’ll learn to cherish and will only have moments to sit and laugh back at a later point in life. Its good to rewind the good old days sometimes, it may be bitter but the better things can always brush the bitter things and that’s the way life is and what it has been till date for me.

And today as I write this, its not an effort to reach out to that one BIG BROTHER I had,  and if I say so I would be lying which I am not willing to. But its all an effort to pass on the message to you guys too… guys stick onto it….

Kabhie Khushi Khabi Ghum – Its-all-about-loving-your-family

Conversations, interactions, talkings with people , with strangers, make you wonder and ponder over things you would have thought sometimes, but may be not the way it was intended to be thought. Sometimes, things can really make you change your entire perseverance, totally. I am  glad, I get the opportunity or say chances to meet people from different walks of life, and listen and learn things which I feel amusing, probably because I enjoy the word NEW.

Life’s been so hasty and it doesn’t get any better any day in future. We all are struggling and juggling our personal and professional lives that’s made us forget about the precious time that’s to be guarded with family where a quality time with your loved ones is always special and so adequate and hence it becomes precious. Those lil bonding sessions, does deliver some amount of peace and solace that no business deal settlement or no 1st week salary pay cheque can provide you. Lets not deny, pay cheques do have their own value, in my eyes they do, because that’s what we are all striving to earn right, if not that then is it really possible to be happy. is it? J….thats a non-compromisable obviously. But apart from the money-honey factor, the F-factor is something one shouldn’t be detached from. Hope I don’t have to see my kids in future by fixing dinner appointments to get a glimpse of them when they grow. That would be one hell of a situation. Just imagine.

For a person like me, for whom family is prior importance, which I learnt the hard way, and that lesson just sunk in quite deeply and which is why, when it comes to family and friends, I have always chosen family more with all due respect for my friends circle too. But nevertheless, its quite impervious to shift my professional commitment if there arises a family situation in between, which does put me at a terrible juncture which I hate to and fail to comprehend. Sometimes things may go out of one’s league and beyond control but may be a silent piece of mind would help when its around people who understand you and to whom you don’t have to put effort to make them understand.

May be because I have always favored a little bit of all that Indian family tradition, I always like things to be balanced at any point of time in life, because to forget who we are and to be someone who we are not truly doesn’t serve our purpose and doesn’t make sense at all. We have to respect where we come from, no matter what the circumstances are, and the discrepancies, we have to  endure, learn to cope up with it, because life isn’t all that easy any which way we opt and no matter for anyone, even be it the President of a Nation OR  Billionaire tycoon OR Late Osama. So what I mean to say is, you must not compromise your family or your loved ones, because at the end of the day, they are the ones who’ll accept you the way you are and what you are for, so let’s not lose track of that. No matter what……