Blended in Colors – Be it Young & Old , Men & Women !!! No discrimination


I seriously doubt when it comes to Holi, is anyone really bothered about how old you are ? What sex are you ??? Despite the current issues questioning equality , did Holi this season bring down the spirits in India?Colors… a palette of them is always enough to unite anyone and everyone under the spell of any dashing dance item number….. one among the many I could recollect from yesterday’s holi massacre was just one song ….

Balam pichkaarii. jo tune mujhe maari                                                                                                                            Toh seedhi saadi chhori sharaabi ho gayi….

Grooving to the number amidst all the color shower, throwing color powder bangs me with the thought that, at least for a day , where festivals are all a matter of celebration irrespective of what and where we come from, is an intriguing & happy thing to remember we  all unite wherever.. no matter where on earth, the spirit of not just holi, be it any other festival, Indians gracefully don’t miss a chance and always top it to enjoy their own way. No matter even if one is oblivious to the facts behind Holi, the young generation especially believes in having a blast , who wouldn’t , if you have a smashing music and downpour of color from water guns and many that even don’t have names.

As for Holi, the myth goes like , Holika (lady resembling the bewitched Suparnaka in the Ramayan)got burnt in a play of fire which was setup as a trick to take her nephew , great Lord Vishnu devotee Prahlad’s life( son of the arrogant King Hiranyakashipu, who was far more than insane to think he was God, just because he got a boon from Lord Brahma).Holika thought he could bear the fire due to some invisible cloak she wore, but instead Prahlad came out fire-free as he chanted his Lord’s name throughout that seemed to have protected him from the prank-setup by his wicked aunt.

Man, not sure if those type of aunts still exists, which would have altered the scene on the whole as the women’s day coins down on the current scenario in India currently and where we have retarded mind-sets shouting “there is no place for women even in today’s world”.  And because, we belong to a land of contradictions, Holi has diversified stories or say interpretations where it is and was a celebration of love of Krishna & Radha. Well, the pleasing fact that comes from all this is the ‘celebration of love‘, we spread love one moment and next boom, its all over…. sadly … but we should focus on the message of love. Saintly & importantly.

The essential thread is “Good always wins over Bad.”                                                                                                 And we have to heed to that one simple line with faith.

India is always fascinating compared to any country when it comes to festivals, we are colorful and we are religious and inspite of all variations we do strike a harmony, that needs to see more in-sync , because things on the bigger picture may be vibrant but as we zoom in, it may turn blurred which we all have to care for not to happen. For that, we all have to know what we are, where we come from, what we hold as a culture, the tradition and give the people the right to live knowing what’s best for India to be the aspiring India it is meant to be… the colorful India…. it can.. we all can make it happen… And for it to happen, we should pass the knowledge from the literate to the illiterate. We all have a duty. Happy Holi !!!


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