Love the Epic – Part I

“From every human being there rises a light that reaches straight to heaven. And when two souls that are destined to be together find each other, their streams of light flow together, and a single brighter light goes forth from their united being.”


Imaginations like this….too beautiful ,ethereal and surreal as it sounds, happens only in dreams…and may only pop in the minds of the most sensual species on this earth – the females. Guys like me, aren’t fortunate enough to visualize their princess riding a pony and coming to take us away into heaven (which honestly I wouldn’t want at all :)),which I don’t think  that would have been possible and lucky for us, if they hadn’t shown up at our door. Such wild imaginations hovering up in the air, don’t actually have to be the exact feeling of love….does it?its a very profound question.

Love is a topic that has conquered all hearts for years…for centuries…..for zillions of years beyond we can imagine…since the days of Adam & Eve…haven’t you heard of that story….the magnanimous story with which it all began….the mightiest couple of man & woman started dating from back then.(Quite curious, how would have they really dated, without pizza corners,starbucks,KFC’s,McDonalds) and since then till date,every tom-dick & harry is in search of their love, hoping some day they would meet their sally…but no one really has fantasized love in its truest bit, because love is something that has no definition….not really….if so, I would be glad to learn…..

Seems like a Situation

My article on Love is about my idea of love….composed and learned from experiences that may be mine….may be not …but I like to believe for anyone who reads this, somewhere down the lane, something is sure to strike someone somewhere….and that may be the cupid guy…with his arrow definitely….

But the situation really arises after the cupid arrow hits one destination. The consequences of love blooming in one’s heart, depend upon the species the arrow has hit. God has manufactured man & woman dynamically different, with qualities that are typically physically & non-physically exclusive to man & woman and its our nature and our right to behave the way we want to because love makes you do things you never knew you could and you would…that’s the magic….when it comes to magic, if the illusion fails to produce the desired magic effect, things can go wrong too….point to be noted.but as a saying goes “all’s fair in love & war”

“Have you ever wondered which hurts the most : saying something and wishing you had not, or saying nothing, and wishing you had?”

you should  always…. relying on your instincts can always do wonders. If its a matter of love, an overwhelming emotion because its not often one gets lucky to find the right person….right soul..regardless of the challenges that stand ahead in the path of love.

falling in love, and then conquering the love and then settling for the same love….if this happens all with the same rightful soul, who deserves to be loved and to be with you, which actually rarely happens in this era , for all the weird reasons beyond explanation is something that requires some sort of gumption.

Stories which serve as the flavors of the season, for years now are :

a-guy-meets-a-girl, guy-falls-in-love-with-the-girl, girl-also-falls-in-love-with-the-guy…..another chapter : girl-meets-another-guy-with-more-better-prospects & girl-leaves-first-guy-and-settles-for-the-latter


if this is what happens now…..guys have also screwed it up the exactly same way in the past and may be still…and now since its a season of empowerment of women too, they also reserve and deserve to play their cards well. Be it men or women, its all about equality.So complaints like this, don’t make sense, because gone are the ages, where true love actually happened….

Age of love

People coming from any part of the globe, any walk of life and any age of any sex , none of them had really the answer to it – what is love ?

Options were not that plenty in the past, as in the present. Choices once made were done for the rest of one’s life and be it through any hardship, love holds one another irrespective of the innumerable oppositions that two of them would have had to face which only strengthened the relationship. Such a testimony is only worth listening and inspiring because love like that doesn’t happen anymore, which had a lot more of meaning than just the F-O-U-R letter word and the gamut of emotions that word carries.

Blissful first phase –  Present tense

“love is like candy tempting and sweet but it may sometimes lead to problems either way you’ll be satisfied- oriental tradition”

When touched upon by love, if you consider the young over the globe, falling in love is a feeling that is just like tasting a candy that’s so tempting and exciting. I have always wondered why is it like falling in love rather than falling up for love…considering the after effect,someone brilliant may have foreseen  and termed it as falling in love for all the right reasons I guess:P

For the young, blossoming love is their period of discovery of the kind of feelings they didn’t get a chance to explore until meeting a suitable mate to exchange their emotions and waiting for the reciprocating signals from the other end in return. The initial phase of any relation, say for 40% it would be the period of pure innocent intension for people nuturing their love because its then they get to know how to go about, its all about the engine-starting-issues.Like any software that’s newly installed, the processing unit does its random analysis to check if the system can handle it, how to tune it and how to operate it and which commands would make the program run perfectly, so that  love happens perfectly the way it is meant to be….which is obviously more than very obvious it about the x-factors , meeting up the system requirements,only then love is true love as per the present generation agenda that holds intact because love without sex doesn’t really hold valid even if its not meant to end in the culmination of marriage of the boy & girl.

As the great William Shakespear once said ” love is blind ” I know that for a matter which is true, as you can open your eyes and its all around us. For some it might end up wounding the undeserved, unwanted,desperately seeking a parking space, who no matter what , inspite of the consistent red signals blinking and flashing one their way to seize love, they deny the signals because their mind even though it knows its not meant to be, but the willingness to try even if it means to hamper one’s identity or integrity, some are ready to do anything for the sake of love.

So ultimately its what it takes to find…nuture…and save it for the rest of your life – Love is inexplicable…..if you haven’t ……you must fall ……it makes you a better human-being, worth all the challenge …..because if its true , its guaranteed forever…..

“Love is not written on paper, for paper can be erased. Nor is it etched on stone, for stone can be broken. But it is inscribed on a heart and there it shall remain forever.”