Nir-bhay….( The fearless – WHO IS ? )

Forgotten are the days where we respected ladies…. in every sense… (Pity)

A land of hypocrism…. cynicism …… idiotism…. and to top it all we are governed by people who own these literally and the ones in power live with the aim to erase the tainted what-so-ever the consequences, because they rely on the feelings compounded by in-humanity the currently existing predominant factor. I wouldn’t wonder even for a moment with surprise because we Indians, unlike our ancestors , we including me have in the inane art to ignore, powerfully ignore … close our eyes against all unfair, even if it happens right in front of us.

The Nirbhaya case, that shook India, the waves that engulfed and hit globally, and years after when the fearless immersed in brutality, hits out at the media blaming it on the girl, for him to be provoked to conduct the rape activity and the point to focus is, “ its all because of that girl “…

And I’m pretty sure we have a generation all over the nation, who would exactly back the poor rapist’s word. Yes its all just that girl’s fault for having boarded that dreaded bus that late night to go back home and whatever followed was all just her fault, may be it must have been her wish to make it on news despite she had to leave this wonderful earth, who the hell cares. We live in an age, where we worship the poised pornstars, Sunny Leone, we gorge upon the nudity prevailing advertisements when it shoots through television and we enjoy picking upon all sleazy private family external affairs that drive to make a masala filled,scandalous whatsapping & face-booking trend. And, we as Indians are never hypocritical about anything and we always love when its sugar-coated with the rusty dirty truth that’s actually the picture of a pity India on the forefront when others mock at us knowing who we actually are. So, all this frenzy surrounding a documentary that’s banned only in India, when it actually happened in India , all this doesn’t come as a surprise at all.

So if the primetime news, focuses on the girl empowerment, who the hell cares. We don’t actually bother if any of our daughters, wives or sisters aren’t allowed to live the life they actually deserve .So what if they are deprived, truth behold, it happens only in India and yet we shout out loud BHARAT MATA KI JAI !!! ( when we actually disrespect & ill-treat and de-value every single woman in our country )

Change is mandatory, it is to unfold. Well, it may have started. It has to start  to hit the right spots.We have to think for the betterment for each and every individual without gender bias. It may not be practical to heed all, but no sector is to be entertained partially. To encourage and not let down,to wish for others good, and to protect and save the truth, by finding the culprit & the harsh punishment will only give the righteous the hope … the hope to win their right to win.

Truth will always prevail and the sinner has to face it , what we call God’s eternal punishment or he gets the ticket to HELL someway…


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