Unlocking the locked

Gone are those days when I used to write letters. I was simply fond of the way one would communicate with someone in some other part of the world by means of just a piece of paper. And the feel of that letter flowing down to your loved ones, its something that’s way beyond catching up with your friends on mobile or having to meet people in the virtual world where video conferencing helps you keep in touch with your loved ones but in a totally different way. Well things change and certain things have their own unique way & necessarily don’t have to remain the same always.

But in some strange way I always had this thing for letters & its something that links back to my childhood. I really don’t know how I figured out the idea of posting a piece

of paper & that it would travel all around the globe to be delivered where it had to be. Writing & scribbling all that popped in my lil head, and my wonderful sketches of what not, in order to show my artistic skills of a greater painter. All I can remember now are those lovely rose flowers I used to draw on the bottom right hand side of every letter (chances are that, those flowers may have been instead of my signature, which I am totally clueless about at the moment )but those color pencil sketched red roses were meant for those lovely people whom I used to stay in touch with, not knowing when I will meet them or anything. No expectations. And the best part is, I used to write to both of my grandmas. It would be on just one or two pages torn from my school notebooks and there I would start my venture, never-ending writing sessions, imagining asking them and them answering me and through those letters I used to tell stories about those victories I achieved in drawing competitions in school, or about that one friend who didn’t share food with me during school, or may be about how miserably I lost in the running race .No matter what I wrote, because I didn’t visit India that often, those letters somehow meant a lot to me & to my grandmas too. After all the essay writing sessions, the paper used to go to the judging panel-my mom & dad, who were so kind that they wouldn’t bother to correct my spelling mistakes, but would just show a smile & ask “is this all that u had to write??? ” & then I am suddenly reminded of something, that I had left out & there again I am back to where it all began.

I also had this one special friend, my closest cousin, whom I used to picture as the most beautiful person I had met as a child, because I felt she resembled actress Shobhana whom I admired the most in my old childhood days. But as I grew old, and as time changed, I shifted my base, as obvious it may be, I would have put an end to the writing episode, but no, I just got stuck into it more. Writing letters to my daddy & friends became my next piece of task, more than a task, it was a hobby-a passion- I don’t know, whatever you may call it. But yes that did cease after a certain point of time. Letters always have a value of their own. It’s a hardcopy after all, in this so sophisticated software related world, where sometimes you really don’t have the time for anything and anyone valuable.

Its because of those letters, I believe I had a greater connection or bond with my grandmas & today, as they are not there with me anymore, I am only reminded more of those days when I used to write them.

Certain things you do in life can create a profound impact on others, which you may not realize at one point & I believe it is through those letters I could reach out to them & in return what I earned was all their love & affection like no one else can ever shower.

Today as I look back, all I can do is just savor the moment. I don’t know where those letters have gone. But I am sure those letters were not just a piece of paper with a couple of meaningless words with senseless ideas. Those letters spoke a lot without being written. And I m so glad I wrote my grandparents. I cherish it and always will, as I will not get to write them anymore……

P:S : Though I thought I would keep it as a secret. Well after all, who am I .Its just me &

what’s in sharing a secret with friends. And the secret is:

Finally I also did get the opportunity to write my first ever so called

“LOVE LETTER & it was to a girl ( to whom I got married).

Funny part is I wrote the letter after my marriage got fixed & until now, i have not

received a reply. Not sure whether that went straight for the garbage.