My First Lady Ever …

She is the Best Cook (All Moms Are)
She is the warmth I need. I miss. I know she’ll always be there for me. The unbounded love nest I know I can go to and cuddle back onto anytime I want. Today she may be a  grandmother to two daughters. But at the end of the day, she knows how to balance it all …
She makes the best Chocolate Muffins !!!
About me, as a toddler, I used to be a nightmare compared to most kids my age at that time. Not for the notorious activities I would be indulged in, nah, I was just a handful lil boy. But the reason for me being a nightmare was for the sleepless nights I used to give my mom, due to all kinds of illness I was prone to, owing to the strangest allergies. I was undeniably pretty handful because I was nagged for being the Strange Lil Chubby Boy having thick patches of Rooche on both cheeks. And My mom was way ahead of the Ideal type. She did have her own style to look after me. When at parties, where other toddlers would be gulping any easily available brands of milk, I was introduced to or rather say , restricted to just one type – Soya Milk. And unlike most kids I wasn’t so very fond of chocolate either. But at present, in reality, I am unable to resist Chocolates, probably this is why they say never say never !!!
She makes the best Homemade Apple Juice !!!
I was a strict and utmost favorite case of study for my Pediatrician , who’s only vivid image I have of him is akin to Uncle Bun donning white wig holding a Syringe instead of Bun & holding a wicked grin ( may be the upper layer that did have a missed tooth) . Although the image was vivid, I still remember his words of wisdom. He used to tell me, all these differences will vanish as you grow old, rubbing those fingers to show as if it were a magic and you can eat anything under the sun , you want. You don’t fear. When he spoke those words, I would think of what mom used to say..” An Apple A Day Keeps the Doctor Away”.
She makes the best Homemade Chicken Cutlets !!!
For parties, mom always ensured I could try out what other kids tried, so I didn’t have to feel like the odd one out. Parties at our place had 3 rounds of  delicious food taking turns on the table and it meant it was a chance to have Bon appetite. First round called for snacks. Where if there was meat I would opt for mummy’s own masterpiece chicken cutlet. Second round  was the time for the feast – the main course , which I don’t think I would have to run out of option. Third round would be the Dessert part where in most of the time I would feel myself deserted .Who would have tasted warm melted Ice-cream? I am not even sure, if its even right to call it ice-cream if its in semi-liquid state. Its her love that makes her do wild things for her son to be made felt normal. The thing is she always did what she felt right. Might have been the motherly instincts.
She makes the best Chinese Food !!!
Though after a certain age, the tendency to over protect may have surpassed because I don’t give her chance to (you know how it gets as kids turn teens ), but mummy’s talent to secure me stayed intact , like any mother would , today my wife what she does for our daughter, my sister for her kid, my mummy had always sharpened her skills and nothing was  put to rest. She was passionate about cooking & she was all game when she had to go cooking class. And at the receiving end, it would be me & my sister opened to the Chinese culinary not just a day or two. It was for every other single day. She loves to just feed us again and again , if we praise her…
She makes the best Chocolate Cakes !!!
We all see our parents change. She used to walk miles with both me & my sister clinging onto her both sides ,for miles. She used to wait patiently, impatiently to pick us from school. She used to save money from the rational money that daddy used to send us on a monthly basis and from the pocket money she saved, she got us those veg puffs, or cupcakes or those undeniable savoring cutlets ….. aahhh…. I miss those good old days. Mummy was  like any mediocre Indian housewife who had always hoped for having a job of her own(an earnest wish), not that she was in dearth of anything. And oh boy, mummy can be a kid too. She did run a playschool of her own for a while. Amidst all these she has always wanted things going perfect for us.
She makes the best Kerala Sadya !!!
Today every any inch of well-being I own myself, is due to her. And if anything to go by, to prove if she has been right, her own mother-in-law had applauded her or certified her for the sacrifices she had to have for the sake of her kids, in our upbringing. And today if I don’t even realize it, when will I ? Today I am a father. And what do I want to give my daughter ?Will I be ? I am not sure how far I would or I can, to be even close to what I have been fortunate for.
Intention of this write up, was not entitled to boredom and not an acknowledgement or acceptance speech, but a fair sort of lay on of my own memories …

I only have prayers for her to be the way she is , stay strong and always be there for me….


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