My First Lady Ever …

She is the Best Cook (All Moms Are)
She is the warmth I need. I miss. I know she’ll always be there for me. The unbounded love nest I know I can go to and cuddle back onto anytime I want. Today she may be a  grandmother to two daughters. But at the end of the day, she knows how to balance it all …
She makes the best Chocolate Muffins !!!
About me, as a toddler, I used to be a nightmare compared to most kids my age at that time. Not for the notorious activities I would be indulged in, nah, I was just a handful lil boy. But the reason for me being a nightmare was for the sleepless nights I used to give my mom, due to all kinds of illness I was prone to, owing to the strangest allergies. I was undeniably pretty handful because I was nagged for being the Strange Lil Chubby Boy having thick patches of Rooche on both cheeks. And My mom was way ahead of the Ideal type. She did have her own style to look after me. When at parties, where other toddlers would be gulping any easily available brands of milk, I was introduced to or rather say , restricted to just one type – Soya Milk. And unlike most kids I wasn’t so very fond of chocolate either. But at present, in reality, I am unable to resist Chocolates, probably this is why they say never say never !!!
She makes the best Homemade Apple Juice !!!
I was a strict and utmost favorite case of study for my Pediatrician , who’s only vivid image I have of him is akin to Uncle Bun donning white wig holding a Syringe instead of Bun & holding a wicked grin ( may be the upper layer that did have a missed tooth) . Although the image was vivid, I still remember his words of wisdom. He used to tell me, all these differences will vanish as you grow old, rubbing those fingers to show as if it were a magic and you can eat anything under the sun , you want. You don’t fear. When he spoke those words, I would think of what mom used to say..” An Apple A Day Keeps the Doctor Away”.
She makes the best Homemade Chicken Cutlets !!!
For parties, mom always ensured I could try out what other kids tried, so I didn’t have to feel like the odd one out. Parties at our place had 3 rounds of  delicious food taking turns on the table and it meant it was a chance to have Bon appetite. First round called for snacks. Where if there was meat I would opt for mummy’s own masterpiece chicken cutlet. Second round  was the time for the feast – the main course , which I don’t think I would have to run out of option. Third round would be the Dessert part where in most of the time I would feel myself deserted .Who would have tasted warm melted Ice-cream? I am not even sure, if its even right to call it ice-cream if its in semi-liquid state. Its her love that makes her do wild things for her son to be made felt normal. The thing is she always did what she felt right. Might have been the motherly instincts.
She makes the best Chinese Food !!!
Though after a certain age, the tendency to over protect may have surpassed because I don’t give her chance to (you know how it gets as kids turn teens ), but mummy’s talent to secure me stayed intact , like any mother would , today my wife what she does for our daughter, my sister for her kid, my mummy had always sharpened her skills and nothing was  put to rest. She was passionate about cooking & she was all game when she had to go cooking class. And at the receiving end, it would be me & my sister opened to the Chinese culinary not just a day or two. It was for every other single day. She loves to just feed us again and again , if we praise her…
She makes the best Chocolate Cakes !!!
We all see our parents change. She used to walk miles with both me & my sister clinging onto her both sides ,for miles. She used to wait patiently, impatiently to pick us from school. She used to save money from the rational money that daddy used to send us on a monthly basis and from the pocket money she saved, she got us those veg puffs, or cupcakes or those undeniable savoring cutlets ….. aahhh…. I miss those good old days. Mummy was  like any mediocre Indian housewife who had always hoped for having a job of her own(an earnest wish), not that she was in dearth of anything. And oh boy, mummy can be a kid too. She did run a playschool of her own for a while. Amidst all these she has always wanted things going perfect for us.
She makes the best Kerala Sadya !!!
Today every any inch of well-being I own myself, is due to her. And if anything to go by, to prove if she has been right, her own mother-in-law had applauded her or certified her for the sacrifices she had to have for the sake of her kids, in our upbringing. And today if I don’t even realize it, when will I ? Today I am a father. And what do I want to give my daughter ?Will I be ? I am not sure how far I would or I can, to be even close to what I have been fortunate for.
Intention of this write up, was not entitled to boredom and not an acknowledgement or acceptance speech, but a fair sort of lay on of my own memories …

I only have prayers for her to be the way she is , stay strong and always be there for me….


