When’s my Day ???

mydaymywayHeard of a slap day?Relying on my reliable source, it comes right after the VALENTINE’S Day and for anything to have it called so, there’s got to be a reason right. Its held as an acknowledgement for those who deserve a slap by a clap very much on their face for the adequate reasons by their partner who may have failed to realize their love, their affection or for those who may have not been remotely closer to that.Ultimately the fact is “such a day does exist”. And to my curiosity, the reason i came to know about this so called SLAP-DAY, was because a school-going girl with an ever vivacious sweet-smiling face i have ever known her for, was slapped (tuck-tuck), two faces, and ended up  losing her hearing power. For some unknown reason she gets slapped and there the next moment she is in hospital with doctors around checking for her hearing aid,analyzing if she has lost it completely and if there’s any chance of gaining what she lost. I am not sure if you can call it cynical… its completely foolishness. Do we have anyone to be blamed for all this primarily.The underlying facts behind these special lame days are that the other days that follow surrounding the Valentine’s day are more weirder and absurd, which makes one think how or who on earth does anyone really approve of these.What is the point? Don’t we have better things to focus on than just concentrate on such preposterous things which some random retarded would have called it on at some bar counter during a lame pub night. Like everything , we also really need to introspect with senses whether we really need to have this at all.

Out of curiosity , my survey got to kindle my senses and that’s when I was enlightened to know that there exists a rose day( that’s on the 7th February) followed by a propose day,then comes the chocolate day & teddy bear day, and not to stop does come the promise day & hug day and which will end up with the finale of a kiss day to seal it for the next day – Valentines day”. For a moment I wondered which era did I belong to ? To sound it more wiser and not safer , I am not trying to implicate something like a moral guardian, but seriously guys & gurls, do we really need something like this ….. ? Love is not just to be celebrated for these 1 week as one demands. Preferences vary, so do priorities and so does the expression of it from region to region.

We really have to think and act and neglect something that’s unwanted.

Rather than craving for such dubious obnoxious stunts, let’s hope to have the hope that someone does realize the fact that such things are eventually just a waste of time , even though you might earn some gig amongst all the fun, but still you might want to think, is this what life is all about ? Really… ?


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