College Life

Backdrop of a college campus

Imagine a bunch of college kids – both guys & gals strolling around in the surroundings..

if you take a glance into the classrooms, majority of the students would be outside the classroom if it was a subject of no interest but if the boring subject was being taught by any cute young lecturer, you are bound to attend classes atleast for her.:) The technicalities of some situations that happen around in a college campus might not be very difficult to comprehend because it’s a college life after all, one hell of a time which every teenager would cherish for the life that is to unfold ahead of them. College life offers you a gamut of relations, probably some of which you wouldn’t carry forward or some which might sink in as time moves on, but for anyone who comes out of college will always treasure their memories. It’s a significant phase in one’s life depending on the developments he/she has to face. For me, college life was a period when I truly understood the meaning of the word F-R-I-E-N-D-S-H-I-P

First year of college life : He had joined college pretty late, as per the weird admission process according to the University norms that one had to go through. Still remember, that one morning, he enters class ,stands at the door step, and deep thorough checking out with his bigger-than-eye spectacles, scanning for  empty seats in the classroom and he chose to sit near me & my friend. He occupied the remaining one seat which would make it full and complete as the bench could handle only a capacity of three students. From then onwards, till college ended, I don’t remember any a time, he preferred to sit anywhere else. He introduced himself as Rahul. Time passed, he claimed to be my BIG BROTHER, the adorable hugely muscle man with the broadest heart that’s what he was known for and was always there at rescue when I was in trouble, and as a finale, as all good things have to come to an end, our friendship also …..but I don’t believe it’s the end….because as I learned recently, where there is an end, there obviously has to be a beginning…and that will begin soon……

Today if someone asked me, if I was given a remote with the R-E-W-I-N-D button on it, I would grab the moment and want to change a few things, because a void created during that phase of your time, is sometimes sealed for life. You never know, what life holds in store. Sometimes, some things are beyond repair, but the efforts to mend those things should always be on. But if only I knew there be any sustainable solution…..

And that’s the reason, I would advice my junior folks, enjoy life in college campus. It’s a time you are exposed to a lot of things…you learn a lot of things….you learn to yield relationships….keep up with the study matters. Some things don’t happen a second time in life, unless it happens on its own, regardless of all the odds….So you should make the most of it all when its offered to you and no matter you slip off the edge, but you” learn to balance it out, you will have companions to support you. You’ll learn to cherish and will only have moments to sit and laugh back at a later point in life. Its good to rewind the good old days sometimes, it may be bitter but the better things can always brush the bitter things and that’s the way life is and what it has been till date for me.

And today as I write this, its not an effort to reach out to that one BIG BROTHER I had,  and if I say so I would be lying which I am not willing to. But its all an effort to pass on the message to you guys too… guys stick onto it….


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