Children – Face of the Nation’s Future ???

You have a child?

How old is your child?

How much do you value your child ?

Rs. 100 ?

Questions like this will surely make you prick and ache in places you didn’t know you had inside you. While flipping through the pages of THE HINDU, a statement saying the value of a lost childhood is Rs. 100, just freaked me out.

Photographed by Vinumon S

Child labor is not something we are not familiar about in our present day life. One of the major society issues that has been prevailing over decades , still continues and the fact that in our India , where you have laws but not so stringent, laws enforcing and protecting the kids do not grant punishment but a meager penalty of Rs. 100 would be charged to the employers who make children work. Loop holes like this in the law system encourages for such actions to keep going and its only extremely saddening because those kids have a right of their own. Its their right to have a joyous childhood, that we are denying them.

When we declare the children are the future of our nation, and when their future in words is totally under the shadows, how can one have a promising life, forget the nation on its own.  The children who fall into trappings or make a choice without knowing anything else in life, at a tender age, they grow up without much retaliation and accept the way life has shaped up for them , but if it had happened to kids from our home, is not something any middle class family could imagine.

During my childhood days, I remember writing and learning about the child labor and essaying big answers for examinations and learnt the way it would hamper the nation’s outlook on an international forefront but inspite of even rules, regulations & laws , has it got any better even today for these kids. We are taught to learn “All Indians are brother and sisters” and its all so good to see it in books an keep it in mind that such things happen only in books, not in the real world where it is far beyond even imagination.

It was just only few days back I had penned an article about children being deprived of the proper food intake they deserve. For my readers who are going through this, does not this situation about our children’s future, be really considered important at all? We are a country that holds great pride in our culture and our tradition, at least for tourists who visit our India and treating children like they are not worthy for anything and being pushed into activities and taxing them with heavy labor does not show signs of a promising nation. Its pathetic. Lets show some respect for god’s sake.

I wish there be laws enforcing serious punishment rather than just a charge of Rs. 100 and be there inspecting authorities to have such incidents checked. I very well realize that my this one article wont do any bit but may just this one bit let it serve something that reaches someone out there.

Please stop being cruel to these children who don’t have a shelter and not take advantage of what they are driven into by circumstances. Lets remember, that we also have kids back home and pray they may not have to go through what these under privileged ones had to go through. Its a prayer. A sincere one…..Its their life give it to them, don’t deny them.

P:S : the intention behind this article was nothing but a sincere effort to pull someone’s attention,  against such evil things that exists which is absolutely disgraceful because we all need to remember we were kids and if someone denied us our right to live our childhood , what would it be like? A thought from a humanitarian’s eye…that’s all I ask for….


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