Lil Disco Angel

she sure was at the centre of the stage….

performing with so much of power & rage….

little did she know, she was centre of attraction,

for all the people watching, she was the distraction….

she surely was the angel of the day

as she danced into everyone’s heart, in her own cute little way….

Guys…..hang on…before you drive to conclusions onto something….

the girl on stage I described about was a small little girl hardly 5 years old 🙂

it’s a weekend program on account of the summer season stepping in, as the school closes for summer vacation and as it is a blissful Friday holiday, organizers of the program were aware of the fact that, none of the other items but one item was sure to hit a chord among the people in the audience.

Lights off…announcement of the item to start, which says a group of kids wil be performing to a song from the late 80’s bollywood number. Song begins, the curtains  move apart, and on stage stands the

sensational hero Mithun Chakraborty imitating kiddo, a boy with the chubbiest profiles waiting for his chance to showcase his moves for all of us in the audience and as per the timing, he kicks with his masterpiece steps, choreographed by his master probably but performing every single step with utmost honesty, as he moves, the stage gets flooded with like a flock of ducks flowing in mix of girls and boys and amidst that cute bunch, comes the heroine of the day. Dressed in tight red mini frocks with matching glittering silver tops flashing her adorable lil hands and flaunting her cute pony tail , she matches her hero’s step though a bit confused at times and a bit lost in paradise, and checks in between intervals while posing with hero and sometimes if the music doesn’t start as per her thoughts, she doesn’t fumble, and adjusts with her million-dollar expressions showing her hero, to lift her or to follow her steps. She’s all over the stage more than the hero I believe and her each moves , her twirling like a princess or be it lifting her leg for the disco dancer to hold or to shaking her head with twitching mind-blowing expressions and movements of hands which remind of the action-song performances one does as a kid during school-days, was absolutely just more than a delight to watch, because everyone in the audience including me, were just roaring and howling and whistling too, to pass on the spirit from the audience for the enthralling rich performance, though it was just kids, seeing them dance, made all of us cheer and laugh witnessing the fun that was being staged in front of us for just 5-6 minutes.

And as the performance came to an end, the entire hall including me went into deep silence perhaps  raving and craving for one more dashing performance from the lil’ incredibles, who had topped the day of the summer fest


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