Mindset : Mind is Set

Sometimes I really wonder, if my mind belongs to upper section of the body.

Logical thinking process which analyses and decides during circumstances that demand some amount

of  maturity differs from person to person. And one’s approach to certain situations in life forces one to think from the head, which I assume people have the impression that people who think from the heart are foolish where one that thinks on basis of calculations processed in the head are practical human beings which are indeed regarded as the most sought people than the other breed of people.

And so the mind is set, and its been on for long now….though may be its not so easy to let go of the heart when decisions are to be majored in life, especially when it comes to relationships.

You can be practical…it might help you to break that emancipation of something that you had a link with something but other than that, does it do any good really? For me or according to me, when people ask me to be practical, its like they are demanding me to be insensitive. Insensitivity to the core is something I am just so bothered. Why be insensitive if you are human, because if you are human you are bound to stumble upon emotions…and if you don’t, you are as much as being an animal by yourself. Don’t restraint your self from living a human. In my eyes it doesn’t do you any favor.

It’s a typical dialogue in most Hindi Movies you get to listen, where some character or the other will have a dialogue that goes like ” Hamesha apni dil ki baat suno ” ( ALWAYS LISTEN TO YOUR HEART -Translated into English from Hindi ) and I would indeed translate OR may be I will just fill in the rest of the space that statement has left a void for as in that entire sentence or statement should be like : ALWAYS LISTEN TO YOUR HEART, BECAUSE GOD LIVES IN ALL OF US, AND IN MOMENTS OF DISTRESS OR CONFUSIONS, HE IS ALWAYS THERE MURMURRING THINGS OUT TO YOU.

But we pretend we don’t hear that, or atleast we really have become so immune and deaf plus dumb to hear or listen to that and sometimes even if we have a clue , we would be so puzzled whether that would be the best idea by not trusting because you don’t realize the voice in you is the voice of God.

For me sometimes, its all about taking those risks…that one extra step….that one extra mile which might cost a fortune but it may really be worth it all at the end…but unless and until you don’t follow your so called instincts, walking down the path wont make sense. So a word of wisdom- the keyword : TRUST , is that envelops it all.

I am not sure how many of you would be able to relate to what I am saying…..but its actually just worth giving it a thought if you haven’t been able to digest it all.



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