Munni badnam hui……

Munni Badnam hui…

Darling tere liye…..

Munni Badnam hui…

Darlinggg tere liyee……

the huge sound was shrilling and reverberating in the entire hall, on hard bass sound hitting the tough walls and even ready to crack the glass with the sharp sounds that were tough enough to break it all. Adding to the noisy background, the entire ambience, supported by dark dim light background with shining, shimmering lights hovering over the girls-dancing girls performing to the tunes with some random steps shaking and making every part of the body and woo the audience. That’s their job. That’s what they are appointed to do. there were 7 girls on stage that day. Young or old, arabs or Brits, Indians or Non Indians, be it anyone, you could see them sitting disciplined at their seats roaring and waving and enjoying as the girls performed to songs that may have been way out of their league but the sight of the girls wearing not so but still so skimpy dresses may have been more than the boon they had received for the day which was enthralling enough for any man out there in that four wall space.Witnessing them dance on stage, frankly speaking did cater my mind to an extent and it reminded me of all the movies, specifically the Bollywood masala movies which were running in my mind listening to the stock of songs that were tuned for the day. And me being there at theat place on that day was just more than a mere coincidence. Destination to eat some food was all there that was on our mind, but never did I think in my wildest dreams I would be destined to see it live in front of my eyes as I had just wished.

What made me think while watching them dance, was a stack of all different kinds of questions. Those girls, each one of them, may have had their own story. More artistically if narrated, it could be said like, their eyes had several stories to be communicated to the audience they entertain.

I wondered what would it be like for these girls , to do what they do, to dance in front of an audience who would be so alien to them and how would make them feel if any one of the audience that crossed that line, which may not have happened at the place where I had been to, but questions juggling a million times, in my head or mind, cant really remember. Whatever may be, for us spectators these girls are, they are making a living out of that, and what ever be the chances of them choosing or being chosen to make that choice in life, I respect them. Not pity. Is it really respect or am I being the hypocrite out here.  Well, that’s something I would ponder not just because I am safely married for life, but yes I think I would only see it that way. Its not just about the way they dance or how they dress, which might make them the most pricey and enticing entities to many in front of them but may be say half an hour after I was through with their dancing performances, I was thinking of all the unreachable and never ending questions with impossible answers to fetch. After a while, all that music bombarding into the ears made me feel so paranoid that I just wanted to escape , but not having food, which we were there for actually, made it impossible for us to leave. Talking about food, would any one bother to eat when there was a live show right there in front of you? No, is the most precise answer that’s close enough for me to think and it is.

Anyways after gobbling all the food, it had passed midnight, which was enough and we made a move , seeing those girls ,waiting in queue on stage , for their next chance. As we came out, we were informed of the next block that had Russian girls performing, which we did take a sneak peek, as we were asked to and since it was free , what the hell, took a shot and we saw 5 to 6 girls simultaneously on stage dress in red mini frock dresses dancing to some alien tune, which was rocking enough and that one glance of mine did grab one Russian girl’s eye too. That sneak peek was indeed a clean peek…

The experience was an experience and if you ask whether I would mind taking that experience again, just leave it for me and myself to decide.:) which might be topic for next post on this site later on. So stay tuned……You never know what’s store for you…


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