The good morning sensation…

The amount of blissfulness that  enthralls me every morning seeing my lil one’s shining beaming eyes staring at me , blinking …. laying on me , she looks at me giving her toothless smile, as she  rises from sleep rubbing her eyes, touching her face, lying on my chest … sometimes I feel she does talk to me without even saying a lot.. she thinks and feels a lot like even I do… and that for me, for now is the source of my energy in my early mornings. The source to my positivimagesity in life.

A gleaming smile  can bring you a sunny day, & when that smile comes from your children,you are all the more blessed. We all are in some way or the other, as I always believe . The so -called source of positivity that I hold may not the one that another may own. But to stay positive, reflects upon the attitude to be satiable to endure through situations that God may have paved for us to know and realize that we all have a purpose. So find that thing and cling on that thing,that engulfs you in the field of positivity, and let that show you what we are really made of, to be able to achieve what we are all capable of , because we all , each one of us, has a purpose. Find it,if you don’t know it…

 P:S : This one’s for all those cribbing, feeling crappy, feeling soul-less life leading people who think ,                            the world is not all that good enough… wake up souls….. WAKE UP !!!

Acting : Not my cup of tea

Acting …….its simply so simple sit and release judgments, watching one’s  performance as a n audience and the critics releasing their verdict with ratings on the number scale, would be the handiest job that would be available and isn’t it the coolest business that goes with that permission that’s granted as per the rights of the Indian constitution to the citizens of right to speak whatever one feels like. How convenient is that? Seriously, if it wasnt for the critics whom I used to listen to eagerly sometimes relying on their verdict to decide whether watching one particular movie at all, I would have watched hell lot more than I have already watched. But at the end of the day, I realized, after all they are also being paid and it all depends on certain factor which might make them release a favorable comment considering the beneficial perks that comes one’s way. Who the hell knows? For me atleast now I have put an end to going the critics way, because they have completely turned out to be unreliable.

The reason why I chose to write about this, is because its lately that I realized acting is not my cup of tea at all. I recently joined a theatre class at a club out here . When I say club, it’s an association or gathering of all Indians residing in this country I live. And when the latest club season began I didn’t want to loose the chance and I plunged and decided to go for it because I wanted to get on that stage that had been very much mine for a longtime. As a child, I had acted as a child artist and that I thought I had the skills and getting back with all that, after a gap of more than 15 years, its an amazing feeling.

The theatre class comprises of a great batch that’s been trained by a great Theatre maestro from India who’s down here to train us people and make a drama out of us. As Sir claims , life is a drama and we are the characters in this drama, so called journey , and we are trained to be what we aren’t and to makes us feel what it is to be like when we are someone else and a lot of that takes and depends upon one’s experience in life which makes it easier to relate and act things out more effectively. And the kind of people I met there, ranging from kids aged 7-8 yrs to elderly working men & women who are so engaged with all kinds of duties in life and we all join during a daily two-hour schedule after work. We are all taught with the basics of acting, to start with walking in different body languages, how to adopt your partners mannerisms and imitate the same, how to act & react to instantaneous situations that are thrown against you , how to deal with the sound-modulations in dialogue deliveries and all the minute subtle things that should be taken care of before we enter the main frame of developing the drama based on an actual script.  And to me the most amusing thing is that, the kind of people I met there, who have immense superb talent hidden in them that made me wonder watching their astounding performance, how fools are we , to just sit and lay back and say what is good and what is not bad without realizing how much of effort it would take for a layman who blurts out things as they wish. How much of courage it takes for one( people who criticize ) to just get onto that stage and deliver atleast a dialogue is something that would be worth watching as it would be never-wrecking for that one individual for sure . Even the kids who are so skilled, their innocent acting makes you proud to actually see such performances. Myself being an audience and actually being part of a camp like this, made me understand a lot of things , though we are only half way through the entire process, I am just so overwhelmed and without any hesitation I can just say, its more than a privilege to be associated and get to know people who have such great talent in them and to know and see they can act , I can say without any hesitation that they are all just so better than me, even the kids. I have a long way to go before I get on with my performance which will have to wait until next month hopefully.

According to me the greatest hallmark of being a good actor is the intensity with which one can enact a situation by means of just facial gestures without a dialogue delivery and that too honestly. That would be one great challenge indeed.

