Hi. Huge welcome guys.

“There are two kinds of writers: those that make you think, and those that make you wonder”.  

Brian Aldiss

      And I belong to a new category that makes you think and wonder too. Well frankly speaking I am not even close to be labeled as a writer but I would love to develop and grow and improvise myself and try to be a good writer. Journey from amateur to the good is a long way to go. But this is my starting step in that way.

Timepass / Addiction / Task

“Words are the most powerful drug used by mankind” Rudyard Kipling

What is writing to me? You can say time-pass, because I like to write when I have nothing to do and when I think that’s something is there I want to write about, it can be about my day-to-day things, it can be about a movie or something I read, to share and discuss my opinions, a voice from the inner myself.

In that way, if perceived, yeah writing is a time-pass that I cant neglect.

Addiction, not until now. Because this blog as I said has just been a chance to open out for myself. A space exclusively for me to scribble my thoughts, my say, my opinions, my views …be it on whatever, I don’t consider myself limiting anywhere and anyone limiting me so far. And I do want to continue blogging and write things and reach people, and if as a writer , as time passes if I can manage to say and make someone think, I think I will be only happy to be addicted as a writer.

Task – absolutely no . I don’t see any extra curricular activity that I enjoy doing as a task. The day I see it that way, that would be a shut down for that business. Its not me. I do things which I like to do because I enjoy doing it. Not all are fortunate to have the ability to do a lot of things and have the time to do all of the things, by the things it includes a lot….So writing is something which I like doing and as long as I know what words to choose and what matters to write on, I will write ..i will blog…not to hurt or harm or hamper anyone….but for myself….to reach out to many out there….


“Have something to say, and say it as clearly as you can. That is the only secret”.

                                                                                                                                                                         – Matthew Arnold

As I had said earlier, I am not here to hurt or harm or hamper anyone with my writing. I am writing for myself, to unleash my thoughts, my perceptions, my ideas on certain things. My style of writing is something which might not be over-the-top, but its just going to be me, my way of simple talking and telling things I want to share with people who can relate to me. This space is my space for my voice. I would welcome criticisms and advices provided they are only to boost me as a writer. That’s all the intention at its best I have in mind.

Thankyou. Counting on in each of your opinions and suggestions. Keep tuning in. Check mate!!!


2 thoughts on “MAIN STAGE

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