Journey to treasure

Waking up after a long tiring ( but fun journey ) not so air-conditioned pathetic creeky qweeky first floor room that we managed to rent for a day’s stay at Rameshwaram . My trip not just a simple trip, a pilgrimage trip with couple of elder folks that was a schedule for 3 days…..

Peeking through the shattered windows of the hotel , to capture the most beautiful serene view of an early morning…its 4 am….It had been a long while since I had witnessed a 4’o’ clock morning

But looking at the peak of that temple standing high against background of slowly brightening dawn surrounded by the sky up-above shaded light bluish and pigeons hovering in the air and temple’s music playing in the background, offers you …I mean, your mind is filled with some kind of extraordinary feeling, that is beyond words.

Staying at a hotel behind the Rameshwaram temple, standing across the window ….listening to sounds on the streets, the early chanters and banters up the street, as the small tea-stalls begin their day…

I stood watching the ladies carrying their pots aiming at the nearby tanker supplier with water and a bunch of kids, damn lil ones clinging on every possible side of their mother running swiftly before the tanker ticks its time for the water offer for that day. I wondered what it would be like for these people who live a life there. Would be it all that special like it is for me , for them too? You never know. Like always, everyone of us have a story carved for us in our life and its not all that peaceful always. If it was it would have been damn simple with nothing so extraordinary.

An early morning cold shower just for the name sake to stay pure&fresh to enter the temple, dressed up in my favorite dhoti style, walking those unknown streets empty stomach with my aunts & uncles to visit the temple and as I walk I feel the gush of the morning breeze that fills your lungs and that perhaps is enough to compensate for an early hot-served tea. Its amazing . And because I have always enjoyed elder’s company, I didn’t find myself lost except for some astounding sort of things that happened in the later course of the day. Witnessing certain things you didn’t know existed, and learning things that you are unaware of and seeking things about facts you have been curious all your life and seeing it right in front of you….life couldn’t be better for me in those cherished moments.

Back to hotel….

With the religious music chants making the rounds in the air, that made  the entire atmosphere so special that made me feel where was I all this while…..Did I ever experience this kind of peace at all before in my life…..

is this what you call inner peace….?

promisingly I do not have a promising answer to it. but for me I think I was granted that so called peace when I was out there on my earliest pilgrimage trip.

For me, when I was asked by my aunts, whether I wanted to join their trip, it didn’t occur to me as a boring thing at all, but truly, instead it excited me. Having heard so much about this place I always wished and longed to go there. And when god dropped the chance in my lap, I grabbed it. And its been one of the exquisite journeys I have ever had  in my life…

sometimes there are pretty a lot of things you would learn on such journeys…

There is so much to the Rameshwaram temple, that would be written about in the internet, but my experience was all the more amusing, interesting and captivating for all vivid reasons.

But I truly believe that journey gave me a start not just spiritually…but a different take on life…such journey can offer you an insight,something which i probably didn’t have…or i lacked …. and its not about “A” particular lesson I learnt while the journey…..and I am not sure if you know what I mean….

But to know….to experience ….to feel such things……one has to be fortunate….I believe I have been…..

God bless all.


2 thoughts on “Journey to treasure

    • Jithin Chandran

      trips lik this deliver the inner happiness of finding solace…it may not be the case with everyone…but yes as u said its so pleasant out there…n makes you want to visit there again n again….
      thanx charan for the comment!!!:)

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