Malnutrition : Face of India

Deprivation of the Nutrition

How alarming can it more be?

As per recent news on NDTV, making the headlines – Food supplements meant for the malnutritioned suffering kids are being fed to the cattle and chicken, in Mumbai Metro. How can we ourselves be more neutralized than this? We have horrifying facts lashing out at us – that is roaring, publishing reports that say 42% of our children in our India are nutrition deprived and inspite of our steady economic growth if we are not able to feed almost half of the nation’s children, we literally  steal their food which they deserve, which is their right ,they have to face hunger and death is something that is there in their destiny. What are we as citizens sitting and munching on our own food, how is it possible? Have we turned to be so immune to such deeds that make us so inhumane. One major turn out of this findings would be the political parties lashing out at each other ,be it whoever, would just aim at bullying the opposition to show the Nation, the people have made mistakes in electing the government who is totally responsible for such a great tragedy which is actually a true hit on our face-NATIONAL SHAME, as our PM Manmohan Singh claimed recently in the beginning of this year . How do we let this happen? People who have their means to make adjustments basically because of the lack of proper surveillance which results in embarrassing situations such as this that has been one of the major issues ever since years inspite of the devastating reports showing the country’s inability to relinquish the poverty, hunger and malnutrition prevailing in our country. Indeed its sad, its pathetic thinking about these kids who are being deprived of the right to live in this world, who are not aware of what is theirs is not reaching them because of some ruthless people, who in order to fickle away with some money deny the food for the kids to feed the livestock. SHAME ON US. Something has to be done about this. Something more than that still exists. These are the major heart wrenching issues that need to be listened, learned which will make the developing country a blissful nation, atleast something close to it.

These children whom we are neglecting today are the ones for tomorrow and to sit and not react to such embarrassments like this, we are only depreciating ourselves as HUMANS. God forbidden this should not continue. Think people…Think ………………

P:S : I dont want this to be just an article that every one of us can read and forget,instead get in action to eradicate such   evils from the society