Presidential Permutations

2012 it is and its time for the lady, the first lady of India Mrs Pratibha Patil,President of India to step down after a service of 5 years And as the time approaches, the next set of names, next permutations and combinations of who is the next is working on everyone’s mind.

Politics is totally not my plate of interests at all. But like any Indian who is concerned about our pathetic politics situation, which no matter how much we brood over it, least is expected to change. And coming ahead , is the Presidential selection. Two names making the rounds is Mr Pranab Mukherjee‘s and Mr. P.A Sangma. Mr Mukherjee who’s been on a spree in the financial section after seeing the economy really dipping and now as he’s about to make an exit from the present seat he is coming up with the plans to secure and improve the market situation, steps that are certain to revive from theĀ  currently under going situation.

Well the good thing that all the parties are coming together to back on , is a good thing rather than every party projecting a choice on their own and raise a battle of their own even for the presidential selection. Praise the lord for not having to conduct a election process. Perhaps Mr. Sangma might also make it for the clean reputation that he holds but chances of Mr. Mukherjee holds huge ,who is busy enjoying his time with his family back in his village hoping as he has all the majors voting for him and probably chances of him being the next President does give him hope of making it good for himself. Amidst the these names, there was a 3rd one raised my CM Madam Banerjee – the name of Mr. Abdul Kalam our famously genius ex-President again as a president which he very politely declined as to his vivid reasons but still great amount of respect do I hold for his one stern decision.

Be it whatever, there may be many who are culpable or dragged to defame or to raise a dozen fingers at a leader who is up there, as citizens of a nation we should have the ability to understand and relate and reciprocate and realize the truth and thus may we want to have a promising nation’s leader who could take us forward. There is absolutely no point in having a million number of parties , and million other agendas and above all that number of millions, infinite number of ministers is not we want. We want action, we want a true democracy may it be just one party with all unified thoughts of the entire nation that focuses on the benefit of the nation.

Be it Mukherjee….OR Sangma….OR Anyone else for that matter…We want the right decision coming from the right man who takes the seat in a couple of days ahead and not be just another rubber stamp for our nation but instead a presiding genius for my BHARAT MAHAN….VANDE MATARAM…