The Propaganda

Good Information is  elusive. It is precious but what is available doesn’t appear to be appropriate. What we need is what we feel we are deprived of ? The right to the right type of information. Open your eyes. We are surrounded by it through various sources. But , rarest of the rarest times are we told what is right or wrong ? News is what makes media driving. What sort of news makes it headlines is the challenge  & makes it win. Who owns a bite of news , gains the popularity graph. Today , as in the present day scenario , what is relevant or irrelevant ? What makes news – then headlines – where it reaches are prime concerns ? Any tom,dick & harry (includes me as well ) can make or write up statement , if it sounds as bizarre as anything that or more at par with any major ITEM – you are the star – your news is talked about , thanks to the social media intervention which makes everything easier.


News in today’s time means sensationalizing stuff. What is sensationalizing ? What they think is best, what is being fed to us because they assume that is what we are striving for or thirsty for.Its not just me who is blindfolded. We all are. We know it. We speak of it. Do we want to go for it,is our choice. But do we really have a choice. Looking more deep , we will be able to analyze that most of us pretty much actually live to read the unwanted piece of shit which may be unauthentic but still suffices. Does it do good ? Aren’t our reading abilities being taunted ? But how fair is it ? Just to get a million or a zillion readers , is it all worth ?

Indian media had a culture of its own in the PAST. Yes. We again had a culture or responsibility to talk of , to be proud of , which was to deliver information which was not created, but had substance. Today media is all about to splash couple of headlines of scams , bribes, rapes, divorce, spicy masala affairs & scandals of elite to make it more worth that could run may be until a new one comes in picture. Any scarcity of the aforementioned ? Nah. Immersed in the bad politicized culture its all a propaganda to project only what’s worth it. Again they offer it and we pounce on it and spread it. No value , No ethics. Ok, now if I am being very narrow-minded , just to consider the counter-effect, would parents encourage your kids, to inculcate the reading habit, handover the newspapers.  Have to state, there’s nothing to beat the touch or feel of a newspaper. Yeah , yeah you can argue, kids of today are way ahead, which shouldn’t stop us from them getting to know, if they will get to know anyhow. Again ,like I said earlier , do we have a choice ?

Opening a daily early morning newspaper used to be a thing in the past, pretty much a ritual . A routine after a early morning sprint or stroll with a cup of chai , just before hitting it off for office for a long day , a quick flipping of pages of newspapers, had a lot of relevance, especially the editorial sections, was a strictly must-do thing for me . Reading a newspaper in the morning means like grabbing a bite of biscuit dipped in chai of knowledge, means we earn something. This was a case of the past , where it held a meaning. Now, you open the front page of a newspaper, your eyes would be engaged in the cryptic sleazy language we are forced to read, and I bet it could be about a Minister and his second Lady who currently rules the kingdom, that once used to be a peaceful land where Mahabali used to come once in a blue moon, which I don’t think is happening anymore.( he would prefer to stay underground, where its much safer to reside) . Again this sort of news, is the kind of promotion for these wealthy aided under-minded bigwigs who might turn overnight from a very unknown face to a much known global face. Time says it all & can sure play magic.

Like any passing by news, that definitely goes registered in the cloud system, people tend to forget conveniently but what we project to the outer world is all a duty entitled to all of us. What we do becomes news and what we do is definitely our choice and for it to be a matter of news ,should mean that it has validity in all sense. Words are powerful, It should not be used to manipulate the unwanted but to be used rightfully. You , me & all of us can send a message to the entire world, if you are newsmaker, be it for what is right, stand for what is right & give what is right. We do not have to succumb or mock or adapt to the norms to stick the heads high. One just has to be true to oneself.  Choose your words right, the right people will follow. Let not anyone fall prey to the massive propaganda. I pray.


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