Title – Lock-the-Bell-Picture refers to Mani (Bell) , Chitra(Picture), Thazhu(Lock) …just thought as an interesting way to title my article about my favourite movie – Manichitrathazhu

it is probably the only movie which I would have watched more than 100 times…Yeah you heard it right, “100 ” and lil back ” the only movie ” . Its funny and something interesting to notice , still, even today, if even someone’s shows me a glimpse of that movie on TV, I am willing to sit and watch provided I have the time. Just two days ago I had seen this movie again because I felt its been quite long since I saw it again. And yeah, that served as my recipe for writing. And it goes without any guessing, this movie would be on every Keralite‘s favourite list, I am talking about the  usual movie goers. It’s a movie that did a box office as well as catered to all the masses and which won accolades at National Level.

A thriller story , with a traditional setup having all the illusions and hallucinations bounded within an small town premises in the Kerala state , that involves few characters who line up to display some of the bestest performances anyone can portray till date. That is my opinion, from so far what I have seen.

The movie stars , Padmashri Shobana, Bharat Mohanlal & Bharat Suresh Gopi primarly and intelligent actor Nedumudy Venu, powerful combination of K.P.C Lalitha & Innocent and many others. The reason why I mentioned Shobana first was because its totally her movie, which fetched her first National Award for best-actress in the year 1993 and till date its been considered as one of her powerhouse performance and she deserved it anyway, than anyone else in that year. Being supported by Mohanlal & Suresh Gopi who are strong characters who take the story forward along with many others have really made the movie that was directed in 45days , a big success than it was all expected.

Needless to narrate the story, which revolves around a beautiful innocent married lady Ganga, who visits her husband Nakulan’s native in Kerala, along with him as part of his professional project set in town.  And when she learns an ancient story about a spirit of a courtesan from Chennai who was slaughtered along with her lover in the same building that belonged to Nakulan’s ancestral property and where they decide to reside during their stay ,story takes a turn when shocking and horrifying incidents that create a turmoil in the entire family and when its known to the family that the Nakulan’s once-upon-a-time-destined-family-girl has been touched upon by the spirit, lands the great psychologist Dr. Sunny, completely humorous character, a close friend of Nakulan’s , who is the discoverer of the twist in the tale, where he takes the story forward and towards the climax the entire plot changes and focuses on Ganga who is indeed the victim of the spirit’s touch and suffers from multiple-personality disorder and Dr. Sunny is at rescue for the friend and friend’s wife. And end of the story , all is well ends well with a happy note from the entire family as Ganga, Nakulan and Dr. Sunny leave their town for good carrying good memories.

Music that supports and plays an integral part of the movie, that are composed by the Late M.G Radhakrishnan & lyricist BichuThirumala & Madhu Muttam who have presented some of the best songs for this movie have also earned millions of likes as they favor the movie and enhance the story very nicely and not to forget to mention Late Johnson sir’s contribution for background score is absolutely excellent.

Story as said above is weighed high by some embellishing performances be it a serious plot or humor filled , all the actors have done extremely well without a doubt and the movie directed by the famous Fazil had all reasons for it to be liked by the audience which made the movie goers catch the movie at the theatre calling it Shobhana‘s movie as Fazil says its completely her movie.

Its only really exciting and thrilling to notice Shobhana ‘s facial expressions that change intermittently and instantaneously which go unnoticed when you don’t think she is the victim as the focus is on another character and when you realize that certain doings from her side did strike a chord somewhere just goes to show how much of an expert talent she is as an actor. And talking about the supporting actors K.PC Lalitha, Innocent, Nedumudy Venu they have all contributed so well to the characters , which make you feel they are so real and their acting comes onto us just as they are living their characters with their slightly humor dozed antics that make us laugh.

Movies like these and acting like these are rare to see and do not miss such entertainment. Its always a bliss to catch on some old movies once in a while to make us realize that OLD is GOLD as some say…and yes I also do say that….once-in-a-while 🙂

Personal Note : Though the movie was later remade into many languages Hindi,Tamil & Telugu, but none of them have been able to beat the original version, my personal favorite which again goes to prove that OLD IS GOLD . 


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