Kabhie Khushi Khabi Ghum – Its-all-about-loving-your-family

Conversations, interactions, talkings with people , with strangers, make you wonder and ponder over things you would have thought sometimes, but may be not the way it was intended to be thought. Sometimes, things can really make you change your entire perseverance, totally. I am  glad, I get the opportunity or say chances to meet people from different walks of life, and listen and learn things which I feel amusing, probably because I enjoy the word NEW.

Life’s been so hasty and it doesn’t get any better any day in future. We all are struggling and juggling our personal and professional lives that’s made us forget about the precious time that’s to be guarded with family where a quality time with your loved ones is always special and so adequate and hence it becomes precious. Those lil bonding sessions, does deliver some amount of peace and solace that no business deal settlement or no 1st week salary pay cheque can provide you. Lets not deny, pay cheques do have their own value, in my eyes they do, because that’s what we are all striving to earn right, if not that then is it really possible to be happy. is it? J….thats a non-compromisable obviously. But apart from the money-honey factor, the F-factor is something one shouldn’t be detached from. Hope I don’t have to see my kids in future by fixing dinner appointments to get a glimpse of them when they grow. That would be one hell of a situation. Just imagine.

For a person like me, for whom family is prior importance, which I learnt the hard way, and that lesson just sunk in quite deeply and which is why, when it comes to family and friends, I have always chosen family more with all due respect for my friends circle too. But nevertheless, its quite impervious to shift my professional commitment if there arises a family situation in between, which does put me at a terrible juncture which I hate to and fail to comprehend. Sometimes things may go out of one’s league and beyond control but may be a silent piece of mind would help when its around people who understand you and to whom you don’t have to put effort to make them understand.

May be because I have always favored a little bit of all that Indian family tradition, I always like things to be balanced at any point of time in life, because to forget who we are and to be someone who we are not truly doesn’t serve our purpose and doesn’t make sense at all. We have to respect where we come from, no matter what the circumstances are, and the discrepancies, we have to  endure, learn to cope up with it, because life isn’t all that easy any which way we opt and no matter for anyone, even be it the President of a Nation OR  Billionaire tycoon OR Late Osama. So what I mean to say is, you must not compromise your family or your loved ones, because at the end of the day, they are the ones who’ll accept you the way you are and what you are for, so let’s not lose track of that. No matter what……


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