Lucky Exploration

1984. Landed on this earth. Precisely and more specifically speaking, arrived in Bahrain .June 11th. That was the day I was born on one beautiful sunny afternoon, that’s the way I would prefer to describe that particular day 🙂

Years passed byI grew up…Joined school.

New school….First friends …kids whom you interact with not knowing so much about anyone. Making friends with whom you think things work because of numerous simple reasons. I too had earned one such friend … first ever one…Lucky

Me : “Lucky…..Where did you get this ball from? I also want one”
Lucky : “Why, so that you can throw it in the dustbin? ”
Me : ” For me to play …Lucky…or leave it…last time I played SAT with you,
and you didn’t count properly ,so I lost….We’ll play once more today…I will win
this time. Please count till ten, slowly this time. ok. ”
Lucky : “Not today. Today’s time is over .I have to go home. Time for homework now.
Mommy waiting for me. Tomorrow we catch and play hide and seek game
again..See you tomorrow.”

1988. One fine evening after the school hustle bustle, reaching home panting after all wicked things I could have done, apart from study business in school, I learn that Lucky is leaving Bahrain. Lucky ‘s mother came over to speak to my Mom to tell they are shifting. Little did I know, I was going to miss one only good friend ….my playmate. Only thing I could think of was with whom would I play SAT and Hide-N-Seek game, whose ball would I chuck on whom. Next thing I remember is,waving goodbye to Lucky like any other old filmi sequence in which the lil boy would shed tears as he sees his friend going away and he goes on and on and on brooding. But actually nothing of that sort happened. May be I just wasn’t aware of the fact that, I had just lost one friend or I may have been one of the most insensitive creature back then unlike now. But I must confess, I really didn’t know how I would react or how I should have. How naïve was that?

Days go by…I would go and peep at the gate of his house, to see if they had come back….

Confession : Day in the present : One unknown reason for jotting down this part of the autobiography edition, is when from nowhere in the bloom, I was hit by this memory while taking a nap on one relaxing Friday holiday…Day dreaming of this one boy aged 5 or 6 makes it through the giant gates to take a peek and see his friend for one last time…and waving a bye at his friend….though the friend’s face is vague…this small bachcha – the camera eyes rotates one complete 180 horizontal rotation and there… the junior hero was me…with totally the unpredictable expression – totally inane….totally numb and there, that’s the very reason I chose to make this my blog. I don’t know if its sad or pity…but it does pinch me somewhere deep down …a feeling that I cant actually trace a memory of that kid’s face. its so vague. and I hadn’t remembered about him for so long….really long.. why? and when it struck me, not sure, whether its even stupid or what, I just cant picture my first ever friend. Probably that bachcha too wouldn’t be a bachcha anymore. How ignorant I could be? No idea. Well, glad am I, atleast I can think and write something about that one friend I had and whom I lost first, down the journey. And by writing this, its not that I am searching out or I am sending a signal out there into the void demanding a old-friend exploration. Things have changed for better or worse. Welcome, if destiny did hold something even better in store

1988…Continuing with the narration…..

Meanwhile at school, having three new friends….Mano, Sunita & Megha might have forced me to forget about my good old childhood buddy Lucky. Mano’ s witty brains and my main partner in crime, Sunita’ s chirpy chirpy muttering and Megha’ s sporty spurty nagging as if she was the best brat she could be…school life in Bahrain was just memorable as it had got to do with a lot the way I am today. As kids, we don’t realize, but truly the old schooling days literally base the foundation of who you are actually. As it was the budding season of friendship in my early childhood, when you really don’t know the deeper translations of how things can change and reflect upon you. I was a kiddd after all.

As time moved on…things just fell in place. Not to forget to mention, relevance of the existence of the social networks was not even close during those days. No where close.But finding a friend of those days in the current networks is like one of those blissful adventures you can come across in this journey of our lifetime which can win you some great souls you missed knowing or missed sharing time with. Surely with respect to those aspects the social mingling and blogging and what not on the electronic network is more than fun.. beyond words.

1994.Time comes for the next shift of plans…destination….calculations……confrontations…….Maybe I had been this volatile person….or may be had come to terms with…nevertheless I didn’t have much choice. go with the flow. another process of saying goodbye. may be leaving Bahrain …missing my friends…missing my school…missing so many things back then…was one of the difficult thing I had to do as a child. Those childish promises you make with friends of that age…we will mail each other letters. well that was the least we could all do and imagine, provided we got the support from or parents. Missing Mano, Sunita , Megha…leaving them was something unbelievable and the thought that we would not be playing volleyball, coco-game, basketball, would not get to irritate all those girls in the class, wouldn’t get to monitor and be the boss of all the wicked kids in class( especially one arrogant girl and my main enemy, Renuka whom I can’t forget fighting with all my schooling years) miss hiding behind those walls as Principal or Physical Trainer Sir would drag us kids as rabbit babies and would literally push us to do the marching exercises and those boring toxic yoga sessions which were conducted for children physical benefit, which unfortunately the children weren’t ready to admit and we would be wondering why wont our trainers march for themselves and show us kids how to do it. The Asian School was my first school..the basketball ground…the corridors…the assembly ground…the playground…it was all mine and I had to leave all this. Was someone kidding me, playing a joke at me? I do remember walking those last steps in my school, clutching my mother’s hand informing and seeking blessings from teachers and their best wishes…cards…gifts….chocolates….couldn’t actually bring any comforting thoughts that could replace my extreme emotions which I didn’t know I had inside me as a child. Did I have anyone to blame? No. Didn’t know what to ask God too. But I guess friends – loosing – had been very much in my destiny.

Today when I think about it, it aches in places I didn’t know I had inside me….still life hasn’t favoured so much to gift me with long-lasting relations. WHO IS TO BE BLAMED? Time and again, I don’t think I had the answer back then as a child or even now. All that was there in my mind back then was …I knew I was missing out something.

————————————————-silence prevails————————————————


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