So as I wanted to say, its always so damn easy to damn or ridicule on one’s creativity talent , and its so damn difficult to say the right encouraging word. You may say something that is healthy enough that wouldn’t shatter a person’s confidence but help it boost but if that’s not possible, better well zip your mouth, because if you don’t have the talent to admire and if you don’t own the talent yourself why judge someone on something which is totally out of your reach. But still, everyone has a say, everyone of us has the freedom to say things, so let it be and lets not hurt anyone with our rude judgments instead encourage the other.

But nevertheless , its undoubtedly been an enthralling experience and I would be more happier to enjoy provided a day had more hours. Time has always been precious and I just cant seem to get enough of it. No matter how miserable I may be at it, I will not give up. I will keep trying. I trust my instincts. Hope it will favor me some day. That’s the best hope I have at the moment.

Love or Arranged : Its all arranged by Him

Gone are the ages where love was at its purest ever……

Gone are the ages where love marriages were a taboo

Gone are the ages where expression of love PDA is a big no no

Gone are the ages where marriage itself would happen for all…ever & ever….

Talking about love marriages in our present day lives,in our country India, is something so far out of realization and a  reckoning issue, atleast for people living in the metropolitan cities. Many of them, have the courage may be for the sake of love or may be not, they have that urge to climb up the hill. Youth of today, bravo, they are conscious and very much alert of their own life and are quite capable of themselves to take decisions on their own.

Sometimes, as parents it would be best for them to fulfill their wishes and stand-by them or else, as I said, youth of today are very well equipped with ideas which might be wild and are rebellious too. Be it a girl or boy, they are brilliantly bright enough to know when and how to find their life partners. But its always best to have your parents blessing ( not just because its the Indian tradition and culture), but because it counts a lot more for someone who has learnt the value of a family. And today the sources to find one, are plenty like the fish in the sea….Stretch your fishing rod, expose a tint of the bait and that’s all, may be a matter of few great trials, but one (be it boy or girl) is sure to fetch a fish with all your wanted priorities if you have done your homework right. And mind us all, the truth of the century is that, guys and girls are prone to frivolous laid down business for pleasure sake. And amidst all this marriages that happen which are love or arranged have a fate of their own.

The tricky thing amidst all these affairs that blooms up is the word that lingers in everyone’s mind -LOVE. Love, a beautifully inexplicable word with a million different expressions and meanings that are  vast like an ocean and the way it acts on people makes each one of us do things we are totally unaware of…but the beauty is that there is a pleasant bliss to the word Love .May not be the case for everyone, because now-a-days love , to be honest, only god knows, how far have all of us have come , to know whether really love exists in all its purity even today.Life is fast, so are the changing shades of love….

So be it arranged or love, marriage is an institution that is build in the world of love. And its upto the two companions who join the institution who should be able take the decision of how to carry a life that’s so much hectic in one-way for all of us. Love that happens is purely based on the understanding between the two partners.

In love marriages, from what’s seen so far,  couples who were madly in love until they got married,  might not make it really that far once married, because of the load of expectations, the baggage of overload of emotions they carried without all the proper understanding that may have led them to take a decision to settle down with each other in such haste might not actually turn positive all the time for all of them. But its eventually not the case for all the lovey-dowey couples.And when a split happens, either of them are so hesitant or you may say they are so literally vulnerable, because they end up thinking they took a wrong decision, such a  major thing in their life and they thought it would go on for years, but all that sparkles weren’t actually all that glittery because the basic foundation of understanding between the two may not have been upto the mark which is why they ended up where they were. And that’s where the parents play the role, to provide them the shelter, to bond with them , to support them and to provide them warmth, the friendship that they missed having all those years when their kid failed to understand the preciousness of their love. Well again, this may not be the case for all the love cases, because at the end of the day the emotions that love carries in a relation goes through all the small pickle-head fights, cute love show gestures, undeniable & uncontrollable PDA expressions and if you possess that proper mentally matured handling ability of any situation you are a winner in your game of love, and as a result of which your marriage also will be a success.Its literally associated with managing a management in pretty much ways . As writing it was so simple to say these , but to put it in action isn’t so easy as it seems.

