From life savers to life takers


Havoc was stirred amidst the doctors when a recent episode of Satymeva Jayate hosted by the perfectionist Bollywood star Aamir Khan brought to notice of a not so perfect image of the doctors in our nation. The program that touches upon some disastrous issues that our India faces ,has led to awakening amongst the public eye, , where Aamir truly in all sense tries to educate the audience with what is happening all around that our very own people aren’t familiar off and some things that would be under the ignorance and Aamir Khan is going just the extra extent to bring out those issues to the forefront, so that we people are not blind-folded by the actual truth that’s going on.

And in a recent episode, the team focused on the malpractices unfortunately taking place in the medical profession bringing out in the open , some of the unbelievable stories the doctors exercise, who instead of being the life savers of the patients tend to be the life takers of the very same. If not to go by what the show did telecast, by experience, I would myself  be  more than willing to support, to make people aware of such things that do really happen unfortunately. But its also a fact that not all the doctors are the same. Doctors who try to extract money from patients, doctors who try out examinations without proper requirements and proper cleanliness and doctors who prescribe medicines which may not be actually for the recommended illness and even doctors who would have the patients admitted and treated and continue the medication even if the patient is cured, with having all the scanning tests and what all possible diagnosis that can be conducted over the patient….are just few among the facts that may make us feel, reality does bite. But apart from this lot, there are some doctors too, who are strict and sincere to their profession. Just like two sides of a coin, such a defaming thing that exists in our Indian medical culture along with the honest professionals, is something disheartening and worrying for the layman because after all it is about people , the common man when in need of treatment, one would definitely hesitate whether to approach a doctor and even be reluctant to go by the prescribed medicines without trust. Cant believe the age has come where even when the doctors are corrupted, that’s not so far to believe. But let me repeat myself, not all of them are not silver, there would still be something shining glittering golden hearts out there.

So getting back with what I started, now doctors in the Indian Medical Association demand an apology for the defamation the doctors have faced. And Aamir does deny the allegation that he has defamed the doctor profession. How will one have to react to that?

As a saying in the earlier days, Apple a day keeps a doctor away, is something best that can be practiced to stay away from the doctor, is something I would prescribe on a humorous note.


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