Shining Abode

Sree Padmanabha….Lord Padmanabha…that’s how I have always learnt to call him. Growing up as a child paying visits to that famous temple, just brings back some nostalgia. Fond memories of a temple which is famously known as “Sree Padmanabha Temple ”   that was famous for all the right reasons and being situated right at the centre of the Kerala’s capital city , and because it offered a spectacular view for the entire city it defined the epitome of beauty of that city in every sense. For me ,when as a child,  the enormous garden to play around on the pure white sand in the temple premises, which used to be fully occupied with all elderly devotees who would sit and pray during the temple festivals which were hosted in so much of grandeur and as a child sitting and lying on the sand facing the ground counting the stars, thinking its God up there to whom we are talking still fills  some great memories.

Now, the temple which is just hardly 10 minutes walk from home had just shot to fame being the talk of the town recently and now its for years to come, it will have stories of the great precious hidden treasure that were discovered after years and years, that were protected from the preying eyes of all, by the kings who guarded a secret worth to die for and saved it for the generations to come, hopefully in all right senses. The same  temple now which is on everyone’s lips was and had a history of its own back then.  Stories of the only idol , which being the only sleeping idol of Lord Vishnu, The Holy Abode, in the entire world, had made the temple famous even on the tourist spot list in the Thiruvananthapuram capital city of Kerala. It was also famous for having some gigantic stupendous architecture and stone carvings that were done thousands of years back approximately. Hidden secrets concerning the secret passages in inside the temple have always been of amusing interests for people who have known of the temple.

Presently the temple, is not like in the olden days. Its under strict surveillance. Devotees have lost the freedom or may be the peace of mind to sit in the temple premises and chant holy hymns. And entrance into the temple to get a darshan has made it difficult for the devotees for whom, visiting the temple was a daily ritual, a part of their daily routine. But being fortunate to receive a darshan a glimpse of God in that holy place is always very gratifying and satisfying experience.

Debates and judgement regarding, where and to whom and how much of quantity of treasure exists is still under analysis and to be decided who solely will have the power to govern it , which is sometimes a terrifying question mark or some kind of threat. Well, all throughout, I believed why did this all even had to happen. Sometimes I wonder what do we want more that has made us to enter the temple and capture the temple wealth that once belonged and was saved for the state of Kerala by our late Kings. Why not think certain things are better to be kept secret and scared and respect and guard the secret rather than exploiting in the name of human benefit.

Like I said sometimes facts sealed should remain sealed. Try not to revolt and conquer what may not be ours. Praise the Lord for what we have and be grateful for what we have , is all that we as humans should keep in mind ( this goes for all religion and caste, without any difference).


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