Usthad Hotel :Delicious receipe of the season

An impeccable story with all the rightful ingredients delivering a message that’s hidden throughout the movie, coming from some astounding actors whose performances have just surpassed and truly created for us to feel and enjoy and learn. Story is of the movie Usthad Hotel, movie that stars Dulque Salmaan,Nithya Menon & Thilakan, three prominent characters.

Story etched by Anjali Menon speaks about a teenager guy (Dulquer)born in a Muslim family, surrounded by elder sisters from childhood as he missed his mother as a child and as he realizes what his passion is, he aims for joining a university in switzerland where he actually gets trained to be a chef and wishes to explore his life as a chef, where he feels he would be the mogambo of his world of delicious delicacies. He bags a job and a stint of an affair with a foreign girl spice up things for him but as he is made to travel back to India by his dear sisters, he meets this girl(Nithya Menon) as part of a marriage fixation but when the girl belonging to an orthodox family gets to know that the guy is just a chef, a mere cook in the eyes of the traditional muslim family of the girl, a turn of events just totally stumble upon the guy who gets rejected by the family with proposal and decides to leave his father and opts to stay with his grandpa which becomes the turning point in his life…and the story takes a twist in the entire plot….

Whether he makes it to his hard-earned job back in London, whether he wil marry his longtime foreign girlfriend or will he settle for anyone else, will he stick to his routes or will he actually give up on fate… for you to watch …

Songs composed by Gopi Sunder are totally mad and crazy and some carry delighted piece of music which balances and supports the story very promisingly.

(I only have a small concern throughout this one song…wished if the lyrics had been something better..but may be itsuited the entire story-telling of this particular scene that had to show the other shade of the heroine…but still….but what the hell…the song was rocking number!!!!)

Performances from Dulquer , Nithya Menon and the legend Thilakan portray some solid characters with not so edgy but heart touching dialogues which are not so out-of-the-bound. The story picks on all the certain nuances which as humans or basically strictly speaking Keralites would react in certain situations that so typical of us. The performances are just raw and natural to the core supported by well-written dialogues.

And that makes it a truly definite watch…and you surely must know what happens in that guys life which might inspire you…..

P:S : glad that our cinema is heading for a better dawn….with such impelling stories to narrate…


2 thoughts on “Usthad Hotel :Delicious receipe of the season

    • Jithin Chandran

      thanks a lot for taking the effort to drop a comment.:).
      and glad u honestly liked it, but i m too far to b addressed as a critic.I m jst lik any layman who’s views r as normal n simple lik anyone and becoz i love movies i tel what i feel is good and wud lik to recommend if its worth it…:)

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