Don the tradition & dont let it wither

“A tradition is a ritual, belief or object passed down within a society, still maintained in the present, with origins in the past” – that’s an extract from the wikipedia received on searching the word – tradition

Standing from my point where its totally a blissful combination of everything that subsides as the night falls in , things are moving so swiftly and disappear towards the verge of a dead-point where one’s forced to think if there was any tradition that we ever followed. We prefer to play out things the most simplest way pretending we are so edgy and we cater and we end up literally copying something that’s not ours and we tend to enact things which make us stand out as fools may be. Sometimes you guys might be wondering about what I am getting at….

The word ” tradition” cracked in my head , when I went through an article in the news making headlines-Actor -Producer – Businessman, Dino Morea just mentioned something that goes as ” it is high time we stop thinking sex as a taboo “…. As a reader I haven’t the slightest bit of NOTHING in response to what he said. Its his freedom of speech that made him say that and his broadened perspective to things in life and relation or whatever….really WHATEVER…..

I am not a hypocrite to say I don’t enjoy the three-letter word but they way some people release statements so causally, so irresponsibly…its not like I am asking to shut-the-eyes against whats not happening around and neglecting it , but why do we have to promote it and encourage it as it is not what we as a country we are known for. We have a tradition…we have a culture of our own.

Well what I am going to say is about the frivolous attitude of carrying and imitating everything else but not Indian. There is a soul in every country’s tradition and culture. It holds sacred, its pure that comes and is transferred on from ages and instead of being ourselves, we believe its orthodox or its stupidity to cling onto something so old and expired and instead its worth to move on as time develops, not that its bad. There is growth everywhere, needless to mention which field. But we have been prone to let the past remain past tense, where we actually come from. Its always healthier to know where our roots lie and not forget and leave them. The tradition that we should be proud of and what we have to hold on to is something that is fading at the moment. In my context, since me being an Indian I would like to voice on maintaining the soul of an Indian.

Why do we have to pretend and feel the west is the best. Its not out of disrespect or some hatred that I hold against the western community that prohibits my approval or my interest in copying the west. Its just my inner mind saying there isn’t any harm in knowing what’s best and learning what’s good but why imitate or why try to attract or why try to do it their way rather than staying the way we are and mould things our way. For us,be it fashion or gadgets or entertainment business or for now its even attitude towards relationships, things have evolved into an area where the barriers set are far above than we had ever thought or imagined we would hit. But now as we all believe that its all gone with the wind, why not change when the entire world’s changing. When there’s a 75% majority of the country that depends and like to depend the way things change them rather than making things change the way we want, there would be a minor 15% who would reluctantly and conveniently think why should we bother when there’s no one to back us if we stand out from the majority club and there would be another small 10% group who would protest whole-heartedly with all there efforts seeing themselves going down the drain with lighter hopes within them,as they march against the wind. We always prefer to rely on the greener patches on the other side of the globe. And we don’t mind polluting our nature to whatever extent it may cause harm to our country ,but its always better to have a greener-natural-heavenly-place even if its not in our own land.

Let me mention, and clearly mention, its not any hatred factor that I hold against anyone in particular. We live in a world in an era where its all about globalization. We live in a place where the boundaries beyond countries don’t exist virtually and its all about collaboration from east to west . Its all for good and let that happen and continue. But all I meant to say is,lets not forget out roots because we hold something that’s rich and sacred and lets not allow it to flow down the drain, instead preserve and maintain and stick onto it. Be it whatever field, which ever means or wherever we come from, our tradition is a reflection of our identity. And one’s identity is unique. Let that not be manipulated by any means. Open your eyes. Listen to your mind. Trust your soul. the words from your soul should be heeded and not be misled. Lets all brace it after-all its not like

I am preaching ALL INDIAN ARE MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS, but atleast why not treat or try treating something that’s not absurd as the relationships that occur and suffer around us in our society that is leading us to be living in bits and pieces.  We are all far behind were our fore-fathers have left from and we have all come a long way witnessing a long journey, and we surely know its not for the best but there’s that little ray of hope that’s there in our fellow people, that gives us the right to hope for something good to happen for our kids who come into this world. Lets teach them about our culture and tradition. Lets make them feel and ask them to be proud and not stupid. Lets not forget the basics.FULL-STOP, but actually this is just a comma punctuation , as I will continue to pen down couple of things more that I need to throw light on….Till then its dot…dot….dot….


2 thoughts on “Don the tradition & dont let it wither

  1. Haricharan

    I totally agree with you. We still live in a word where we like do many things that are called ‘taboo’ but refrain from talking about it in public. It’s good to see someone actually standing up against these things and writing them down. Good post 🙂

    • Jithin Chandran

      its one’s preference to actually do it or not.At the end of the day, what really matters is whether we are doing the right thing or not?But my main concern is why implicate things and why are v so obsessed with the way someone else does..?and my main worry is about the way relationships stand today…in today’s world…life is so fast and relationships bud and fall away so fast….

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