Children of Tomorrow

Kids of today are way ahead of many of us adults
They tend to think a step ahead and that too on an avid scale.
Kids of today surprise me with their intel power
They are more prone to the upcoming technologies that go up the rail..
Kids of today are undoubtedly the future of tomorrow
Mould them into good human beings & guide them down the trail..
Kids of today are to lead the way for us tomorrow
so tells hope they will sail and we’d be there at the end of their brail…..

My wife recently was taken aback when she got to know that students whom she had to teach were not as expected because the students in her class were way beyond their standard. With all apprehensions of facing a new class with new lil head ones , the teacher in her for the first time was all applauded and bombarded with doubts that were way beyond her expertise which might have been fun to answer more than a case of embarrassment for her, because these kids whom she had to handle with just nanna munna bachchas ( cute adorable kids ).

The curiosity in their eyes, to learn things, they might belong to a generation with much tech-savy  attitude but at the end of the day, the spark in the eyes is so inspiring for each one of us, that makes us wonder where and how were we in our olden days. Life for kids are so promising with the expansive amount of exposure that they earn at such an early stage, makes me only think that we may have a lot to learn from them.

     Provide them with the best feasible resources, and guidelines, your kids are sure to touch the sky. Let them choose what they want to be. If you realize what they are capable of you would be amazed, because as a parent you would not even have the answer to their queries , the brain waves don’t really correspond with the frequency that of our outdated systems.  As technology takes us forward, children take a huge leap leaving us behind inspite of our relentless efforts of matching their’s. Its their world obviously without a doubt. We have no option but to bow our heads for good…..

                            Children will always remain to be a piece of wonder, never neglect or forget to capture that particular phase, because its all worth it…you will continue to be amazed……


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