Totally Surfaced

  • What is Surface Tablet?

  • What exactly does it have to offer when compared to their Rivals?

Questions like this and similar to these , millions of other queries are hovering on the surface and above the surface as its not something new but will it be able to establish

something new in the market as the Micro team expects….Will have to wait and see

Hitting on the first question above – Surface tablet is nothing but a another version like the iPad only that, this one doesn’t come from the Apple team. So getting back on track, the Surface tablet is like any other tablet pc, similar to the Apple’s iPad, Asus‘ s Infinity, Acer’s Iconia Tab but the entire look-up and facilities is re-vamped and presented with all aims to hit the right notes in the white market ruled by Apple & Google.

The Surface Tablet possesses a screen that’s supported by built-in kickstand( as they call it) and it comes with a keyboard that acts as a cover for the tablet, that sticks onto the tablet as the magnetic cap for the iPad, only that this magnetic cover is available in two ways- thin or thick, the way you want it. The Surface tab is equipped with USB ports unlike the iPad but similar to the Infinity and plus it comes with an expandable memory in addition to the existing 1GB RAM and 32/64 GB memory capacity. The weight being lesser and the display size larger by fractions when compared to iPAD is a fact under notice. And about resolution factor that comes for the iPAD which is the best and not even this can beat them. Basically the Surface arrives in two editions – one is the RT that works on the Microsoft Windows 8 RT Version and the other one is Pro that runs on the Windows 8 Pro.

Now the most vital criteria to be considered is the financial cost it comes at, which is way beyond the iPAD that’s presently available in the market. So for a price that comes more than the existing ones, which offers quite close to all the requirements of a normal tab that exists and offers in the market, Micros Surface will have to wait and watch for how much of gain it is to make irrespective of the high competition it has to face.

FactIts truly and honestly for a fact that, you might have noticed my observations and comparisons are slightly or may be even totally inclined and favored for the Apple’s APPLE PRODUCTS which is just my say, an opinion which I write and which may not cater to many , but the above specified facts are just something which I wanted to share with you guys with total respect for all the giants out there , so take it if you want it or just leave it. That’s  upto you.

All I have to say – just go for the best, keeping in mind, may be the best is yet to arrive!!!


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