Venus : Will she or wont she???

She’s coming your way….going to flash herself…probably not all throughout.But if       you miss her today,check if you have about 117 years more on this earth to have a glimpse of her on her next tour schedule.Venus….Venus….Venus 

As I read somewhere, “But for any writer worthy of the name there are moments during the writing process when the rest of the planet might as well have gone to Venus.And those moments are not for sale.” –  Maria Lenhart

According to Maria Lenhart, as a writer you have to struggle in order to  stay and maintain yourself as a writer in the limelight.A writer’s responsibility is to come up with rebelling tasks to entertain and prick the reader with provoking thoughts . If as a writer, if you can alter or make someone think, that makes you a winner in the plot.Acquiring recognition as a writer might not come easily, but once that happens to hog the limelight you have to push yourself out there and come up with rebelling articles or stories.And to gain hold of such captivating stories , writers have to be willing to go that extra-mile. In search of that extra mile, time might lapse but may be the right opportunity at the right time can play favourable only. We all are in search of one such moment and that might not happen every now and then.

When talking about Venus, the hottest and younger planet compared to our earth, when she has decided to give us this one moment, the previous one which happened in 2004, as she provides this ritual only in pairs every century or more and because its the only planet among the eight companions in the solar system that holds a female goddess name(Venus was the name of a Roman goddess,the symbol of Love) ,Venus does play her charm the right way intended not giving a way so much but intending to captivate many of us across the globe and we are among the many across the earthy planet waiting to grab  a visual of once in a lifetime thing that is to happen soon, within hours…..

As an amateur writer, all I can do or say or pass something close to an advice is that grab hold of that moment , and let it not just pass away, seize it and try to capture more for that is to come, and that is what we all are here to strive for, to stay alive…to maintain and sustain..survival of the fittest as some say.

But the ultimate question is what if she doesnt offer you….or what she plays a lil prank and deflects or deviates…..

Never mind…if you are on for it, just go for it….what is yours will definitely be yours ………… matter what:)


Thanx for sharing the pleasure of reading my writing.Care to write something -

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