Music Library -Edition 1

To start with this edition of mine…

since its a weekend round a corner….i am leaving you with some impeccable hardcore romantic numbers that belongs to my list of favourite ones…all time favourites actually….and since its my first edition again…let me focus on our favourite A.R RAHMAN….the Indian Mozart :)….Hope you enjoy….:)


Aye Ajnabi from the movie Dil Se starring Shah Rukh Khan & Manisha Koirala directed by Mani Ratnam…Names which are very familiar to all of us.Though this movie didnt play financially at the box-office, it belongs in my library of favourite movies with one of Rahman’ s best music.


Ay Hairathe from the movie Guru starring Abhishek Bachchan & Aishwarya Rai Bachchan directed by Mani Ratnam…One of my favourite numbers so beautifully rendered by Alka Yagnik & Rahman


Pudhu Vellai Mazha from the movie Roja, tamil number starring Aravind Swami & Madhu directed by Mani Ratnam again…the unbeatable combo of both of them just goes to prove how successful they are in delivering superhit songs.This is one movie that got the best of Rahman for the first time which established him as India‘s one of the best music directors.

Keep listening to these and stay tuned…more updates will keep coming in this space just for you…my fellow people:)


Diamond Necklace

Nilamalare song composed by Vidyasagar 

Movie directed by Lal Jose which narrates a simple story of a dashing young Doctor guy who celebrates his Dubai life in extreme exuberance. As life moves on, he learns  about the kind of financial crisis he has to face with and amidst all this he is forced to leave his Nursing Girlfriend from the same hospital network where he works and marries off another girl from his hometown as per his Mother’s wish and later on , when he bumps into this elite girl who is a  fashion designer by profession who also suffers from cancer and she being impressed by his live-life-to-the-fullest-without-worries principle, makes her falls in love with the Doctor. Meeting this girl, is the turning point in his life ,where unexpectedly this girl owns a Diamond Necklace that can completely solve Dr’s financial problems and the twists and turns are complimented by some natural performances expressing all the nuances in subtle ways by the lead actor Fahadh Faasil who’s remarkable performance actually pulled me to the theatres to watch the movie a second time , which is the first time in a longtime actually, if I am right in my case. Dialogues in the movie , not the punchy kind of lines but delivered with the right expressions make the dialogues so appropriate written and told by the characters adds points to the movie.Director Lal Jose who has pushed the envelop this time by shifting onto quite a modern contemporary story as in the modern age focusing on the present youth’s lifestyle has managed to do a brilliant job as usual with beautiful picturization, capturing Dubai’s hi-fi life in its true essence.

Movie’s sound track composed by the Vidyasagar has truly complemented the situations in the movie and most noticing factor that gained my attention is that all the characters are portrayed with utmost sincerity though it’s a simple storyline but the performance are top-notched.All in all its a movie that talks about how relationships are perceived and  how sometimes we fail to realise true love as pure as diamond even when we its right there in front of us and we keep searching for more precious ones.The trailer of the movie that was released prior to this movie’s release is something that’s so beyond my words.Absolutely captivating with a wonderful piece of background score.

And for the very reason that the movie carries of very  impressively,with a message for all of  us, I definitely recommend this movie before it shoots off from the theatres near you.Go catch it guys