Speaking of arranged marriages, one has to be fortunate to end up with the right choice. Not to deny there are still  plenty of folks out there who are willing to go the Indian tradition way of settling for arranged marriages. Its not an easy game, it depends on luck. Sometimes that also may work or may not. The one good part in this case is that, it goes as per the parents wish and speaking from their point of view, its their right as parents who have literally seen their kids grow up and seen them as a child and it would be their dream to get their children married . And when something unfortunate happens, the parents would be more obliged to rescue and  support their children.

So speaking on an expansive note, be it love marriage or arranged marriage, coin can flip both sides and turn out to be success or failure and ultimately it all depends on luck that favours you. If you are lucky, love can teach you some of the most beautiful things in life and make you do as well apart from all the fantasy filled world it generates beyond your limitations but the criteria for that to happen to you  depends upon the Luck factor, which decides whether it is to shine bright on you or just suck the entire light off from like a black-hole.

For my point of view, on a personal perspective, why not a guy or girl have the right to choose a partner of their own and have a marriage with the consent of the parents( which may not be approval of the same all the time) but arranged marriages have the sanctity that happens in front of the parents and lets not forget them in one of the most important event in one’s life. Having love-cum-arranged marriages is actually a fabulous idea where an entire family stays happy .And that is also a trend now-a-days. Oh yes, there is a trend for the marriages that happen in India.

Be it love marriage or arranged marriage, the intricacies and the repercussions that follow like mental, physical traumas, dowry factor harassments ( particularly in cases of arranged marriages), loss of independency of one’s life, constant triggering of troubles with  in-law departments can all lead to divorce and the era of discovery of the most illicit, horrifying, ridiculous scandalous extra-affairs that happens in the current society are some great hazards that can cripple the major pillars of a marriage institution. These are things that still are prevailing in our Indian society , sadly and not so unbelievably. Then about the cheating policies by some great decently innocent looking fanatics & lunatics who marry of girls and extract the maximum that’s possible after all what they have been able to, is something that happens to one’s in love or arranged affairs.

Speaking about attitude of the youth of present,there’s another lot of majority that favour the fondness of friendship that evolves into something that’s sometimes merely labelled as love and in the name of love that they feel it is, sometimes there’s a preference , an eagerness to explore stuffs , which exists for a certain lot and for that particular sector of youth marriage is something that they don’t mind going for a well-profiled proposal that comes their way if it is to compromise something that the friendship may have plucked a flower or not,who cares. And lets not close our eyes on the growing generation who prefer the taste of live-in relationships before trying out the idea of marriage and some of whom, among the present youth would like to adopt the idea of not marrying at all. Live life independently, is the policy. There is no harm in that and its totally one’s own priority and as the season changes, we might be able to witness some unbelievable but sinkable notions and twisting tales of love. Save it guys…save it….and hope lets not have the chance to embrace it. Because honestly, that’s not how many of us, atleast people who think like me, who think of Indian marriage as sacred, as a tradition that’s part of our culture, who believes that marriage is truly an institution that holds its holiness to all its extent if love holds the companionship together in the matrimony.

Finally, before winding up, as I kept recurring be it love marriage or arranged marriage , both have all the advantages and disadvantages but can be met and fought with all the challenges if the word -love happens to both people in a relation which happens only if there is a complete understanding. At the end of the day, life is a compromise. Be open to love and be honest to love and understand the beauty of love. One is sure to take the right decision.

       But on a personal note, I will always favour arranged marriage, probably because I got what I wanted and I have what I have always wished and wanted….and hope the coming generation will find the same in the true Indian way because we all have it in us, to be unique. 

Journey to treasure

Waking up after a long tiring ( but fun journey ) not so air-conditioned pathetic creeky qweeky first floor room that we managed to rent for a day’s stay at Rameshwaram . My trip not just a simple trip, a pilgrimage trip with couple of elder folks that was a schedule for 3 days…..

Peeking through the shattered windows of the hotel , to capture the most beautiful serene view of an early morning…its 4 am….It had been a long while since I had witnessed a 4’o’ clock morning

But looking at the peak of that temple standing high against background of slowly brightening dawn surrounded by the sky up-above shaded light bluish and pigeons hovering in the air and temple’s music playing in the background, offers you …I mean, your mind is filled with some kind of extraordinary feeling, that is beyond words.

