The good morning sensation…

The amount of blissfulness that  enthralls me every morning seeing my lil one’s shining beaming eyes staring at me , blinking …. laying on me , she looks at me giving her toothless smile, as she  rises from sleep rubbing her eyes, touching her face, lying on my chest … sometimes I feel she does talk to me without even saying a lot.. she thinks and feels a lot like even I do… and that for me, for now is the source of my energy in my early mornings. The source to my positivimagesity in life.

A gleaming smile  can bring you a sunny day, & when that smile comes from your children,you are all the more blessed. We all are in some way or the other, as I always believe . The so -called source of positivity that I hold may not the one that another may own. But to stay positive, reflects upon the attitude to be satiable to endure through situations that God may have paved for us to know and realize that we all have a purpose. So find that thing and cling on that thing,that engulfs you in the field of positivity, and let that show you what we are really made of, to be able to achieve what we are all capable of , because we all , each one of us, has a purpose. Find it,if you don’t know it…

 P:S : This one’s for all those cribbing, feeling crappy, feeling soul-less life leading people who think ,                            the world is not all that good enough… wake up souls….. WAKE UP !!!


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