You’ve Got Mail

A movie that may be so outdated but still it may be one of the most lightly designed script, crafted so well, incorporating the right characters styled and portrayed by Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan. And very much because of their outstanding acting performances supported by many other actors, the movie was one of the best romantic comedy movies of those early 90’s.  A simple storyline that narrates about two strangers, a boy and a girl who meet online in some random chat room, bond over without knowing they are actually professional rivals in real life , as they don’t reveal their personal details and as predictable they fall in love at the end. But the charm with which Meg Ryan captures Tom Hanks’ s heart and makes him fall for her and the innocence with which they completely fall in adoration for each other when they get to know intimately , is such a delight to know and see. And without having any kind of complication, the picture is shot so well where the actors with they minute expressions deliver the utmost emotions and feelings by some very heart rendering dialogues. Because of the online – love thing that was so fresh back then, the story was so appealing and also probably the idea of finding love over the global wide inter-network sparked ideas for the coming generation which totally changed the image of the romantic affairs that had to come and that are still following, loosing all the charm of innocent and pure love.

And for all the appropriate reasons, this one had reserved its place in my library of romantic comedies. This movie is little more special because when I was asked to talk at a debating session held at a company where I worked earlier, my listeners were enthralled and even the judging panel also had wonderful comments. So watching movies and my tastes for wonderful movies did win me something good.

If you haven’t watched it yet, I suggest you should, at least for the actors in it.



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