Staying at a hotel behind the Rameshwaram temple, standing across the window ….listening to sounds on the streets, the early chanters and banters up the street, as the small tea-stalls begin their day…

I stood watching the ladies carrying their pots aiming at the nearby tanker supplier with water and a bunch of kids, damn lil ones clinging on every possible side of their mother running swiftly before the tanker ticks its time for the water offer for that day. I wondered what it would be like for these people who live a life there. Would be it all that special like it is for me , for them too? You never know. Like always, everyone of us have a story carved for us in our life and its not all that peaceful always. If it was it would have been damn simple with nothing so extraordinary.

An early morning cold shower just for the name sake to stay pure&fresh to enter the temple, dressed up in my favorite dhoti style, walking those unknown streets empty stomach with my aunts & uncles to visit the temple and as I walk I feel the gush of the morning breeze that fills your lungs and that perhaps is enough to compensate for an early hot-served tea. Its amazing . And because I have always enjoyed elder’s company, I didn’t find myself lost except for some astounding sort of things that happened in the later course of the day. Witnessing certain things you didn’t know existed, and learning things that you are unaware of and seeking things about facts you have been curious all your life and seeing it right in front of you….life couldn’t be better for me in those cherished moments.

Back to hotel….

With the religious music chants making the rounds in the air, that made  the entire atmosphere so special that made me feel where was I all this while…..Did I ever experience this kind of peace at all before in my life…..

is this what you call inner peace….?

promisingly I do not have a promising answer to it. but for me I think I was granted that so called peace when I was out there on my earliest pilgrimage trip.

For me, when I was asked by my aunts, whether I wanted to join their trip, it didn’t occur to me as a boring thing at all, but truly, instead it excited me. Having heard so much about this place I always wished and longed to go there. And when god dropped the chance in my lap, I grabbed it. And its been one of the exquisite journeys I have ever had  in my life…

sometimes there are pretty a lot of things you would learn on such journeys…

There is so much to the Rameshwaram temple, that would be written about in the internet, but my experience was all the more amusing, interesting and captivating for all vivid reasons.

But I truly believe that journey gave me a start not just spiritually…but a different take on life…such journey can offer you an insight,something which i probably didn’t have…or i lacked …. and its not about “A” particular lesson I learnt while the journey…..and I am not sure if you know what I mean….

But to know….to experience ….to feel such things……one has to be fortunate….I believe I have been…..

God bless all.

It Happens Only In India

Recent incident, Guwahati girl…made the headlines…for facing molestation.Who the hell ever made up this word, “molest” must be molested to the core first. Bloody hell. The fact that it was making the headlines for entire day was sure a receipe for the media channels for the coming one week or may be even registered for a decade perhaps, revising and establishing the same points which totally would go invain.

Does anyone even bother about the girl really? The trauma it might have to go thru apart from going entire episode all over again by splashing it all over the channels repeatedly on TV. We humans just like to prey on others and like to sit and enjoy and pin-point and what not.

The actual THAMASHA that happens right in front of one’s eye, would only attract someone’s senses to first capture the scene on mobile or camera in order to entice one’s sexual appetite. We as public or the society have just decide to shut eyes against such outrageous activities that questions one’s dignity but we love to keep our eyes  it open atleast for the sake of the full-on entertainment that happens live in front.

Pity would be a word that would be so immune to such a sect of people that makes me feel so sick. How can we really be so pathetic? Have we really lost the thing to actually atleast raise our voice or atleast stand up to what is wrong? No we haven’t. Its just a preference for negligence that we weigh more for. It’s the approval that comes from within that swings as a  sword right in front of us, reminding us, we are not bothered about what happens to our brothers or sisters, its not our bloody business. ALL-INDIANS-ARE- MY-BROTHERS & SISTERS thing goes to hell. Who the hell ever came up with that kind of thing, must have been a fool or may be it wasn’t actually ever meant to be, and may be the founder , thought that by releasing such a thing it might instill the good thought in us to keep the feeling of oneness prevailing.

What will it take for one to react? What will it take for one to stay silent? What will it take for one to be HUMANE? Seriously……

I  solely believe there will come a time, when we will all pay for all of this…..Hope it doesn’t heap up unbelievably, that we wont be able to stand for what it is to come…..

Mindset : Mind is Set

Sometimes I really wonder, if my mind belongs to upper section of the body.

