Yesudas -The Legend

Jab Deep Jale Aana

Jab Shaam Ddhale Aana

Sanket Milan Ka Bhool Na Jaana

Mera Pyaar Na Bhisaraana

Rendered with utmost easiness and the tenderness in the tone forces you to replay the song again and again and that’s very much the reason why this soothing music has made it to the top of my list of melodies from late 1976, sung by none other than the Maestro alias Gana Gandharvan, the only voice that has been able to reserve the image of all Indians all over the globe. His sound needs no pointers or guesses. The magic in his voice hasn’t still diminished even a bit and he still owns the throne for over 50 years which he has been ruling and he has always showed immense encouragement and his love for the younger generation to take over paving their path which he treaded and carved his own niche to reach a position where is at the moment.People adore him for his voice..his music…his talent…they consider him the God  Gifted person on this earth.He is K.J Yesudas.

For me, his character, his personality, the man he is, inspite of being this great man he is ,what inspires me and makes me want to look upto him is the way he leads his life. Not that I hold any solid proofs as in to show people and convince , what sort of a person he is. But from my point of view, his thoughts provoke and make me think and realize and he is someone who literally believes the way I would want to think and believe certain things, like many of us might feel at times, listening to some people say which make us wonder . 

As a person who has come a long way in his life, who has struggled half his life and still believes hard work is the only way to strive for perfection, is the biggest advice he would have for the younger generation too. Most intriguing thing that awes me is his spirituality , the audacity with which speaks out in all glory ,praising god. He is someone who has lived life on principles where he believes in just a supreme power, and because he has been a Christian as per many demand, he still offers himself to sing on his birthday for over 30 years in a row at Mookambika Temple. Facts like he has still been rejected the entry into Guruvayoor temple are very much known to many of us but that hasnt stopped praising him, in all his speeches he mentions a word or two about Jagadeeshwaran ( Lord Supreme) . He tries to pass on this message that only one God exists and people should realize that and stop fighting over religion matters and he requests in spreading the message of love.

As a child I remember watching his stage program back in the late 80’s, where I remember he actually stopped the show in between, when he found some mockery or some kind of indiscipline hooliganism among the  audience at the show. He made it a point he wouldn’t entertain such an audience. But yes it did eventually start. One at first, might obviously aim at his arrogant nature but for very valid reasons its something probably in his diary of principles that would not allow him to perform and entertain his fans, if they didn’t behave properly. But out of all,the great personality he is, he has always shown his obligation and love for his fellow fans wherever he goes as part of stage programs or whatever.

Being the great artist he is, who was at a point of time , a great favorite student of his teacher Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer when he was a student at Swathi Thirunal College of Music in Thiruvananthapuram,Kerala, he still never forgets to show his humble gratitude to all his teachers, elders showing them the respect as a tribute whenever he makes a stage presence which goes to show despite being a well known singer that we all know, he still never forgets his roots which is an important message that should go out to the future generation, which is part of our Indian culture to all,pay respects to our elders and teachers who lend their talent and educate us.

Yesudas has sung in more than 50000 songs ranging over all major languages Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Bengali, Gujarati, Oriya, Marathi, Punjabi, Sanskrit, Tulu, Malay, Russian, Arabic, Latin and English  for over 5 decades but he has always stuck to his roots in Malayalam and delivered heart rendering songs for his listeners to hear for ages to come.

It is obvious that there would be several million articles that would be out there to provide you with information as in about his career, his soulful music , his golden voice , his remarkable never-ever unforgettable songs , but apart from all this the very reason why I chose to write about him, with all my limitations as in my knowledge about him, I have written what is known to me as a layman because of the way he has inspired me as a person , his persona, along with his mesmerizing sound, the effect of him as a human being has literally made me want to write this article and dedicate to him as well. And as for my fellow readers, its just a bit of light that i would like to show you in order to realise the human nature of the Yesudas other than the great singer he is.Let God bestow upon him and may he be able to lead a long life entertaining us and be a happy person spreading love.

This is pretty much what Yesudas is to me…


5 thoughts on “Yesudas -The Legend

  1. Sunil Kumar

    your article echos the thughts of all the persons who has grown up listening to Yesudas. He is beyond Music as you rightly said… he is a Human who lived to his good principles. Kudos for your articles.

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