It Happens Only In India

Recent incident, Guwahati girl…made the headlines…for facing molestation.Who the hell ever made up this word, “molest” must be molested to the core first. Bloody hell. The fact that it was making the headlines for entire day was sure a receipe for the media channels for the coming one week or may be even registered for a decade perhaps, revising and establishing the same points which totally would go invain.

Does anyone even bother about the girl really? The trauma it might have to go thru apart from going entire episode all over again by splashing it all over the channels repeatedly on TV. We humans just like to prey on others and like to sit and enjoy and pin-point and what not.

The actual THAMASHA that happens right in front of one’s eye, would only attract someone’s senses to first capture the scene on mobile or camera in order to entice one’s sexual appetite. We as public or the society have just decide to shut eyes against such outrageous activities that questions one’s dignity but we love to keep our eyes  it open atleast for the sake of the full-on entertainment that happens live in front.

Pity would be a word that would be so immune to such a sect of people that makes me feel so sick. How can we really be so pathetic? Have we really lost the thing to actually atleast raise our voice or atleast stand up to what is wrong? No we haven’t. Its just a preference for negligence that we weigh more for. It’s the approval that comes from within that swings as a  sword right in front of us, reminding us, we are not bothered about what happens to our brothers or sisters, its not our bloody business. ALL-INDIANS-ARE- MY-BROTHERS & SISTERS thing goes to hell. Who the hell ever came up with that kind of thing, must have been a fool or may be it wasn’t actually ever meant to be, and may be the founder , thought that by releasing such a thing it might instill the good thought in us to keep the feeling of oneness prevailing.

What will it take for one to react? What will it take for one to stay silent? What will it take for one to be HUMANE? Seriously……

I  solely believe there will come a time, when we will all pay for all of this…..Hope it doesn’t heap up unbelievably, that we wont be able to stand for what it is to come…..


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