Logical thinking process which analyses and decides during circumstances that demand some amount

of  maturity differs from person to person. And one’s approach to certain situations in life forces one to think from the head, which I assume people have the impression that people who think from the heart are foolish where one that thinks on basis of calculations processed in the head are practical human beings which are indeed regarded as the most sought people than the other breed of people.

And so the mind is set, and its been on for long now….though may be its not so easy to let go of the heart when decisions are to be majored in life, especially when it comes to relationships.

You can be practical…it might help you to break that emancipation of something that you had a link with something but other than that, does it do any good really? For me or according to me, when people ask me to be practical, its like they are demanding me to be insensitive. Insensitivity to the core is something I am just so bothered. Why be insensitive if you are human, because if you are human you are bound to stumble upon emotions…and if you don’t, you are as much as being an animal by yourself. Don’t restraint your self from living a human. In my eyes it doesn’t do you any favor.

It’s a typical dialogue in most Hindi Movies you get to listen, where some character or the other will have a dialogue that goes like ” Hamesha apni dil ki baat suno ” ( ALWAYS LISTEN TO YOUR HEART -Translated into English from Hindi ) and I would indeed translate OR may be I will just fill in the rest of the space that statement has left a void for as in that entire sentence or statement should be like : ALWAYS LISTEN TO YOUR HEART, BECAUSE GOD LIVES IN ALL OF US, AND IN MOMENTS OF DISTRESS OR CONFUSIONS, HE IS ALWAYS THERE MURMURRING THINGS OUT TO YOU.

But we pretend we don’t hear that, or atleast we really have become so immune and deaf plus dumb to hear or listen to that and sometimes even if we have a clue , we would be so puzzled whether that would be the best idea by not trusting because you don’t realize the voice in you is the voice of God.

For me sometimes, its all about taking those risks…that one extra step….that one extra mile which might cost a fortune but it may really be worth it all at the end…but unless and until you don’t follow your so called instincts, walking down the path wont make sense. So a word of wisdom- the keyword : TRUST , is that envelops it all.

I am not sure how many of you would be able to relate to what I am saying…..but its actually just worth giving it a thought if you haven’t been able to digest it all.


College Life

Backdrop of a college campus

Imagine a bunch of college kids – both guys & gals strolling around in the surroundings..

if you take a glance into the classrooms, majority of the students would be outside the classroom if it was a subject of no interest but if the boring subject was being taught by any cute young lecturer, you are bound to attend classes atleast for her.:) The technicalities of some situations that happen around in a college campus might not be very difficult to comprehend because it’s a college life after all, one hell of a time which every teenager would cherish for the life that is to unfold ahead of them. College life offers you a gamut of relations, probably some of which you wouldn’t carry forward or some which might sink in as time moves on, but for anyone who comes out of college will always treasure their memories. It’s a significant phase in one’s life depending on the developments he/she has to face. For me, college life was a period when I truly understood the meaning of the word F-R-I-E-N-D-S-H-I-P

First year of college life : He had joined college pretty late, as per the weird admission process according to the University norms that one had to go through. Still remember, that one morning, he enters class ,stands at the door step, and deep thorough checking out with his bigger-than-eye spectacles, scanning for  empty seats in the classroom and he chose to sit near me & my friend. He occupied the remaining one seat which would make it full and complete as the bench could handle only a capacity of three students. From then onwards, till college ended, I don’t remember any a time, he preferred to sit anywhere else. He introduced himself as Rahul. Time passed, he claimed to be my BIG BROTHER, the adorable hugely muscle man with the broadest heart that’s what he was known for and was always there at rescue when I was in trouble, and as a finale, as all good things have to come to an end, our friendship also …..but I don’t believe it’s the end….because as I learned recently, where there is an end, there obviously has to be a beginning…and that will begin soon……

Today if someone asked me, if I was given a remote with the R-E-W-I-N-D button on it, I would grab the moment and want to change a few things, because a void created during that phase of your time, is sometimes sealed for life. You never know, what life holds in store. Sometimes, some things are beyond repair, but the efforts to mend those things should always be on. But if only I knew there be any sustainable solution…..

