Sunset @ the beach


Beaming as always even stronger

Even as time departs faster

saying tomorrow not so far

hoping we all may be at par

hold your fist of sand so tight

not letting memories to lose out In sight

knowing that nothing last forever

what has come our way will leave now or never

for who are we to know

but by faith we ought to go with the flow

we are what we are by what our heart desire

for it only knows , the soul within , what to conspire

you wait there, take a moment and close your eyes

I’m sure not to let go even if I have to , because I see the sun is ready to rise…


Friendship’s day

Friends not so many,bt few special ones close to my heart

no matter what,inspite of all the maintenance issues ,tat has kept us apart

been lucky to hv met all of them,few among them

who hv stayed n few hv just passed by

but no matter what,what stayed special remains special forever

n i hv no one else bt GOD to thank for, who’s been kind as ever

to drop in people,whom i nvr thought n expectd to b friends with

n tats when i know, u nvr knw wat destiny holds in there

but i knw i hv been lucky couple of times nw n then

n today nt jst becoz its sm friendships day as many of them say it is

grab onto tat moment,enjoy tat moment, treasure tat moment

becoz friends u never knw, wher on earth u wil end up tomorrow


Token of Prayer

Year that saw a lot happening

reasons far from anything saddening

Baggage of promises and solutions ,

year offers,part of the resolutions

with which we enter a new phase

hoping to have the courage to face

things tat are all ready to unfold

not a moment that’s in our hands tat can we hold

so praising and thanking god for the life we lead

lets offer prayers for everyone’s betterment in the year tats ahead