Another year that goes by….Birthday Jinx!!!

it was while having some random conversations lately, amongst friends, when one of them pointed out that I was not that old as I thought I was. to make it more clear, I thought I was 28 all that one year when I was actually running 27 only. so it was like knowing that Lord Yamadevan had granted me one more year extra in order to enjoy and rock life. But honestly speaking, it hardly matters to me when I think about hitting the 30 age bar pretty soon. Its close enough. I am not fool enough to presume and think myself to remain this ever young handsome guy as some may say so(yeah yeah, I believe I am handsome atleast for my wife and parents :P), for life long. Those white and grayish strings of hair here and there on my huge massive head of mine ,have never let my confidence down, instead I enjoy assuming I growing matured atleast physically. Mentally , I am a complete wreck, as its not for me to sit and scream out loud that I am mature. I guess my writing would say for that, some reflection somewhere would be visible right?.. Anyways, for one major reason that I feel blessed is that, normally any person who meets me for the first time, take it for granted that I must have just hardly been a graduate from college. Even for people who have known me all along still find it hard to believe that I am even married, though it comes as a shocking news to most of them, who even might settle down by themselves that it may surely have been love-affair, so which makes us the accused without really having the reason to be accused…how real is that? Hope I don’t sound like I blowing my own trumpet.

Honestly ,NO.                                                                                                                                                                   

So as I was saying, its so very important to know and feel how blessed we all are and when we grow we should be able to enjoy life and embrace each moment and the so called birth date which tells us we are growing old year after year is something that is to be considered what-the-hell.. and enjoy rather than brooding and dying and striving for ways to show and live young as you can even when you know its just does not happen that way.

My ways of celebrating birthday are completely weird as I am as a person. But whatever may be, my birthday is always special when my loved ones are nearby…which makes the moment all the more special…

After all, life for me is all about loving your loved ones, as some mahaan as said 😀


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