And that’s the reason, I would advice my junior folks, enjoy life in college campus. It’s a time you are exposed to a lot of things…you learn a lot of things….you learn to yield relationships….keep up with the study matters. Some things don’t happen a second time in life, unless it happens on its own, regardless of all the odds….So you should make the most of it all when its offered to you and no matter you slip off the edge, but you” learn to balance it out, you will have companions to support you. You’ll learn to cherish and will only have moments to sit and laugh back at a later point in life. Its good to rewind the good old days sometimes, it may be bitter but the better things can always brush the bitter things and that’s the way life is and what it has been till date for me.

And today as I write this, its not an effort to reach out to that one BIG BROTHER I had,  and if I say so I would be lying which I am not willing to. But its all an effort to pass on the message to you guys too… guys stick onto it….

Kabhie Khushi Khabi Ghum – Its-all-about-loving-your-family

Conversations, interactions, talkings with people , with strangers, make you wonder and ponder over things you would have thought sometimes, but may be not the way it was intended to be thought. Sometimes, things can really make you change your entire perseverance, totally. I am  glad, I get the opportunity or say chances to meet people from different walks of life, and listen and learn things which I feel amusing, probably because I enjoy the word NEW.

Life’s been so hasty and it doesn’t get any better any day in future. We all are struggling and juggling our personal and professional lives that’s made us forget about the precious time that’s to be guarded with family where a quality time with your loved ones is always special and so adequate and hence it becomes precious. Those lil bonding sessions, does deliver some amount of peace and solace that no business deal settlement or no 1st week salary pay cheque can provide you. Lets not deny, pay cheques do have their own value, in my eyes they do, because that’s what we are all striving to earn right, if not that then is it really possible to be happy. is it? J….thats a non-compromisable obviously. But apart from the money-honey factor, the F-factor is something one shouldn’t be detached from. Hope I don’t have to see my kids in future by fixing dinner appointments to get a glimpse of them when they grow. That would be one hell of a situation. Just imagine.

For a person like me, for whom family is prior importance, which I learnt the hard way, and that lesson just sunk in quite deeply and which is why, when it comes to family and friends, I have always chosen family more with all due respect for my friends circle too. But nevertheless, its quite impervious to shift my professional commitment if there arises a family situation in between, which does put me at a terrible juncture which I hate to and fail to comprehend. Sometimes things may go out of one’s league and beyond control but may be a silent piece of mind would help when its around people who understand you and to whom you don’t have to put effort to make them understand.

May be because I have always favored a little bit of all that Indian family tradition, I always like things to be balanced at any point of time in life, because to forget who we are and to be someone who we are not truly doesn’t serve our purpose and doesn’t make sense at all. We have to respect where we come from, no matter what the circumstances are, and the discrepancies, we have to  endure, learn to cope up with it, because life isn’t all that easy any which way we opt and no matter for anyone, even be it the President of a Nation OR  Billionaire tycoon OR Late Osama. So what I mean to say is, you must not compromise your family or your loved ones, because at the end of the day, they are the ones who’ll accept you the way you are and what you are for, so let’s not lose track of that. No matter what……

Love the Epic – Part I

“From every human being there rises a light that reaches straight to heaven. And when two souls that are destined to be together find each other, their streams of light flow together, and a single brighter light goes forth from their united being.”


Imaginations like this….too beautiful ,ethereal and surreal as it sounds, happens only in dreams…and may only pop in the minds of the most sensual species on this earth – the females. Guys like me, aren’t fortunate enough to visualize their princess riding a pony and coming to take us away into heaven (which honestly I wouldn’t want at all :)),which I don’t think  that would have been possible and lucky for us, if they hadn’t shown up at our door. Such wild imaginations hovering up in the air, don’t actually have to be the exact feeling of love….does it?its a very profound question.

Love is a topic that has conquered all hearts for years…for centuries…..for zillions of years beyond we can imagine…since the days of Adam & Eve…haven’t you heard of that story….the magnanimous story with which it all began….the mightiest couple of man & woman started dating from back then.(Quite curious, how would have they really dated, without pizza corners,starbucks,KFC’s,McDonalds) and since then till date,every tom-dick & harry is in search of their love, hoping some day they would meet their sally…but no one really has fantasized love in its truest bit, because love is something that has no definition….not really….if so, I would be glad to learn…..

