Socially booked &hooked…

they are totally after you…they are determined to change you and sweep you in the slowest possible not so visible way…they are trying their level best to muster it up for what they felt there were loosing with the IPO dips they faced recently…

Facebook seems to come up with few developments which weren’t disclosed on the public platform but they are taking it at a slow pace but will eventually try to open more of things that might surprise us.

  • First around the week was the posting of facebook ads onto other websites outside their domain-for instance onto Zynga
  • Second latest figured out development is that of an email address in the, which users are provided on their own

Until a year back , I must have been an avid user like the freaking addiction that had got onto my nerves like it was something I couldn’t let go off. Apart from all the great good thing that the facebook offers which is the staying-in-touch-with-friends, to an extent, its so true that I must admit, I did earn and find friends I had forgotten for a longtime and it was indeed a great joy and would keep me glued to know what is the happening thing in facebook, the latest status updates that would make a day move, the inquisitveness which was of a crazy sort kind of really tempted me to the core to carry the facebook wherever I was..even when off the network, my simple motto would be to keep socialize and keep facebook alive as much as I could and I would indeed recommend.

With all due respect, facebook did amuse me and entice me with all its best offerings to stay in touch with my folks , which indeed makes you feel you a part of something even if you are not part of that something physically, If you know what I mean and I had more than one reason for not to be repelled by this socially amazing network that was discovered by one genius, if you may say so, Mr. Mark Zuckerburg, someone according to me, has a caliber of turning his one-time amusement crazy activity into such a massive globally recognized item by making it available by providing all the right sources to the users who are part of the Facebook league. It is simply amazing, and amazing things have to be always appreciated. So as I said I was also totally a part of that huge league until that thing happen….


With in the introduction of the timeline, suddenly it was like a whim, somewhere the privacy factor, or one’s account is so much be transparent , though the team says you can control what is to be seen and what is to be shown, but with the involvement of the timeline factor onwards, I felt facebook was just been something too much. Their extension to make it all happen and stay for longer is making them not so exquisite in my eyes and since then reasons for repulsion began arising in front of me.

According to me, admitting the hypocratic insane person in me, I feel we people are too eager to know what’s happening in other’s life, for some it would be like fetching for information to know one’s status-basically is he or she available? for many others it would be medium of expressing what they were not able to until all these years , publishing photos and the chance that this social networking promises might drive them crazy to do things they probably never explored. Another thing that people would die for is earn likings and do the dislikings and the commenting feature were something we all look forward to, which included me tooJ…and its also for a fact we cant and we shouldn’t deny the positive things that also span in this network, where you are 24/7 linked with people you want.

But for me, when the realization point was reached , and as the point timed just around the New Year‘s, a time for resolutions, for changes, on a impulsive thought, I felt it was time to quit from the timeline of the facebook, and it was the end.

After all, it’s a fact, once upon a time, there was an orkut that existed, and now its no where to be seen or heard. We people are seeking much better alternatives and we want what’s best. Today facebook may be the best..but tomorrow ..who knows….

will have to wait and see.

till then, stay connected….stay socializing….very much in the network…because at the end of the day, its all about the SOCIAL NETWORK!!!

P:S : its again just my perception and notions on basis of which the above are written, which may not be true and its truly not the pessimist in me that’s doing the talking and the writing, because for the record , i belong to the optimistic category. so above said are just my exchange of views. may facebook never know, might be in that chain once again, if things are on the brighter side. 🙂


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