Seems like a Situation

My article on Love is about my idea of love….composed and learned from experiences that may be mine….may be not …but I like to believe for anyone who reads this, somewhere down the lane, something is sure to strike someone somewhere….and that may be the cupid guy…with his arrow definitely….

But the situation really arises after the cupid arrow hits one destination. The consequences of love blooming in one’s heart, depend upon the species the arrow has hit. God has manufactured man & woman dynamically different, with qualities that are typically physically & non-physically exclusive to man & woman and its our nature and our right to behave the way we want to because love makes you do things you never knew you could and you would…that’s the magic….when it comes to magic, if the illusion fails to produce the desired magic effect, things can go wrong too….point to be noted.but as a saying goes “all’s fair in love & war”

“Have you ever wondered which hurts the most : saying something and wishing you had not, or saying nothing, and wishing you had?”

you should  always…. relying on your instincts can always do wonders. If its a matter of love, an overwhelming emotion because its not often one gets lucky to find the right person….right soul..regardless of the challenges that stand ahead in the path of love.

falling in love, and then conquering the love and then settling for the same love….if this happens all with the same rightful soul, who deserves to be loved and to be with you, which actually rarely happens in this era , for all the weird reasons beyond explanation is something that requires some sort of gumption.

Stories which serve as the flavors of the season, for years now are :

a-guy-meets-a-girl, guy-falls-in-love-with-the-girl, girl-also-falls-in-love-with-the-guy…..another chapter : girl-meets-another-guy-with-more-better-prospects & girl-leaves-first-guy-and-settles-for-the-latter


if this is what happens now…..guys have also screwed it up the exactly same way in the past and may be still…and now since its a season of empowerment of women too, they also reserve and deserve to play their cards well. Be it men or women, its all about equality.So complaints like this, don’t make sense, because gone are the ages, where true love actually happened….

Age of love

People coming from any part of the globe, any walk of life and any age of any sex , none of them had really the answer to it – what is love ?

Options were not that plenty in the past, as in the present. Choices once made were done for the rest of one’s life and be it through any hardship, love holds one another irrespective of the innumerable oppositions that two of them would have had to face which only strengthened the relationship. Such a testimony is only worth listening and inspiring because love like that doesn’t happen anymore, which had a lot more of meaning than just the F-O-U-R letter word and the gamut of emotions that word carries.

Blissful first phase –  Present tense

“love is like candy tempting and sweet but it may sometimes lead to problems either way you’ll be satisfied- oriental tradition”

When touched upon by love, if you consider the young over the globe, falling in love is a feeling that is just like tasting a candy that’s so tempting and exciting. I have always wondered why is it like falling in love rather than falling up for love…considering the after effect,someone brilliant may have foreseen  and termed it as falling in love for all the right reasons I guess:P

For the young, blossoming love is their period of discovery of the kind of feelings they didn’t get a chance to explore until meeting a suitable mate to exchange their emotions and waiting for the reciprocating signals from the other end in return. The initial phase of any relation, say for 40% it would be the period of pure innocent intension for people nuturing their love because its then they get to know how to go about, its all about the engine-starting-issues.Like any software that’s newly installed, the processing unit does its random analysis to check if the system can handle it, how to tune it and how to operate it and which commands would make the program run perfectly, so that  love happens perfectly the way it is meant to be….which is obviously more than very obvious it about the x-factors , meeting up the system requirements,only then love is true love as per the present generation agenda that holds intact because love without sex doesn’t really hold valid even if its not meant to end in the culmination of marriage of the boy & girl.

As the great William Shakespear once said ” love is blind ” I know that for a matter which is true, as you can open your eyes and its all around us. For some it might end up wounding the undeserved, unwanted,desperately seeking a parking space, who no matter what , inspite of the consistent red signals blinking and flashing one their way to seize love, they deny the signals because their mind even though it knows its not meant to be, but the willingness to try even if it means to hamper one’s identity or integrity, some are ready to do anything for the sake of love.

So ultimately its what it takes to find…nuture…and save it for the rest of your life – Love is inexplicable…..if you haven’t ……you must fall ……it makes you a better human-being, worth all the challenge …..because if its true , its guaranteed forever…..

“Love is not written on paper, for paper can be erased. Nor is it etched on stone, for stone can be broken. But it is inscribed on a heart and there it shall remain forever.”